Feature Feature: Bounties, Random and Emergent Quests

MarleySmallFirst up, meet Marley! She’s the first character we’re revealing for Carnal Souls. She’s a simple girl with simple tastes, like candy and running and loosing deadly arrows at things. She’ll have some quests for you, for which she’ll be extremely grateful, and you can even earn her unique, homemade armour set and bow for yourself.

Aside from quests like these, we plan to have randomised and generated content. There will be bounties providing extra objectives, rewards, and big targets to tackle, and emergent quests will keep each playthrough a little different.

(Click her to see a bigger version!) ->

Wanted: Busty hero to bounce up and down a lot

Without giving too much away, the world of Carnal Souls has begun its upheaval when you start your life there. The wilderness is getting more and more dangerous, and the denizens of the world will look to you, and people like you, to help them. Whether you do or not is up to you, but there are rewards to gain and strong enemies to face.

Most towns will have a notice board you can read to get information about the town and anyone who has a problem that needs solving. These will range from simple quests you can do just to help out to hunting down fierce beasts roaming the land, or even venturing into dungeons. Bounties like these will be slightly randomized each time, with the harder bounties yielding mighty rewards.

I’m sure it was here somewhere

Skyrim featured a neat system – radiant quests. By doing the same thing we can keep each game a little varied, and at least on first discovery, there’s a neat thrill of having stumbled upon something much greater than you imagined.

Perhaps while exploring a rather nondescript cave, you happen upon a strange weapon with a curious engraving, which will then lead you on a quest to uncover its secrets. It wasn’t there on previous playthroughs, and may not be on later games – its placement is randomised, so you never know for sure what you might find.

These emergent-gameplay type quests won’t form the bulk of our content, we can make much more realised and detailed content when it’s hand-written from start to finish, but these will provide more variety and choice on your travels.


sherlock-340x254As well as these and regular quests, there may be secret objectives you can accomplish, if you have your wits about you. These hidden quests will have no entry in your journal and no indication whatsoever there is even a quest available. These will be to reward the astute players, as well as give some incentive to read thoroughly. These are entirely optional, though.

Let me know what you think of Marley! What kind of quests do you think she’ll offer you? Do you think she puts out on the first date? I wonder if she’d let me touch her tail.

Until next time!

32 Responses to “Feature Feature: Bounties, Random and Emergent Quests”

  1. reaper says:

    Marley is best girl and she seems like a tomboy so third date for sexy tail touching goodness but if you impress her then maybe some fun with her huge twins. And her quest would probably be beast slaying or carrot collect 😀 Also I was wondering about stats effecting sex and the different races and body types we’ll see in game which is from my previous comment

    • Perrin says:

      Honestly, I get the feeling that she’d be the promiscuous sort.
      Likely to hop on a hung bestial stud as she is any man, if not the prior, due to the ease with which they could be swayed.

      I see her ass strong and self-sufficient, but heavily depraved and rotten at the core. Perhaps her exterior initially fools others, but becomes impossible to hide when it comes down to getting some sensual excitement?

      I bet an outright pervert of her own scope could get her eager for a ride or two.
      Tit-groping upon meeting? Surefire way to get in her shortcut shorts.

      …rather, this is what the image, the character, says to me.

  2. Riaden says:

    Very nice, although that dose beg the question of character relations, are their companion will doing the quests make her a companion, can she be a companion? Can you make it so that you have a official relationship, dating, marriage , ect. One thing I did like in CoC and TiTs was the fact you had lovers and crew mated that helped you out and the realtion ship you had between them.

  3. xBabyDuckx says:

    You keep making this game sound so amazing! I really can’t wait until it’s release. P.S. WI’LL IT BE ON ANDROID? ha ha I had to ask again.

  4. Deimacos says:

    I just wonder how much her boobs will affect her archery skills

  5. Perro Travers says:

    You sure are promising an awful lot. When’s the alpha release?

  6. JoScEl says:

    Loving all the ideas so far, it just all seems a little….ambitious.

  7. Perrin says:

    I hope there’s a ton of gender variety, or at least the basic additions.
    F-List has them down pretty well, in terms of relating to the sexual characteristics defining oneself.

    Primary SC: Genitalia. Penis, vagoo or other?
    Secondary SC: Tits or not, general form as masculine or feminine, body and facial hair.
    Tertiary SC: Self identity by use of gender pronouns, “she, he, shi” or otherwise.

    Using this sort of logic, it becomes a bit easier to identify along genderlines, even beyond traditional genders.

    Male, female… Shemale (or whatever is in your taste), cuntboy, harm (whether masculine or feminine in form), genderless or even morphic.

  8. Miros says:

    Carnal Souls looks very promising for me. But i have a Problem here with the Registration, i registered under Meta but i never got a Verification EMail, checked Spam as well. I tried lost Password to, to see if the Account was registrated. Accountname and EMail are registrated in a way it seems, but i cant Login in it.

    • Stereo says:

      Hello there, I have sent an e-mail to your address to assist you, if you are still having problems. 🙂

      • Bryan says:

        I am having the same issue with trying to register, under the meta tab.
        Some help please

      • Miros says:

        I was too late for the activation (sorry messed it up), can you send me another one please? But not right now, i go to bed. Best time would be 11:00am.

        • Miros says:

          I think its best you delete my Account and i make a new one later.

          • Stereo says:

            Hello there,

            We had some issues with our mail server, everything should be working now. Please try using Lost Password to reset your password so you can log into your account. Let us know if you require further assistance!

  9. Zanzuki says:

    I don’t like judging characters until they have spoken her peace. However she sounds a awful lot like amily from COC. That is just what I am gathering from it.,but that doesn’t mean that she is like amily. So I am just going to say “I am interested in seeing what is up with her” 😉

  10. The One says:

    When I look at her, I think of one of the Viera from FFXII.

  11. xBabyDuckx says:

    Will there be companions in this? And if so will they be more like the ones in COC where they just hang around the camp until you come back so they can jump your bones. Our will they be more like the ones in FOE where they actually come and fight with you. Either way you get to some fun sexy times with them?

  12. Bryan Fabela says:

    Carnal Souls is looking to be an awesome game to play! Can’t wait to actually play it.
    Um…I’m not getting the registration confirmation in my e-mail after trying to register under the meta tab.
    Can someone help me please?

    • Stereo says:

      Hello there,

      We had some issues with our mail server, everything should be working now. Please try using Lost Password to reset your password so you can log into your account. Let us know if you require further assistance!

  13. JfromfarPY says:

    I like all the quest stuff, rewards, loot and the trust of a new friend. All sound grest and I’m wish I could help with something, but for now my comments, apreciations, ideas and werird question should make it. I really geting excited about this project.

    About Marly
    She looks beautiful, friendly and confident. 10% Intimidating 60% Cuteness 30% FLUFFLY TAIL !!!
    What kind of quests do you think she’ll offer you?
    -I thinking about quests like Hunt specifict monster or Look for something she lost in the nearby area.
    Do you think she puts out on the first date?
    -I find that difficult, but everything is possible.
    I wonder if she’d let me touch her tail.
    -Looks like if you ask her kindly she will lets you touch it, I mean I would say something like….

    -Hey!, Marley right?, you know is like the first time I a tail soo fluffy and cute and.. i wanted to ask you…. could you pleaaaaase let me touch it? just a little?!

    • Zanzuki says:

      Agreed one hundred percent on the whole touching the tail thing XD 🙂

  14. V-Guy says:

    Hey, I’m having the same problem as Miros. Could I get an email for activision too?

    • Stereo says:

      Hello there,

      We had some issues with our mail server, everything should be working now. Please try using Lost Password to reset your password so you can log into your account. Let us know if you require further assistance!

  15. Weird the odd says:

    Hello, got here from Fenoxo. Just an idea are we going to see more modern bows as well? Like triangle bows for example.

    Are we only going to find gear or craft it as well?

    Awesome game idea, feels like a fallout/skyrim mix with added sexytimes.

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