Feature Feature: Character Transformation

This is the first of what I plan to be a neat little series of articles on features we’re either working on or planning for the future. The character transformation system is about half-way done at the time of writing, and covers pretty much everything. In fact there’s too many variables to list here, but I’ll summarise some of the really cool parts. 

I’m just big-boned

Skyrim has great gyms

I’ve been a porn artist for a long time, so a key concern for me was handling varying body types. For instance, in Skyrim, you have a choice between skinny and buff by using their ‘body size’ slider during character creation (if you’re a dude, anyway. Ladies get a range from ‘skinny’ to ‘not so skinny’).

You’ll never see a fat guy in Skyrim, nor can you make one without the help of game mods, which is a shame, but completely understandable once you consider the exponential complexity it would have brought to the body models and making the armour fit.

Working in text lets us handle that. Players will have both a muscularity and fatness rating, and you can mix these two together as you please. This, when used with your height, covers a great deal of body types right up front. Muscleguts, girls with a bit of squish to them, bodybuilders or even morbidly obese, if that’s your thing.


Heads, shoulders knees and toes

As well as allowing the player to adjust their build, I also wanted to let them adjust the frame underneath it. Again drawing from my experience with smut, I know that simply changing the breadth of a character’s shoulders can change a lot about their overall look. More accurately, it’s the shoulder-waist-hips ratio that really defines a masculine body from a feminine one. With this in mind, we’ve been working on letting the player change those, too.

It’s all relative

For instance, on a slender male body, merely narrowing the waist can make it dramatically look more feminine, and shrinking the shoulders further still. Or, simply expand the hips; it’s the ratio which is important. Broad shoulders on a woman make her quickly look more masculine; something to keep in mind for those amazon warrior types.

And this doesn’t simple change a measurement on a stats sheet. Changing your body shape will affect how NPC’s treat you and how the game describes you overall.


Scales aren’t just for weight

One man’s ‘average’ is another’s ‘holy shit’

Your weight is calculated in Carnal Souls using absolutely everything possible. Your build, your frame, from your height to the size of your clitoris (if you have one) – every appendage, every set of genitals, every boob and bollock – it’s all used to calculate your weight.

Further still, everything attached to your body scales and is described accordingly. For instance, growing your entire character up to ten feet tall would result in a relatively large dick, ten inches or so on average. On its own this would be considered a huge ol’ dong, but being ten feet tall, the game considers this to be of a normal size for you.

NPC’s might think differently though. Relative to a dainty Elven lass half your height, that cock looks a lot bigger. But what this means is the game won’t start saying what giant tits you have simply because your D-cups scaled up with your body – nor will they suddenly be described as tiny if you become a shortstack.


My penis is a snowflake

As well has having a great deal of customisation for your body, players can also change their genitals in ways never seen before. Add an extra dick or twelve, add a few extra pairs of boobs, grow or shrink everything accordingly, that’s the basic stuff. Maybe you want an extra plump and squishy pussy. Maybe you’d like a knot on your cock, or to add a foreskin. Maybe you’d like to just make your foreskin even bigger, or get rid of it completely. Swap the whole thing out for a horsecock perhaps, but also keep the knot. Everything is changeable, even your butthole. Make it a dainty little thing or a big, shiny donut. It’s all up to you; you can be as tame or outlandish as you please.

Your dick probably won’t have laser sights, though


Mind your pronouns

Gender is a pretty hot topic these days. My own character happens to be a very girly-looking male. With tits. Based on physical appearance, people assume that he’s a she, which is understandable in spite of the dong. People say what they see – they have to, in lieu of telepathy. I want the characters in Carnal Souls to react realistically to your appearance, too. Almost everything you change about your body from your hair style to the size of your hips, as well as the clothing you wear, will change how NPC’s see you. If you’re a mix of genders you may find they don’t know whether to say sir or miss, and being a very feminine male may get you mistaken for a girl, and vice-versa.

We’re gonna be rich, boys! Get him!

This stems from one of my biggest problems with RPG’s today – also a running joke in Bethesda’s games. Walking around in full daedric armour, killing dragons and calling down fireballs on your enemies, and still you get talked to like shit by shopkeepers and attacked by bandits armed with sticks. We aim to change that. As well as reacting to your apparent gender, NPC’s will react to your stature as well. Bandits will see girlyboys as easier targets than hulking she-warriors, and shopkeeps won’t talk to you like you’re dirt when you enter their store in full demonic plate armour.

To summarise, we aim to make Carnal Souls as reactive as possible. Changing something will have knock-on effects elsewhere, either for positive or negative results. Sex scenes will change to account for your body, NPC’s will treat you as they see you. This will mean a lot of work, but it will make the world a rich and immersive place to be.

Until next time!

20 Responses to “Feature Feature: Character Transformation”

  1. Sereverus says:

    this sounds amazing, i cannot wait to play! ^^

  2. Majatek says:

    Having NPC’s respond to and treat your character accordingly to how you look (and it can be vague as you have mentioned) sounds incredible – and it could lead to some really interesting and lewd ideas for the way that the game handles interaction, both sexual and non sexual.

    Personally I’d find it really awesome if you could create a character that plays specifically with a hot temperament (ie: they’re only able to respond aggressively – all “kind”/”neutral” dialogue options would be unavailable), who happens to look extremely effeminate – but being called a girl is one of their “triggers”, so to speak. To spice this all up, the character could experience arousal from either being called a girl – or is easily hot-n-bothered, so getting angry only makes him more aroused.

    Another additional neat feature would be able to outline the kinks/fetishes that causes your character’s heart (and various bits) to throb, and if possible, be able to randomly select a series of wildcard triggers (from a pool of kinks/fetishes that the player can allow/ban so as to prevent nasty surprises if a specific kink should not be randomly selected due to it being a turn-off) that the player won’t know what their character is “afflicted” with until they actually start playing with them. This sense of self-exploration would be fantastic, and would certainly add a lot of replayability.

    Of course, speaking of replayability, different game modes are a must – from long campaigns to “quickies” (perhaps reduce recovery time, make characters have a lot more money/gear to have a quicker experience?). Sorry for my rambling! I just really like games, game design and roleplay/literature.

    • Zanzuki says:

      I like this it is exactly what I think should be in a RPG continue preaching these amazing ideas my friend ^-^

    • KittyPurry says:

      Oh my god, that kink/fetish idea. I need that so bad.

  3. JfromfarPY says:

    I would really like to participate in the beta test as soon as something is out, this is going to be so awesome. Nice job.

  4. I actually found this site though fenoxo.com just sayin, i am also really excited for what this game could become. Plz in the name of all that is beautiful make this game playable fr mobile…I woud love you long time.

  5. vanValiant says:

    As interesting and complex as a reactive system is; taking into account that same importance of gender it might be a good idea to have some sort of override or preference lock. It doesn’t need to change all of the interactions, but I think you should have an option to have your character protest. Or have characters familiar with your own use the chosen pronouns for the character. It’s something that I would definitely appreciate.

    • Benji says:

      Ahyup. Already planned. In fact, you can set your preferred pronoun in TiTS, this was already planned (I think) but implemented after I brought it up. We’ll be doing much the same thing.

  6. Jessi says:

    Bless you soul for allowing me to create a fat character with a little dick. It’s kind of surprising how rare it seems to be to find that as an allowable combination in games.

  7. BabyDuck says:

    Will this be on android?. I would be so happy if it were

  8. Mustang Flex says:

    I absolutely lost it at “My penis is a snowflake” I can tell this is gonna be good.

  9. Obsequious Gizmo says:

    my favorite thin was the picture or the gun on my penis is a snowflake.
    “Your dick probably wont have lazer sights though” and i imagined someone actually putting lazer sights on it and using their dick as a cum cannon. JUST GOLD, COMEDY GOLD. XD

    • Firnen says:

      Theres a guy with a robo shot gun cock in Trials in Tainted Space (T.I.T.S.) hes on Mhen’ga.

  10. Obsequious Gizmo says:

    When you were talking about your experience in art I was hoping that, maybe we would get a character model with sliders to change our look. However, considering the scope of the variables (even just the ones you just described) it would be more trouble than its worth. Even some of the most grandiose character creators in games are extremely limited most of the time being limited to just your face. the cool thing about text based games is that it gets rid of those limitations and lets us make what we want.

    Are you going to have a character model (even if just at the beginning would really help us get a vivid image of what our character looks like) or will you go with the common albeit advantageous text style format?

  11. Ira says:

    To be fair, to the last part. I used everything from kitchen knives to rolling pins to kill people in power armor in Fallout. Tire Irons were one of the better weapons by comparison xD

  12. Jayleia says:

    Also in the line of pronouns and transformations, I’m hoping for sentient object transformations too, and to use “it” as a personal pronoun (by some ignorant/backward types who don’t know/understand what your character is, or by informed types who you asked to use that pronoun)

  13. John says:

    “Everything is changeable, even your butthole.”
    Oh shit! One upping Fenfen!

    • Vaeraun says:

      Technically your butthole is pretty changeable in tits too, same as your cunt but the scenes just haven’t been built to support them. Like with his flags system the way it is, valid hole-flags are nubby, ovipositor, aphrodisiac laced, tendril and lubricated. But, as mentioned, scenes just arn’t programmed to make use of them yet. Hopefully that will change.

  14. art926 says:

    Just some advice – don’t let players to fully customize their characters in the beginning. It would not make sense! Let them only choose between a generic male/female humans and let them find out all the transformations and what they can become inside the game! That would give a challenge.

  15. Akhter13 says:

    This sounds most excellent.
    I hope this means there will need for multiple out fits to suit different situations.
    “Yes your name is on the list, but I can’t let you into the debutante cotillion in demonic armour, as for your plus one… they surely should know that a “Ball Gown” isn’t meant to only cover that particular bit of their anatomy.”
    There are also advantages to having a less flamboyant appearance.
    “Please describe your attacker…ma’am.”
    “She was 10 feet tall immolating Naga with extra tentacle dicks”
    “Any other distinguishing features ma’am?”
    “Err… she had an ovipositor …and… she wasn’t wearing a hat…”
    “Don’t worry ma’am we’ll find this hatless fiend!”

    As you said
    This will mean a lot of work, but it will make the world a rich and immersive place to be.

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