December Update

Hey guys,

Bit late, my apologies. Work continues as mentioned last time, although everyone’s been at MFF having a much-needed and much-earned break for the past few days (except myself). Crimson and I have worked out a solid plan for the demo and precisely what features we need, trimming as much fat as possible (but saving said fat for later). I’ve been writing for it, I think I’ll be able to share something of that soon without spoiling too much.

I’ve also been working on art again, as much as I can do. Hip’s been bad as ever, it doesn’t like the cold, but I’ve been making steady progress. A few much-superior artist friends have been helping me with studies and learning colour better. People mentioned last time they’d like to see some of the commission and practice work, so here’s a few:

Old gift for my friend.
Digital Pencil study of a friend’s character.
Another pencil-y study.
Cyberpunky commission for a friend.

Recent painted commission.
Commission for friend (very hyper).

I’ll be taking on public commissions again soon, the goal being to assist Crimson and dig them out of a very unfortunate and difficult position. They’ve been in it for a while, so I think some help is long overdue. And, hopefully, getting them better situated will mean more time for us. It won’t be a quick process, but it’s one that needs doing. CS needs its lead dev.

Thanks everyone for the continued support, moral or monetary. I know it’s difficult to have faith in something that takes so long, and it means a lot.

Until next time!

9 Responses to “December Update”

  1. GoldKrust says:

    The first five links are dead – last one’s good though.

  2. Statesss says:

    I hope i can commission my OC in the game 😛
    this looks amazing 😀
    (as well as art commission :P)

  3. Zul says:

    Always amazed by your art, thanks for sharing!

  4. ISeeThingsInGrey says:

    Love the Art. Don’t push yourself to hard Benji. I hope everything gets better for you and Crimson. I’m cheering for you in the comment section. Go team CarnalSouls!! 👻

  5. Zulll says:

    Hey man I found out about this game a few years ago, surprised to see it still keep going, not many people have the same determination as keep up the hard work!!

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