December Update

Hey guys,

I’m a little late on this one, had some furniture to put together and install and entered the DIY spiral of fixing/cleaning/reorganising everything in the vicinity. Now my hip is filled with hate.

So, progress. At Goldie’s suggestion I began putting together spreadsheets to mock up my character stats and get a better feeling for which information is most important, which parts are confusing, so on. As most of you know I can never turn down a spreadsheet. The process has helped a lot and I’m much closer now to a final model.

One particular problem to solve was this: I wanted certain jobs to require certain skills. I put together fifteen skills – five for each category of physical, mental, and sexual skillsets – which can hopefully be applied to any job I want to include. However, the five sexual skills (oral, anal, vaginal, penetration, flexibility) very much depend on that NPC’s anatomy. So it can’t be as simple as requiring a good score in all of them to be a good whore, for instance. This led me down the path of considering skills for jobs to be required, optional, and/or specialisation.

Obviously how well this will work will depend largely on how well I can present this information in the UI, and that’s what I’m working on next. Something else that needs figuring out first is the player character’s stats. I believe I have a decent solution that will allow me to avoid the player having an entirely different set of attributes and skills but still give the scope of stats needed to be able to do the things I want to. Simply put, the player and NPC’s need to have as similar a set of attributes as possible, while also being applicable to two very different scopes of possible actions. The player should be able to do all the jobs NPC’s can, but also able to apply their skills to other parts of the game.

I’ll feel more comfortable talking about it in detail once I’m satisfied it’s a fully working model. My yardstick is pretty much if it’s too difficult to explain then it’s not simple enough to be fun. That and if it gives me a migraine trying to think of how to program it.

4 Responses to “December Update”

  1. Ray says:

    Good luck!

  2. Statesss says:

    taur plz!!! all races 😛

  3. Remedy says:

    So? Bye bye carnal souls. Hello something that no one wanted (CS spin-off, well ok)??? Well… It seems that I was wasted these fucking five years waiting and hoped that something would happen =) Well, basically something happened that no one actually waited.

    I understand that I am just a stupid naive fool hoping that some promises are backed up by nothing… Could come true.

    At first I was upset that I could not support the project with money, but every year I make sure that I made the right choice.

    For 5 years we have received nothing (now the end of 20 beginning of 21 years, so yes. 5 years). And I believe that either you give people something (except for the unnecessary lines of text in each post about how something is interfering with you every time) or stop writing posts at all where there is absolutely no meaningful load, as well as something that might really interest people.

    P.s. I am not even sure if you will answer or even let this message pop up. I am sure that such messages are filtered out.

    • SHD says:

      For what it’s worth, I for one appreciate the bi-weekly updates. At least it shows that Benji cares. The lack of actual content is indeed a bit disheartening but I’d still take a bi-weekly post over no posts at all any time. And these last few posts weren’t even the worst ones.

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