June Update

Hey guys,

Missed last update due to tummy trouble and am a bit late for reasons. Sorry about that. On the upside, I managed to get a really challenging part of the code done, about which I shall now ramble a bit.

I think I talked a bit last time about trying to make the script that generates NPC’s much more clever, in that it should be able to take in certain kinds of arguments in order to influence how it makes those characters. One of the more basic ways is to influence sex; after all, the general subtext behind hiring these characters is that they’ll be around to bang, and the player’s going to have a preference. However, something I want to avoid (at least until the very endgame) is a kind of build-a-bear feeling where you can pick and choose exactly what you get. From a game-feel standpoint you’re advertising and recruiting, not constructing people.

So, anyway. I spent some time thinking about how that would work and look within the game, as well as how to generalise, in a nice way, genital variety. Once I had those categories, it was a matter of programming it so that these categories, and their masculine/feminine flavours, could be focused on for generation/recruiting. I’ll spare you the math of it all, just know that I don’t do maths well and was very happy to get it working.

There’ll be basic chances for what you’ll see more or less of in the beginning. Your regular house-and-garden variety males and females; your trans people, which can include trans-men and -women in varying degrees of physical transition; and then the more mixed varieties such as intersex. (This is ignoring things like gender identity and expression for now, just dealing with the bodies). Then as the player you’ll be able to put a light, medium, or heavy focus on any of those, and weighted towards masculine or feminine if you choose. As the game progresses you’ll be able to focus on more than one thing, and dissuade some from appearing as well.


Here’s some very exciting console output, do make sure you’re seated. In brackets are the adjusted weights after focus is applied, I tried them in every order and combination with silly values and, to my knowledge, they always return to a total of 1 (so there’s no weird hijinx where one option has a 25% chance to be picked, but out of 125% chance total, which makes it not 25% after all). After each are the picked options for that roll, and they seem to be being chosen correctly.

I’m aware this doesn’t seem like much, but it was actually really hard to do. I already have code in place for attaching necessary parts like boobis and pebus, so the next step is pretty simple. I was just proud of this mathematical little doohickey and wanted to talk about it. Plus yay, I got stuff done.

Until next time!

2 Responses to “June Update”

  1. Gawk Gawk Gobbo says:

    So are you by yourself in this? If so I’m fairly sure you may have already thought of this, but maybe get several like minded people/humanoids to work on this with you, maybe spitball general ideas off of each other and get feedback. I’d help if I actually knew shit about coding. But unfortunately I don’t( 🙁 ) but yeah just an idea and would definitely help the processes for when you’ve got health issues!

    • Benji says:

      It’s a good idea. I do have some help in the form of friends who offer advice, but the actual work I have to do myself. Finding trustworthy people who know how to code, are interested in working for nothing, are interested in this kind of game, have the free time, and are also willing to listen to instruction, it’s a very specific list of criteria. I can’t expect someone else to make my game for me.

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