Lesser Demon Concepts

Firstly, thanks so much everyone who has contributed so far! As a reward, here are some tasty Lesser Demon concepts, showing off some variation in body type, gender, and colouration (click here for full resolution). This Saturday afternoon (GMT) we plan to have a stream to show off some coding and answer some questions you might have about the game’s mechanics.

Side note, there have been a ton of questions already answered in the FAQ on the campaign page, so scroll to the bottom to have a lil’ look-see.

Carnal Souls Indiegogo page

13 Responses to “Lesser Demon Concepts”

  1. JfromfarPY says:

    Great work !. Soon I will contribute too!

  2. Zanzuki says:

    It looks great 🙂 <3 the design

  3. Venegrov says:

    Just wondering, but where (websitewise) will you be streaming? Twitch? Youtube? Here?

  4. Atoma says:

    Would you be able to record the stream so those that miss it can watch.

  5. Space urta says:

    Will this be available on android devices, and will there be plant tfs or something like it

  6. lashcharge says:

    So dickgirl + woman + trap + man, assuming none of them are herm?

  7. Perrin says:

    Demoness on the far lsplash take that, splash her with a magical rainbow dye and you have mah dream-babe.

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