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  1. Vrieska says:

    Well next payday you have my $140 AUD ($100 USD). Just wish the dollar difference was not so high (I would try to get the $150 one if I did not have to spend ~$225).

    • JfromfarPY says:

      I´m desperately looking for a form of contributing from my country, myself nor friends have anykind of credit card like VISA or MasterCard…. I really want to contribute :C

      • Samuel says:

        Same here. I’ve never done money transfers over the internet before and I have no idea how it’s supposed to work. 🙁

    • Gizmo1206 says:

      ya next payday im getting that tier as well,i would go higher but the $100USD one is $134CAD

  2. King Cole says:

    Okay I have to ask, when you say the initial release will be 6-8 months after the indiegogo is done, do you mean the first public build will be available then (example: Ver. 0.001) or that the game will be somewhat done in terms of getting started (example: Ver. 1.0) .

    Basically what I’m asking is, is their going to be anything playable for the public before/in that 6-8 month time frame? (example: No one gets anything for 6-8 months other that hype).

    Not trying to be selfish, downer, or skeptical, I’m just curious.

    • Benji says:

      We’re going to do our absolute best to have something closer to a 1.0. Stability is the priority so we can add content to it as smoothly as possible going forward. If we can release something sooner for either teaser or testing purposes then we most likely will.

  3. rainlight says:

    I wish i could support but since the project is marked NSFW paypal wont let me support

  4. JfromfarPY says:

    1)Do Enchanted and up get the access to the 3D models only for the period of time specified or forever? (It´s already deteailed that Legendary and up type of accounts will have for Life access).

    2)Do you Benji/BNG, think that in the long way, everyone will have full access to all and every feature without paying a suscription?

    You don´t have to respond to this here if you don´t want to.

    Thanks a lot for reading this and certainly BNG is one of my favorite artist.

  5. f4s1k1n says:

    i want to contribute $100, i have the money but i don’t have the credit card, so sorry,,,

  6. Atoma says:

    don’t forget to update your furaffinity page to tell people.

  7. Casey Nobody says:

    So will you be able to interact with other players like an MMO, or is this strictly an offline/one player game?

  8. Idanis says:

    dropped a hundred for this project 😀

    If you can deliver everything your promising, this will be an astounding text game regardless of smut

  9. Noah says:

    I might not be able to drop any money on this project, but I would like the opportunity to write for the game, I can write smut and clean content.

    I don’t expect payment for this at all, I just write for fun.

  10. Demetrius says:

    Will people be able to pay to change their account types after the campaign is through?

    Personally, I’d like to be able to get the Legendary tier, but I don’t have the money, and my funds are going to be tight for a while.

    • Benji says:

      You’ll be able to upgrade to higher tier accounts once we settle on pricing and payment methods and things like that.

  11. MrRoboShadow says:

    i have a question
    will we be able to buy legendary or mythical status even after the indiegogo?
    i’d love to get either of these status but unfortunately i wont have enough during the campaign time

  12. Bryan Fabela says:

    Ummmm, I donated money but I used my DEBIT CARD to send the funds. Does that work if not then can you reply to me or take down my donation if DEBIT CARDS don’t work sorry but I didn’t see the CREDIT CARD thing until after my donation.

  13. BabyDuck says:

    I’ve never given money on indiegogo and I don’t have a credit card, will I be able to pay with a debit card?

  14. Ultigom says:

    So does a backer have access to save editing forever, or is it only for a limited time?

  15. Vox says:

    I’d honestly spread this far and wide, but… I don’t have much in the way of people to spread to. Have $100 instead. At least for now. Christmas and all that.

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