Indiegogo over!


It’s illegal not to use this gif for this


Guys, we made it. We hit 95% of the funding goal. It’s not 100%, but fuck it, I’m counting it. Carnal Souls is happening!

I cannot begin to express my gratitude to all of you – everyone who pledged, everyone who spread the word, everyone who supported us both financially and verbally. We can’t wait to make an awesome game for all of you.

As I mentioned during the last stream, there’s some busywork to get done now. Accountants need hiring, contracts need writing, expenses need paying. The IGG money won’t clear for another two weeks or so, but in the mean time there’s lots of red tape to cut through. So, bear with us for a bit as updates might be a bit slow while I get all that sorted out. I expect us to be in full development mode by the end of January, at least, that’s the hope.

As a celebration, enjoy some lovely basted Marley boobs, courtesy of Booster! It’s still a WIP but I think we can all agree it’s suitably glorious enough for the occasion.


Until next time, thanks all of you beautiful little squishies and have a happy new year!

23 Responses to “Indiegogo over!”

  1. Zanzuki93 says:

    Benji i just have one thing to say to you ” No Thank you for giving us all something to throw money at 🙂 “.

    • Sarnak says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Looking forward to the year now, actually, instead of dreading life. This gives me a bit of hope and something to watch and keep up with. This fall is going to be especially awesome.

  2. RevorDragon says:

    Um hey, is there still anyway to donate and get bonuses? :c

    • RevorDragon says:

      i was trying to back it last day but it wouldnt work for me ;w;

      • Derpy says:

        Benji already mentioned he’s thinking about opening a patreon – so I’m pretty sure there will be a way eventually! Maybe he even has something else up his sleeves 😉 (Slacker-backer anyone?)

        @Benji: Congratulations! Considering how niche this game project is I think 95% is an amazing result! It really shows how invested everyone is – which is promising a great future for the game! I’m really looking forward to it and I’ll happily follow the progress reports along the way 🙂

        Cheers everyone – it’s happening 🙂 *hype*

  3. Ryagon says:

    Just for that picture of Marley, backing was totally worth it. :V
    Mmh, frosting…

    Congratulations on the successful campaign, and much fun to all of ye for working on making the game the best you can. 😀

  4. CroixAura says:

    Sadly I wasn’t able to donate to the cause though I really wanted to. I did however push some people to donate for me. x3

    I’m truly excited to see this happen.

    • RevorDragon says:

      Same here, i really can’t wait until we get to play it.

      sometimes people still let you donate after the kickstarter or whatever ends and they still give you the bonuses, so idk. they also said they were thinking patreon, like the reply to mine said, so maybe we still can.

  5. Outlaw Star says:

    Hey thanks so much for doing this game! Benji you and your team have a great New Year and everyone else too! Time to party!!!

  6. Perrin says:

    Marley boobs OP, plz nerf.
    “Bludgeoning weapons: Fuck-huge Tits.
    -1 to hit, +6 to base damage. May be dual-wielded with an additive -2 to hit. In addition, roll a 1d6: If a is rolled, opponent suffers insta-KO.”

  7. Arklord says:

    Congratulations on getting the money for your game benji. I can’t wait to see this game unfold right before all of our eyes.

  8. Green Sleeves says:

    Here’s to a new year, and a sexy new game!

  9. JfromfarPY says:

    Great work ALL of you!, Also Happy New Year for Every One on Carnal Souls!

  10. James says:

    How do i donate to you? also can you add stuff that let you have just too large groin parts and it really affects you playtrue and how you move please!!!

  11. Crosaith says:

    Gratz dude. Happy the project is good to go. ^_^

    Haven’t supported yet.. If the future demo plays as good as it looks, I’ll gladly change that.

  12. DevilBone says:

    Just want to say congrats and I look forward to what comes next!

    Don’t know how I feel about being called squishy though…

  13. Xenoas says:

    I wonder how the bonus thing will work..Do we just tell them our names that we used to donate? Or do we just send them an email of our indiegogo confirmation donation?

    At any rate I hope the game is a huge success! I know it is going to be a great game! And it looks good so far!

    Benji! Crimson! Take it easy! Work hard! But don’t stress yourself out! Take frequent breaks and don’t get sick or anything..This may be a huge game and all. But lives are more important then a video game.

    I sometimes remind myself that I have people who care about me, so I try not to work myself to death. (I come from a family with tons of workaholics.)

  14. Ketra says:

    Sooo is anyone else concerned by the lack of updates since the Indigogo campaign finished?

    • Benji says:

      There’s not a lot to update with that hasn’t been said in this post, but I made an update anyway just in case anyone else is getting worried we ran away.

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