June Update

Hey guys,

The Body system is now nearing completion. Goldie’s had some serious workload from her job lately, but we’ve still managed to make some good progress. As the system is reaching it’s final stages, today I’ll mostly be talking about all the cool things it does.

Firstly, it does math. Lots of math. Figures and formulae are in place that allow it to calculate the total volume of any and all parts the character might have. Almost all parts have scaleable dimensions, meaning you can grow or shrink them, and the system then calculates that part’s volume, weight, absolute and relative size. This also allows us to provide a reasonably accurate figure for how much your character weighs. Relative volumes, for instance the volume of your breasts compared to the volume of your underlying body, are how the game also decides how to describe your parts. It won’t describe your sixteen-inch-long cock as enormous if you also happen to be twelve feet tall (a five-foot NPC might, though.)

Every body part is also part of a tree. Nipples know to which pair of breasts they are attached, the clitoris knows to vanish if the vagina it’s attached to is removed, things like that. Goldie’s written some very clever code that allows traversal of this tree as well, either gathering up data or, as an example, scaling everything up by 5% when your total height increases or applying effects to all body parts.

There’s also Musculature and Fatness values provided for both the upper body region and the lower body. This will allow for characters to have small upper bodies and big fat rears, or even be muscular characters who skip leg day. I do plan to include gyms and dietary foods later down the line.

Goldie’s got the prototype code written that automatically ‘unpacks’ a default body for an NPC when it’s needed, too. This means not every NPC has tons of useless data attached, and NPC’s only get that extra data when it’s required.

Further, the current task is math surrounding Biped, Taur, Drider, and Naga bodies. This results in vastly different volume calculations for the lower body, as well as other changes to how parts work. This is what we’re working on currently and one of the last bits to get done before testing. We’ve also been careful to build the system in such a way that will allow us to later include the capability of multiple pairs of arms.

Lastly, as well as lore work I’ve been doing some work on the map, finalizing details in what will eventually be the player’s in-game world map (not the hex map you move around, just the map you refer to in order to navigate). Next will come mountains, then roads, then trees and other features.


Until next time!

6 Responses to “June Update”

  1. Ank says:

    I might be the only to still come to this site but i support you guys!! hope to see a demo as quickly as possible

  2. Imperatrix says:

    “[..] that will allow us to later include the capability of multiple pairs of arms.”
    Thank you for listening to us 😀

    So looking forward to this game. Also I hope we’ll get to play around with a character creator again soon 😉

  3. Conrade bork says:

    I still watch. I still lurk. I still wait.

  4. LucyNeko says:

    Hello, here is my question:

    Will there be a screen to visualize the appearance of his character or it will only be written as for CoC or TITS ?

    You guys do very good job 🙂

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