December Update

Hey guys,

Not been a great month for me. That neck injury didn’t go away as much as get far worse, so I’ve been practically useless, even immobile at one point. Details at the end as usual, if you’re interested.

However, it’s not all bad news. With how the systems are coming along now, Goldie and I have the goal in mind of getting a game update out, hopefully soon. The idea will be to spawn the player in as human with the Body system, director, and producer active, and an inventory of various temporary transformative items, and access to some scenes to try out and test.

Two main blocks of text I want to aim for are first, the ever-important player description block, and second, the prostitution scene. I’d like people of negotiable affection to be available in most towns and cities, so that particular scene should be very robust and flexible in what you can do with it. So, I feel it’s a good one to start with.

It’ll likely be a fairly rough new alpha to test, but seeing as we have most of the parts needed now working, I see no reason not to get it out there for people to try out and, hopefully, enjoy. Things such as they are there’s no ETA on it yet, but it is our main goal right now, and we’re steadily getting closer.

Until next time!

Bad stuff: Neck hurt, then neck hurt worse. Almost immobile, chest pains, arm pains. Ambulance sent over. All’s well except a severe muscular strain/spasm in my neck. Suspected bad mattress, since I’m not a sportsman or anything. Lots and lots of opiate painkillers. Gradually improving.

2 Responses to “December Update”

  1. Jhoping says:

    I’m certainly looking forward to seeing the alpha of it. I’m sorry to hear about the neck injury being so bad, hoping you get well soon. I find the term “people of negotiable affection”

  2. Panre says:

    Should we wait for the new year or Christmas, then what are you planning? Love what you do.

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