March Update

Hey guys,

Sincerest apologies for the gap in updates. I’m still in the process of trying to improve my health conditions. I have another skeletal injection at some point in the near future, but my chronic pain continues to worsen. It’s at the stage now where I can no longer sleep properly, so some days I can’t do much else but try to rest. I’m looking at options with my doctor to try and fix this.

Your support lately is more appreciated than ever, as what I get from CS is, besides some small disability allowances, all I have to live on right now. Be assured though, I’ll have to be dead before I give up on Carnal Souls. Thank you all, and please stay safe.

Хай живе вільна Україна.

4 Responses to “March Update”

  1. Mr_Malfunction says:

    Firstly: I’m so sorry this is happening to you. It sounds awful.

    Secondly: Please don’t die. I’m not asking that because of Carnal Souls, I’m asking because you matter. Your life is important, and it would be sad to see it snuffed out. Especially for the people who care about you.

    • Benji says:

      I certainly don’t plan on it. Apologies if this one gave off those kinds of vibes, but I’m not going anywhere. <3 Thank you, too.

  2. Occam says:

    When will you write a progress update rather than type about you malfunctioning skeleton? I realize that may seem harsh but it has been some time since I have read about your progress. When will this change?

  3. Starport says:

    Please just drop the game and focus on your health. There’s no point in continuing a project like this with so many health issues constantly plaguing you. You can make any progress like this.

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