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• What kind of game will Carnal Souls be?

Carnal Souls will be an open-world, text-based pornographic RPG adventure, filled with art. You can read more about the game here.

What are available genders in this game?

We plan on having all genders equally in the game. That applies to player gender as well; you will be able to play as your preferred gender.

What races will be available in the game?

Initially, we will start with a small selection of races, those being: human, cat, fox, wolf, horse, elf, and lizard. We plan on adding more in the future once we have the base game done!

Will there be centaurs in this game?

Yes. You will be able to play as a centaur, and you will definitely meet NPCs that are centaurs.

What platform will Carnal Souls be available on?

Carnal Souls will be developed in Unity 5, and will be made playable on browsers using Unity’s WebGL build target. This means that you will be able to play our game on pretty much any system that supports a web browser.

A downloadable version will be made available too, and we have plans to make a mobile supported version down the line.

• I want to donate, but I missed the Indiegogo. Where can I donate?

We plan on setting up a Patreon to further the game’s development once the Indiegogo is over. As of right now, plans have yet to be made in regards to pledges and rewards.