February Update

Hey guys,

The past couple weeks have rather been absorbed by boring, but essential, housekeeping. Now that we’re moving into using Unity more prominently, as well as Unity assets, we’ve been taking care of the not overly simple task of getting all the devs up to the same basis.

We’re in the process of updating the codebase from v5.5.0 to 2017. And the tooling that’s available for 2017 is not the same, and doesn’t work as well, as 5.5.0, without having to modernise a lot of things. Whilst we can continue in 5.5.0, it would be better in the long term to update the engine and use the more modern, and more optimised, API. Especially in the use of assets, it’s rather essential everyone be on the same version so we’re not chasing extra bugs. And we all use Windows, Mac, and Linux, so it’s not been a simple affair.

MonoDevelop, the IDE Unity usually ships with, is undergoing some changes and is this year to be replaced with VisualStudio, which is nice. Until then Goldie’s rather on the back foot and having to fix her own tooling in order to assist with our dialogue assets.

The simple version is that in order to work deeper in Unity as a team, we need everyone updated and functioning. It’s not an easy affair and headaches are had by all. But it’s worth not having to build our own engine from scratch. It’s boring, but essential work, and we now have the right assets licensed for everyone and versions matched, there’s just some extra work needed to get everyone running again. For me it’s been rather fortunately timed, as I’ve had to spend some time recently looking after my old mum.

Here’s a new concept I’ve been working on, however. I wanted to make an elegant dress look armoured, basing it loosely on a DnD character of mine.


Until next time!

8 Responses to “February Update”

  1. Panre says:

    Though I not attracted to women. But this lady is very beautiful.

    At the expense of the barbarian from your past updates. I hope you can make him a companion.

    P.s. Your project can be expected at least because you draw beautifully.

  2. iamtheking says:

    Nice work bro, really like your stuff. Hope the game isn’t gonna be too transformative like Flexible Survival. And can i have an idea when the full game is going to be released

  3. Panre says:

    iamtheking. Flexible survival has a fairly primitive character editor and types of transformation. Here you will not see this, everything will be worked out and dynamically.

    Benji. How will dynamic body size work? For example, if you are a dwarf and you have a member the size of you? Will it be difficult for you to move around, or something else?

    • iamtheking says:

      What i meant was the game transformation focused like flexible survival

      • Panre says:

        About the description and words of Benji. You won’t be transformed into a demon if you fucked by him. Don’t worry .

        (Like Corruption Of Champions, potions elixirs and other food . And as something similar from the game “Lilith’s Throne” ) Not like Flexible Survival.

        P.s. God, it’s silly when you turn into what you fuck. Bad , Bad FS !!! 😛

  4. Panre says:

    the mid-update will be on the 15th. 😀

  5. MidnightZephyr says:

    I mess around in unity and reading this actually helps me know i did the right thing not updating the darn thing, makes me feel bad since i understand some of the stress of old vs new, even as a beginner programmer, the constant change is truly troublesome even with the “benefits” it add upon updating the software

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