July Update

Hey guys,

Our dev-in-training’s education is coming along nicely. Thus far he’s doing great, has bought books to study and is giving himself a firm grasp of the fundamentals. He’s a trained and qualified lawyer for his day-job, and tends towards hard study and book-learning to get results – I would assume passing the Bar Exam does not come without a good study practice. Soon we think he’ll be ready to take on more specialised tutelage. I’ve a great deal of respect and gratitude since he’s doing this mainly to help us, so I hope you’ll understand it’s not a quick process. Finding a trustworthy and diligent person willing to work on our game for nothing in return is quite the miracle, even if it takes some time.

For myself, it’s been a tough couple weeks. The heat brings humidity and humidity tends to bring more pain than usual; I’ve not been able to stand for longer than a few minutes. I have an appointment on the 8th to figure out possible better solutions for pain relief, so we’ll see what the brings. So, my apologies that there’s no new art to show this week. Also to our Lord Inquisitor, as I’ve left his recent lovely Random Question Threads unanswered.

As always, we’re in it for the long haul. It’s not a quick fix, but I’m hoping a long-term benefit for us.

Until next time!

9 Responses to “July Update”

  1. Remedy says:

    This is of course good. But when will there be news about the game?

    And when will it finally be released? The first records date in 2015.

    Bad thoughts begin to creep in. You could have done your project a long time ago.

    I certainly understand you had problems and all that.
    But there are a lot of people who still released what they promised even if their health was very bad.

    P.s. And the lack of comments per se is also worrisome. You do not remove unwanted comments?

    • Benji says:

      There will be news about the game when there is some. Saying ‘it could have been done’ doesn’t make it so; a beat-up car won’t go faster because you want it to or because it’s supposed to, but that’s why we’re trying to make it go faster with new parts, if that makes sense.

      There are fewer comments these days, which I understand. Occasionally they’re not constructive. I dislike silencing anyone, but I’m also under no obligation to give people a platform to berate me. Regardless, we’re going to keep working at it, and those people will be welcome to enjoy the game.

      • Remedy says:

        But regardless of everything, the level of trust falls. It is disappointing as well as you and those who are waiting for something from you.

        Don’t get it wrong. I’m not trying to blame you or be aggressive. But it’s a shame when you follow the project for several years. But this can provide you with a couple of demo versions that were created almost at the beginning of the project and nothing really is.

        It may seem like I’m complaining. On, it is. I feel sorry that such ambitions stopped at about the middle of their path. And still stand.

  2. Remedy says:

    No news? Something bad-happen or what? o.o

  3. Zen says:

    Just curious, but would it be possible to either update the current concept demos with features that are more up to date? Or what about posting a test build that allows members of the community to help playtest and find bugs? Many other indie games similar to this seem to handle things this way and allow people to see tangible progress, but we haven’t seen really anything new in a long time.

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