February Update

Hey guys,

January turned into quite the busy month. Most of my time has been spent briefing our new dev and making sure everyone stays up to date and connected with each other, as well as ensuring everything in the design documentation is clear (and being there to clarify when it isn’t). AnonDev also brought their friend along and they’ve proven extremely useful. With new team members and a lot of Unity-teaching going on recently, there’s been a large focus on the Director (as this is the module AnonDev and Friend are tasked with currently). Since we’ve set up our own private development chat server there has been a lot of work and learning happening.

AnonDev & Friend are currently focused on the Director option parsing, while Crimson has been working on the Director/parser as a whole. The SymbolResolver API is almost complete, it just needs symbols adding to it. Symbols, in this context, refer to how the Director breaks down the written label in text and identifies each part as information, which can then be compared to game data and decisions made upon it for option selection.

A hugely important part of the Director is making sure our syntax is as easy to use as we can make it. Part of the whole reason behind it is to make writing specialised and branched scenes easy. That being said, the more ability we give the parser, the tighter our syntax design has to be. Here’s a current example of how a Director label looks:

You run through the forest, {PC Height: (<=72 hopping over tree roots.) (>72 ducking to avoid branches.)}

This all exists as a label embedded inside a scene’s text. The Director’s job is to scan the text file, find these labels, and replace them with the appropriate direction. So, if you were taller than 6 feet, the text would read for you:

You run through the forest, ducking to avoid branches.

It’s a bit like creating a new language and then teaching a computer to understand it. This is a pretty small label, however. Labels can contain large blocks of text, including parser tags like [this] which are used to pick single words or fixed phrases, and even other nested Director labels. My favourite part about this system is that it gives the writer the power to do pretty much anything they can think of with the game’s data.

Friend has been working tirelessly with Crimson over the past week, building on Crimson’s existing codebase and making marked progress. They even made a cool script that expands nested Director labels into a kind of hierarchy, which should later allow us to visually map the branching options inside a written piece of text. This will be extremely useful for debugging scenes.

Vahn’s branch which worked primarily on the battle system has now successfully been merged in, so we now have a tighter GUI design and the beginnings of equipping weapons and using different moves in battle. There’s some additional work that needs to be done there, fixing some bugs and expanding the battle logic to understand basic status effects like stun or raising your own attack value (which right now heals the enemy, for some reason).

Until next time!

6 Responses to “February Update”

  1. Mo says:

    Dude can I still donate money for this game?

  2. Jhoping says:

    Looking forward to the game, if possible would love to hear a little more frequent updates. Can’t wait to see the beginning of it. I wish you luck on further development.

  3. balto says:

    Will you also have a email system for messaging?i dont use twitter .

  4. James says:

    will you get to transform into other things and have massive sexy parts like huge immoble sized dick and cum production balls also breasts and immoble preg size 😀

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