March Update

Hey guys,

Things seem to be working out well for Crimson in their new home, with the exception of their desk broken in transit. This has meant a bit delay in them being able to set up and work properly, but should be remedied soon. Most of my various appointments, scans, and meetings are out of the way now as well. My hope is that soon I’ll have some better course of treatment.

However, I have been putting some deeper thought recently into inventory systems. Thinking about what makes items and looting exciting and what makes them boring, what makes inventory management a chore and what makes it so easy you barely notice. It interests me especially since it involves gameplay (what items are available), GUI (How the inventory is presented), how it interacts with the player (weight slowing you down, making you heavier, maybe making you harder or easier to knock down, etc.), and how those items are delivered to the player. For instance, Zelda’s musical sequence compared to anything with a quick ‘loot all’ button. A lot of things tie together for this one system.

It has led me to want to rethink the plan for our inventory screen from a SkyUI-esque design of a simple list to something more graphical, perhaps a Diablo-style grid or a grid of identical slots like WoW. It’s important, I think, since CS is so focused on the player’s body and how it changes their actions and experiences, that weight be a factor as much as volume. For that reason I’m mulling over the benefits and drawbacks of Divinity: Original Sin’s system. You have a grid of limited space, every item takes up one slot, but you also have a weight limit as well. But, I’m not sure it’s very friendly on those who’re sight-impaired.

So, I’d like to know what thoughts you guys have on different inventory systems you’ve played with in other games, what you liked and what you disliked. I’m interested to hear about your experiences and ideas. With any luck, Crimson should be up and running soon.

Until next time!

7 Responses to “March Update”

  1. Garzhad says:

    TBH inventory limitations just annoy the crap out of me. Especially in RPG’s. Weight and associated limitations are typically the first things I hack/mod out of a game. It’s like my games list is over 200 titles long, i have better things to do with my time than waste it managing inventory or grinding for things in one of them

  2. Red says:

    Personally I like the RE slot-type system where each item takes up so many slots. Though in this instance I think there should be more slots than in that, with ways of expanding it through perks/equipment/etc.

  3. iiswhoiis says:

    Personally I actually prefer weight limitations over pure inventory space. I find that this works well with gameplay — take Skyrim for example. It can balance out classes making you chose whether to invest in heavier armor/weapons for greater effect, or instead be lighter and spend your skills elsewhere. In my mind it also makes more realistic sense (even though I know this game is not about realism) to be able to carry 50 stones and have that be equal to if you carry a large rock. I can also see how implementing both is a great idea to provide limitations on simply carrying like a thousand lightweight items. I think the key then if you are wanting to do both, is to find the right balance between what makes sense while still allowing the player freedom over what they can do.

  4. Spinly "Aka Spinel" says:

    I advise you not to make “sets of clothes” (for example, armor bra and underwear is one whole. This is not cool (Then let them occupy one slot together or separate)). And make it more reasonable. For example, a one-piece cuirass that occupies the entire torso will occupy two skots (and similar clothing) and some kind of fabric clothing even if it is on the whole body (like a dress, hooded cloak, and so far (no matter what size it is soft and light and can be folded)) will occupy one slot of inventory.
    That would be just great I think. I also propose to introduce the possibility of putting on backpacks. (At the expense of rings and bracelets I suggest, as in diablo, that they would occupy 1/4 of the slot and the necklace is full.)

    And what about underwear and outerwear. It is necessary for everything to have its own slot. (In games of this nature there is a terrible restriction. 1 ring for one hand. For me, this is nonsense. Why can’t I put a ring on each finger? And what about the toes? You can wear a ring on them too. This can complement the entourage character.With bracelets the same situation, I’m not saying that you can cover them with your whole hand, but the limitation of three bracelets and necklaces for your neck will be a wonderful decision (Make some real rich aristocrat who wears jewels all over his\her body)

    And what about piercing? Example cock. Is it possible to do a piercing “ladder” and “Prince Albert” at the same time? If not, why ?
    And of course, everything will have its weight. So if you are weak then you can wear it all at once with either a strong weakness (unless of course there is some magic for clothes (enchantment in Skyrim) which will make the clothes weightless for your user or increase endurance)

    And the most important thing. I have never seen a single game that would react to what you wear or what you look like (clothes, jewelry, piercings, what your body and its condition look like and so far)

    P.s. Benji I hope you read my gibberish and comment it.

    What about the parasites in the game? Many (I am sure of this (including me)) want them>.> Going into some kind of dungeon (while still almost naked or naked) get a couple of parasites (or diseases. Something I overdid). Pls answer :C

  5. Spinly "Aka Spinel" says:

    I completely forgot. How will affect the clothes that you have too large parts of the body (boobs,butt for example). Clothes will have a size? If so, then it’s cool that you can wear smaller clothes for you. Or on the back of larger clothing to hide the details of their appearance? for example, it can increase the power of teasing. If this involves the game.

  6. someguynobodyknows says:

    I usually find inventory limits annoying but it definitely can be done in an interesting way. I’d say that the most important thing is to pick your battles and only impose on the player for things that are actually important.

    Dark Souls is a good example of this – game couldn’t care less how many hats you’re NOT wearing but the moment you put something on or want to heal yourself, it starts paying attention and limiting you. The upgrade system also helps here: Dark Souls doesn’t care how many hats you’re carrying because it knows you’ll need to spend a lot of resources to make just one of those hats actually matter.

  7. Lyagami777 says:

    I wouldn’t mind a limit of some sort on inventory as long as it only limited more cumbersome items. I would like to be to hold as many small objects as I can, maybe in a separate pouch in the inventory menu that would only take up one spot and hold all lightweight common items. That way I could still feel the need to prioritize which important items to take without the burden of sorting less significant items whose weight I can write off as negligible. I just like to hoard small things and in games I always hated having to toss 10 small things to pick up one nice thing. I would rather they counted differently.

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