January Update

Hey guys,

Hope all of your nonspecific holiday seasons were wonderful and you all had a good new year. I’ve been less proddy at the devs to give them some space to enjoy themselves and it seems like everyone did. Obviously I was not expecting great leaps in development over Christmas and new years.

For my part, however, I kept busy and avoided my family and it was a lovely Christmas all in all. Things did improve to a degree since my last update post; apologies it was so brief. I took on a commission to really push myself and see how far I’ve come as an artist, but also to prove to myself that I can still function as one in spite of my hip. Spent about three days on it, including most of Christmas day. Link to the images are at the bottom, it is highly NSFW and features hyper, lots of mess, and generally excessive everything. But also some nice textures, I think.

So, that’s one for the Crimson fund. I’m planning to run very soon a kind of ‘date night’ auction where folks can bid for a similar picture with my character Benji. My hope is that’ll do well enough I can do a good few of them and get more funds flowing to our programmatical wizard. If anyone here is interested in it, I’ll try to post a link to it when it begins.

This year’s been a real sucky pile of suck, and I’m determined to make 2019 a better one. Stay safe and love each other, my lovelies, and thank you all so much for the support.

P.s. I got lazy with the hotlinks on the December post to my art, so I fixed them and here they are again with the new stuff:

Old gift for my friend.
Digital Pencil study of a friend’s character.
Another pencil-y study.
Cyberpunky commission for a friend.

Recent painted commission.
Commission for friend (very hyper).

Latest extremely NSFW commission:
[female milky]
[added dick]
[added dick milky]

5 Responses to “January Update”

  1. Statesss says:

    wow those hypers are great 🙂

  2. pookyrawr says:

    Hey Benji, are you open for commissions?? Do let me know!

  3. DarthHavoc says:

    So where can the game be played at? cause the demo stops after creating your charecter

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