Forum Update, Badges, Other Things

Hi folks!

Forum Update

We’ve updated the forum layout to be much more in keeping with the game’s design, and to better match the blog too. Stereo has worked very hard on it and done an excellent job (I helped by pointing out pixels), so show her some love. We’ve got built-in avatars now, so you can choose one of the starting race emblems too, if you like. If there are any problems or glitches with the new layout, let us know on the Site and Forum Support subforum.

You may also notice I’m sporting a new Staff badge and a couple of ribbons for Artist and Writer on the forums. The first step is to make sure we can present all the badges nicely, so I think that can be considered done. We’ll be working on a way to get you all hooked up with your appropriate Indiegogo backer badges sometime in the near future. (I have the ribbons just for display purposes).

Forum avatars have been bumped to 130px for the new layout, so some of you may need to reupload yours to get them to display correctly and use the new pixels.

More stuff after the break!


As for the game development side, Crimson is currently locked in the basement while he slogs through literally hundreds of keywords for the parser/director system. It already works, quite beautifully in fact, only ever assigning one string to memory for every complete scene parsed. This will really help us keep the memory overhead down and as far as I’m concerned it’s pure witchcraft. That being said, the poor soul has to enter in and hook up all the keywords, telling the parser which arrangement of letters correspond to which bits of actual game data. It’s data entry at its worst, but once it’s done, I can actually start writing content.

As for myself, I’ve been creating giant spreadsheets and flowcharts and things to better map out the battle system, weapons, skills, and stats. It’s not complete enough to make a presentation on it yet, but once I have enough to show you guys, I will. My aim there isn’t to revolutionise, but to create a strong, intuitive system that we can then do interesting things with, as well as allow the player to experiment too.

As an example, should status effects be assigned to the player, the weapon, or the move used? Should the player have some kind of aura or ability that allows them to poison the target with each hit, or should the weapon have a trait that causes poison? Or, should the skill itself have the chance to poison? It can’t be all three, and really shouldn’t be more than one of them, and depending on where that property falls, it changes how the player has control over it.

I’m fairly sure I have a working model, but it needs to be fully mapped out on paper (more spreadsheets!) to see if it has any glaring flaws or limitations. Once Crimson has the parser all hooked up and running, we’ll be able to get right into that if it’s all documented and ready, so that’s what I’m doing.


Last but by no means least, I want to thank every one of you glorious people that pledged to our Patreon. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it, and every single dollar helps. You guys are fucking legends.

I do have an idea for a reward, but I’d like to get everyone’s thoughts on it. I’m thinking that we could offer forum ribbons to the top Patreon backer each month, once we have the ribbons and badges rolled out for everyone. Something like ‘Patreon Hero’, maybe. I’m not sure if it’d come off as an incentive rather than a ‘thank you’, though, and a token of thanks would be the idea.

It’s not a huge thing, but it’s something at least, and it allows us to say thanks without having to spend time and resources away from the game, which is what people are backing it for to begin with. So, let me know what you guys think.

Until next time!

7 Responses to “Forum Update, Badges, Other Things”

  1. Gizmo1206 says:

    so i assume when the badges come we will be able to link our indiegogo accounts?

  2. Trace_Chaos says:

    Seems cool. I look forward to seeing an intro into the parser system some time however you guys decide to do it! The badges still seem a little silly to worry about this early on to me, but if you feel it’s time to work on it, I won’t try and dissuade you from it.

    • Benji says:

      It’s something Stereo’s been working on mostly while Crimson and I handle the game end of things, so it’s not slowing us down any. And yes, I fully plan to show off the parser system once it’s up and running; it’s my baby I designed almost two years ago now, so I’m really excited to see it working. :3

      • Trace_Chaos says:

        Ah, alrighty! Fair enough, then. I really look forward to seeing the parser system in action some way or another. (Sorry for super-slow reply, here). I guess I’ll have to actually make a forum account some time to get my access to badge-thing when that’s up.

  3. Vewerman65 says:

    ok is the demo the only thing that can be accesed and if not were in the world do i go

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