Let’s Talk About Sex

Firstly, thanks everyone for all your comments, suggestions, and feedback. It’s pretty awesome to see everyone enthusiastic about the project. I’ve been reading every single comment and it’s really wonderful to see you all thinking and contributing ideas. Thanks, everyone <3

There are going to be posts here throughout this month as we finalize the plans, and hopefully launch the IndieGogo at the end of this month. If you like what we have planned, you can help by telling your friends and using the share buttons; every person aware of Carnal Souls helps.

Today I’ll talk about sex and how the sex scenes in Carnal Souls will aim to be rich and most of all interactive. LET’S DO IT.

Very nice, how much?

I’ll be using courtesans as today’s example. Courtesans both male and female will be available to the player almost from the start of the game (provided they can pay), which also means they should offer something for everyone, so for development purposes they’re our benchmark.

Courtesans of different species will be available in most of the main cities, ready to pleasure you during a break from your adventuring and allow you to blow off some steam if the local flora and fauna have got you all worked up. (Though obviously masturbation is always an option as well. And fucking the flora and fauna too).

Let’s skip the visit to the brothel and choosing your courtesan and go right to the good bit.

Dat branching scene structure tho

Oh baby~

We’re aiming to treat sex scenes much like branching dialogue, and we can do this mostly due to our parser/dictator system (which really deserves a post of its own). What this means is you’ll be able to take part in sex rather than simply reading a scene.

The examples here are pretty rough and only used to show the concept. So lets say you choose a male courtesan and take him upstairs. (Again, can be male or female). Your first options are:

Help him disrobe:
Sensually remove the whore’s skimpy clothing and guide him to the bed.

Tell him to undress:
Tell the whore to disrobe nice and slow, then get on the bed.

Get those clothes off:
Push him onto the bed and tear those clothes off him. (You may have to pay to replace them after).

All three choices would be fairly short. I’m only showing three choices here but there will likely be more. Next comes foreplay:

Kiss and suck him:
Leave a trail of kisses down the whore’s body, then take him into your mouth.

Tell him to suck/lick you:
Tell the whore to put his mouth to good use.

(Dick only) Flip him over and rim him:
Get that ass up and get it ready for action.

The last one’s a good example of an option that would be expanded. For instance, you could be a female with a clit big enough to fuck him with, or maybe even a female with a strap-on. Secondly maybe you want to lube him up, but not with your tongue. Instead of writing whole new scenes, we can simply change or add in new choices. Next:

Ride his dick:
Straddle the whore and give him a thorough ride.

Spread your legs:
Lie back and tell him to give you all he’s got.

(Dick only) Tell him to ride you:
Order him to get on you and ride your dick.

(Dick only) Pound him:
Grab those cheeks and use his ass.

The dictator can be used to create smooth transitions between steps in the scene. These options would be the meat of the scene and probably output the most text out of all the options.

The next step would be the finish, letting you decide how to cum, whether to pull out or not, give him a facial, make him drink it, etc. The climax would be fairly short in comparison, unless your orgasm is so epic and massive that it demands further description (like bloating his belly with it or even flooding the room). I haven’t provided the ‘cum’ options here purely because there are a lot, and this is a wall of text as it is.

10/10 would bang again

The goal is to make sex in Carnal Souls replayable and interesting, using a modular system that allows for expansion rather than committing to writing tons of different full scenes. This also makes sex more interactive, as you can take part and decide how it plays out.

And of course, this will all be easily controlled with one hand using keys. There’s also an autoscroll option too with variable speed, so you don’t even have to scroll down the text to read it. So you can use your other hand for things, like giving a rad thumbs up.

Until next time!

32 Responses to “Let’s Talk About Sex”

  1. BabyDuck says:


  2. Smbriggs says:

    Sounds like quite the task as far as the progress choices goes. If you find yourself having difficulty writing disconnected actions, perhaps seeking roleplayers would be of help. F-Chat and RolePlayChat (RPC) would be good avenues to seek such people, and you can be certain that they’d want some of their smut style writing within your game.

    • Idanis says:

      ahh yes, i’ve stumbled across some of those sites, the outcomes can be quite…..interesting. What worries me about this modular system (although sounds awesome!) is the repetitiveness of it.

      ex. when choosing a option say “ride his dick” will it play the same dialogue every time? to me that would be kinda boring because you already know the option is going to say (completely contradicting my self cuz i love COC and TITS >_>)

      Now what would be neat (adding to your suggestion) is if the devs asked the community to write there own versions of branching scenes and the game would choose one at random. (I’m sure some people would totally be down for this!) and because of everyone’s different writing styles the scenes would be unique and different enough for plenty of variety.

      devs are asking for 5 male and female variations for “ride his dick”

      author one
      you straddle him and line his pecker up with your….etc

      author two
      you turn around giving him full view of your ass and slowly squat over cock ever so slowly teasing him….etc

      author three
      you stand over him looking at your new toy for the evening, as you bring yourself down towards his erect cock planning to give him exactly what he wants, you stop as your asshole just barely kisses the head of his dick, he gives you confused look wondering why you stopped. “you think I’m going to do all the work? if you wanna fuck this ass you better start thrusting.” (that was longer than i intended it to be)

      and then to take it a STEP FURTHER, would be to use a system like fens where he has variables for words like Tits and would replace it with a random synonym like Knockers, Hooters, Jugs melons, breasts etc

      and that would create so many variations and changes to just one choice that the chances of reading the same thing again are next to zero and impossible!

      ….whoops…that got a little long didn’t it? my bad, but I’m super excited for this project 😀

      • BadxHero says:

        Well, this would be a great idea if all authors were created equal. I mean, you have to take into account the writing style and skill of the authors involved. Obviously, not a lot of people would make the cut due to grammatical errors, poor sentence structure, etc. This is a pretty good idea, but I think just picking one at random could have massive drawbacks if there aren’t any standards that need to be met.

        • eugh says:

          yep. there are so many awful “authors” out there working on these porn games. with the hir’s and ze’s, and the inability to keep tense for even a few paragraphs.

  3. Zilaxian says:

    is there going to be any kind of minor world building? like 10-20 buildings you can expand the main hub with via encounters/quests/cash for more resources/transformations/partners to encounter?

    • Idanis says:

      this would be fun, I’m not sure what you will all be able to do in this game, but upgrading a base has always appealed to me in any game 🙂

      • Zilaxian says:

        well what I was thinking of was if you have a Tavern you can hear rumors that might lead to a quest, and the customers change based on the time of day, but if you upgrade it into an Inn, they stay in the rooms so you’re more likely to get the quests. but also for sex, the Tavern might be a meeting ground with some very tame options, but at the Inn, they might have a spare room available.

        similarly, you have like a small market at the beginning with really basic stuff, but if you expand it by adding specialized shops, they “trade” with one another to make rarer items based on the shops available. say it starts with a produce store, a blacksmith and a bank. once a week or so in game, a new shop can be built if you have the resources, like an herbalist, baker or clothier. the baker has their own supplies, but with the produce store, the quality improves, and with the herbalist, the effects from your food last longer and spoils less often. with a blacksmith, you make armor, sure, but with a clothier, you can layer the armor with a tabard to increase reputation.

  4. The One says:

    Are you planning to create you own forum or are you going to ask Fen for possibly using Fenoxo forums, like Alder does with FOE?

    I’m asking this ffor the reason of people asking about game content, reporting bug reports, etc.

  5. JfromfarPY says:

    Good ideas, all of them. This will be left hand compatible ?

  6. reaper says:

    This is cool though I was wondering if stats will effect sex aka high strength will allow you to pick up a bbw or half giant chick and slam her on your dick or high intelligence will allow you to break free of a mind rape and turn the tables on them ect? Anyway once again I can’t wait to play and see the type of races since I love me some short stacks, bbw, muscular chicks and tall girl

  7. Sarimax says:

    If you’re gonna go as deep as to make sex scenes change depending on the shape and/or size of the player, as well as the shape and/or size of their… stuff… that would be fantastic. (though, I bet that will take an unfathomable amount of time just for that…)

  8. Phosis T"kar says:

    Tell me, whether implemented dark fetishes ?
    Is it possible in this game is to kill ?
    Or, as in the CoC, even make it impossible to kill your enemy.

  9. Zanzuki says:

    Sounds to me like a lot of “Fun” either way you look at it. I must ask will there be any surprise sex scenes that are unavoidable? Because maybe my character wants to save themselves for a special character down the line. Just a friendly question Liking what you are throwing down 🙂

  10. xelasneko says:

    One thing I hope you are able to do with the branching is being able to hold out finishing and continue with other sex options. Or, if you are a beast, cum and go for sloppy seconds, or another hole. Or another partner. OMG, threesomes are already looking way too good in my own perverted mind.

    Of course, a more interactive scene might means a less imaginative prose to keep it flexible, but it’s probably going to be a balance between the quantity of the choices and the quality of each scenes overall. Still, I’m excited to see a sample of your system in action.

  11. Heissar says:

    Please, include aplenty of anal scenes / options, for female characters at least. I mean, those are one of the 3 main majores: vaginal, oral, anal. The fact that there was no option in the whore example to let him do you in the ass is kinda worrying…

    Because you know, there’s like a tonn of people who enjoy fantasising about some good straight anal sexytimes. Yours truly included, yeah.

    • Benji says:

      Again, it was just a very rough example. Do not fret, buttsex and all other kinds of sex shall abound.

  12. Crimson Moon says:

    Whoah whoah whoa! What if I want to drink the cum?

  13. Samuel says:

    This is highly ambitious, especially because there are a wide range of fetishes that appeal to different people. Problem with this being of course is the simple matter of duplicity and replication. Certain scenes or scenarios will be difficult to write out after having already written one before.

    For example; when perusing Corruption of Champions, Trials in Tainted Space and Fall of Eden, I invariably begin searching for my male character to be giving Cunnilingus to female characters, which are not always present or as long as I hoped. 🙁
    However, writing a unique and satisfying cunnilingus scene for both the PC AND for every character (including every other vanilla sex act) could end up being a herculean task for just a few writers.

    I wish you luck on this task and ever look forward to the result! 😀

  14. Erebus says:

    do to the depth of sexual interaction would I be safe in assuming that there may not be any scenes for casual courses in the game example knocking out a sand witch(#) and taking advantage or will it only be with companions and other none aggressive NPCs

  15. Pemblem says:

    Will there be any loli characters? (preferably human)
    If so, you’ve got my money!

    • Benji says:

      Absolutely not.

      • Pemblem says:

        Hmm… so furries are okay, but lolis aren’t… well, okay then.
        I could use some rent money.

      • Sarimax says:

        That’s a shame…

        • Pemblem says:

          I know, right?
          I saw all the different weird and generally unaccepted fetishes being rightfully catered too, and I instantly got high hopes for the project, not just as a naughty game, but as a milestone for society and the gaming industry as a whole.
          Guess it was all for not though. No love for the lolis it seems.

          • Explainanator says:

            Good lord, get off your high horse. It’s because loli is illegal in more than a few places, Canada included I believe. Even if the creators are American or are from another country where lolicon is legal, there’s no reason for them to essentially make the game inaccessible to folks from countries that ban loli porn.

          • Zyrusticae says:

            You could, you know, still play as a short, cute, flat-chested, androgynous-bodied female character. Not the same thing, I know, but that’s the closest you’re gonna get from a game from NA devs.
            Better to ask if they’re gonna have at least one pettanko chick in the game. Much less hassle, much fewer hurdles to cross for that.

  16. art926 says:

    Sounds really cool! A lot of diversity.

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