First Development Update!


Hi folks!

Very happy to bring you guys our first proper development update. I’ll let Crimson do most of the talking for this, so for my part: Admin stuff is going well, just a few more loose ends to tie up because banks are about as hard to talk to as the Queen, it seems like.

My commissions are coming along, I’ll be able to devote much more time to development very soon, but for now I’ve been drawing and working with Crimson on the code and goal roadmap at the same time. I’ve also been using whatever time left over I have (like when I’m bed to sleep or in the bath) to figure out the story and how I want it to work. I’ve got lots of neat ideas written down for NPC’s and sidequests already, and I’m already building up a decent list of cool items and their effects too.

Meanwhile, Crimson has been very hard at work building up the anatomy system for controlling/changing/adding body parts, so I’ll let him tell you about that after the break below. :3


Hey, all.

I spent the first part of this week getting up to speed with Benji’s existing notes and code surrounding the composition of character bodies.  After that, we bounced ideas back and forth as I started sketching out some code for a more flexible yet uniform way of putting bodies together.  The latter part of the week was devoted to fleshing out that code into something functional and complete (almost).  I’ve got a few final details to implement going into this week, but we’re well on our way to having the most difficult part of character bodies wrapped up.

Benji wants me to show off some screen shots from the Unity editor of the body composition stuff.  I’ll include those in a follow up post as soon as I’ve finished up the last few calculation components.

These early development updates are going to be heavy on code concepts and light on visual stimulation.  I want to keep you all in the loop though, rather than go weeks at a time without updating due to a lack of pretty screenshots to show off.  This week’s update is all about body composition and mass.  We’ve got a core body class where we store the basics, like height, degree of musculature, degree of fatness, and vitals (such as current health, current stamina.)  Also in this class is an array of body parts, and that’s where the depth of structure comes into play.

We’ve got a collection of body part classes, things like breasts, penises, tails, and anything else that’s customizable.  We can expand on what’s customizable on a body just by adding new classes (and doing a little extra work due to Unity’s serialization system).  We then add these parts using a set of helper classes that I call “fitters”.  Fitters dictate the rules for how a part is attached to the body and whether it relates to other parts (breasts and nipples for example).  Fitters ensure that the body structure will still make sense after a part is added, and that there won’t be any missing details afterward.

Once the body part is attached, we use a separate group of classes called “calculators” to compute the attributes of body parts in relation to the body they’ve been attached to.  Calculators ensure that ratios of body parts to the body (or parts of body parts to other parts of the same body part) remain reasonable.  This doesn’t mean things can’t get huge (or tiny), it just means the parts would look they way one would expect if the numbers were converted into a visual representation.  The calculators also compute the relative size rank for a given body part, and this is what we use to make sure the game describes a body using adjectives that make relative sense.  This is how we ensure that, if you happen to be a fifteen foot tall horse with average sized testicles for your height, we don’t constantly refer to your balls as enormous (even though they might be pretty enormous to the tiny mouse guy who is barely as tall as your waist.)

Bodies, body parts, fitters, and calculators, are all just numerical constructs at this stage, so the only screen shots I can provide of this stuff in action are shots of Unity’s inspector panel.  I’ll get those posted in a day or two in case there are people excited to see that stuff.  Like I mentioned earlier, I have a few implementations left to write, mostly calculators, and then this feature will be complete enough to show off.

Hope this update has been of interest to most of you.  This coming week, we’re getting into character creation, which means character origins and hometowns are coming up on the horizon.


22 Responses to “First Development Update!”

  1. JfromfarPY says:

    Great!. I´m eager to know more about the lore!. Wonderful news for everyone!

  2. Sarnak says:

    I was actually very intrigued to learn some of how the game will work “under the hood” as it were. It already sounds cool, and like you have a fairly complex system well under way.

  3. Nyu Nexen says:

    I wanna test this… :3

    • Perrin says:

      I can imagine the character test ‘model’ as they check to see if all the parts’ codes work properly in-tandem…

      Some god-awful abomination of tails, arms, legs, heads, ballsacks, dicks, tits and cunts…
      And who knows what else.

      It’s a mental image both disturbing and amusing… And I wonder how it might appear to encounter such an amalgamation of mutations.

  4. talelorm says:

    you can make a slavery system using the companion system if you make one.

  5. TrueASDFMan says:

    Wow, sounds like a cool system. It’s easy to understand, simple and flexible.

    Question regarding the calculators: Does “ensure that ratios of body parts to the body” mean, that we can’t have A-Cups with 20 inch nipples? Or Z-Cup with 0.1 inch?

    Also wondering if you are already set on all the customisable body parts? Even if not, would it be possible to show a list of current ones? Might be interesting for writers (fan based).

    Really like the way this update was structured, I for one didn’t mind the lack of pretty pictures. Keep it up!

  6. lashcharge says:

    How many bodyparts are there gonna be?

  7. GreenSleeves says:

    That was actually quite fascinating to read. Thank you, Crimson.

    Of course, as soon as the updates get more code-y they’re gonna sail right over my head, but this last bit here:

    “This coming week, we’re getting into character creation, which means character origins and hometowns are coming up on the horizon.”

    This fills me with glee. Can hardly wait!

  8. Runic says:

    Do you guys have a Patreon? Is there anyway I can support this project? 🙂

  9. Ossuum says:

    Does the the core body class include storing general body type (humanoid, quadruped, taur, naga, etc)? If you plan to have or at least entertain the possibility of having non-humanoid characters, something like “isValidForType” method for both body parts and scene elements would be quite handy.

  10. Sounds says:

    I believe this question was already asked, but I want to ask it again just so you know more than one person would like this feature:

    Will you be able to play as a non-humanoid character? Or a non-anthro?

    Because one thing that gets me hooked on a game instantly, is the ability to play as a monster. Think Evolve, that 5 vs 1 multiple-player game where you were this giant, Godzilla-like beast who ran about fucking shit up! I REALLY want to do that in this game! The addition of a bandit system, where you play AS a bandit ala Mount and Blade, would just make it all come together!

    Of course I understand limitations: even if I played a giant, 20ft tall monster who breathed fire, I would not expect quest givers to flee in terror at my mere presence. THAT would require you coding an entire new game basically, which even if I gave you a million dollers, I highly doubt you’d do just for a small handful of people. XD

  11. Xenoas says:

    That’s cool..Can’t wait to see when this becomes playable/testable. At any rate good luck! 😀

  12. Zanzuki93 says:

    Sorry for not posting sooner 🙁 , but so excited for this and happy that most of the BS is out of the way 😀 . Carnal Souls HYPE <3

  13. Chiyosuke says:

    Oh god I can feel the hype brewing, I gotta calm down.
    Can’t get your expectations too high again….! DX

  14. Obsequious Gizmo says:

    I know the game is not out yet, but I am already making fan art. YEEE I want to play so bad!

    • Benji says:

      Our first fan art! Can’t wait to see. :3

      • Obsequious Gizmo says:

        I am not even in the same league as you Benji, I am a beginner after all, but I can show you if you would like. Contact me on Skype and I will send you a pic, if that is okay. Please note that I am a noob ^u^
        @Obsequious Gizmo or mad.mitchie

  15. Irii says:

    Haha. You said a few days ago on the 26th. All this waiting is killing me. I’m starting to get impatient.

    • GreenSleeves says:

      Benji made a later tweet (on his personal account, not the CS one) saying it’ll take a little longer than expected, because of illness.

      I’m really itching for that next update too, but I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait even if it takes a few days more than expected.

      Hope you’re feeling better, Benji!

  16. Zanzuki93 says:

    Benji Get Well soon 🙁

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