February Update

Hey guys,

Good news, everyone! Crimson is currently in the process of moving, which is one of the big goals, to somewhere far nicer with their partner. This will mean a far better working environment for them, as well as all the other benefits of wellbeing that come from living with the person you love.

Obviously, this is a very labour-intensive process. The move itself is on the 11th this month, so its my hope that after then and some time spend settling in, I’ll be able to see some improvements in my friends life and happiness.

We can all hope that this also means Crimson will be able to work on CS more frequently, but as most of you know their situation is poor. This is a big win but not the end of their troubles, and I plan to continue to work to help. We all thank you for your continued patience; it means the world to me that so many of you are so understanding. Let’s wish Crimson all the best for their move and hope for a smooth relocation.

15 Responses to “February Update”

  1. Jasin says:

    so I read somewhere among all this text that carnal souls would be released like, years ago. What happened? I can’t find any free playable content besides the character creation thing. When is the mobile version to be expected?

    • Ireyon says:

      Mostly personal health problems like the ones mentioned in the last months getting in the way. Though I do admit the project has been going a while without anything to actually show for it.

  2. Statesss says:

    It happen because of health problems and they have to have jobs since they dont have enough money from patron supporters think.

  3. HZ1985 says:

    Wait. It’s been over two years with zero progress? What happened to the almost $50,000 they got from their Indiegogo campaign? How is this not a straight up scam?

    • Benji says:

      Well, there’s a lot there to cover, but I’ve posted an update every two weeks since we started. You can find those here or on this very blog. There’s a lot to get through, I know. We’ve encountered problems, and achieved a lot in spite of those. We’re currently focused on getting the first playable demo out after our lead dev is able to move house and recover.

      • Anonymous says:

        After so many years. The first game demo should be very good if you don’t want to disappoint people…

  4. ironcircle says:

    Hiya Benji,

    I patroned for more than half a year once but unfortunately, I decided to cancel it -^-

    It’s not that you guys are not doing a great job, I’m really willing to believe that you are all doing as hard as you could.

    But as a developer for more than 200 patrons, if you want to increase these numbers, I think you guys need to upload more content XD.

    Well, I mean, “Teaser” and “Words” only might not be enough = = Your latest runnable (alpha) version is more than 1 year before… Which is too far away from now…So I think there are also a number of people would doubt, “If you guys are always working hard as you said in your updates?”,”Are you guys just coding for 100 lines and making an update for half a month?”…. Something like that…

    I don’t say you are not doing a good job, and I really look forward to the days that your guys’ project finished and I believe it’s an amazing work. But, well, from my aspect, if you guys want more patrons or more income for the work, maybe you guys need your job more “open” and actually “shows” your work to people…

    I know that the project might not be finished that easily and most of the guys don’t like the half-done-thing, so the update of the “playable version” would need a Loooong time, but at least you could “Public your Github” or sth “more openly” that can show your time/work on the codes… Cuz
    not all people, just like me, could wait for a long time with no “open info” other than teasers.


    • Benji says:

      That’s entirely fair. It’s for that reason that for a long time there have been no teasers or requests for more patrons. I’m incredibly grateful for the ones we have, but I think it would be unfair to ask for more until we can give something meaningful back. So, that’s what we’re working on doing.

      Thank you for your support, and I look forward to hopefully earning it back once we can get the demo out.

      • Anonymous says:

        At the very least, you can keep your mouth shut and not get tons of hate for what you didn’t do or or say something. And you certainly haven’t promised anything yet that for many years they have not done so.
        But complete emptiness at the end of all time is also not the best example … But this is better than idle chatter and not fulfilling the promise.

        • SilverHornedDeer says:

          what the hell are you even talking about?? If anything, the fact he’s still replying shows us that he cares, and I’m *always* happy to see him reply to people here. No reason to lash out on him like that, that’s just mean.

          • Benji says:

            Hey, it’s okay. I’m pretty sure there’s just some translation issues there. I’m glad you’re happy I’m around, but lets give each other the benefit of the doubt. I don’t think it’s a mean message. But even if it is, I understand where it comes from. I’d rather people be pissed at me than not care about the game at all.

          • Anonymous says:

            You are very stupid if you do not understand what I’m saying. And I say that they do not give us empty promises and do not sing songs in their ears. We just say wait and get it. And it is good

          • Benji says:

            I think I understood the first time. I appreciate your patience, but let’s not insult one another. We’re all on the same team, as far as I can see.

          • Anonymous says:

            what’s on top adressed not to Benji.

            P.s. Sorry Benji the translation is incorrect.

  5. Statesss says:

    Happy Valentines day <3

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