Character Transformation 2: Building a Better You

Transformation is a big part of Carnal Souls. There are tons of ways you can change yourself, and while some might be just to get sexy (whatever your definition of sexy is), other changes will offer some tactical benefits. Here I’ll talk about how you’ll go about changing yourself, from growing cat claws to dragon wings, or just some really big tits. 

Transformation, in essence

Fen’s games have some really good transformation in them. The first thing I wanted to do was take it further by including more character transformation (TF) options and making TFs a gameplay decision as well as an aesthetic one.

Bro, you’re wearing my mother. Not cool.

I mean, imagine a game where you can upgrade your body with cool new stuff like big minotaur horns, a thick armoured hide, wings for flight; without any of the porn implications I think it’d be a fun videogame mechanic on its own. Kinda like Monster Hunter except your body instead of your armour.

In Carnal Souls, transformations have two types: Change and Augment. ‘Change’ is how we refer to stuff like changing from one species to another, and it’s done with Essences.

You are the DragonEverythingborn

Mmm, tastes like chicken

Essences are a bit like Skyrim where you beat down a dragon and suck out its soul. I won’t spoil any of the lore behind it, but basically when you beat stuff in battle (either by fighting or flirting your way to victory), being the special type of hero you are, you gain the enemy’s Essence. You can then spend that stored essence at any time on new transformations.

For example, if you explored some woods and defeated a bunch of wolves, you’d then have some wolf essence to spend. Use it to gain canine fur, claws, teeth, ears, feet, anything. Each one of these changes will give you slight bonuses, either to your stats or to your combat effectiveness. Thick wolf fur for example would give you some resistance to cold, while the sensitive ears would give you better battle awareness and make you less likely to be critical’d.

But that’s just wolf types. There are lots more species in the code already, and it’s been built to make it easy to add more in the future. Horse, cat, elf, demon, minotaur, drider, faun, and of course goo people, just to name a few. Furthermore, we plan to have bosses in the game with unique TF’s that might give you powerful and unique moves in a battle – if you can manage to get their essence.

Human stuff also has its own bonuses, so you can be anything you want without suffering for it. Different species are only different, not better.

I didn’t ask for this

I’d give my right arm to be as badass as y- oh. Oh right. Sorry man.

Second is the Augment type. This is for the sexier stuff and has no effect on your combat stats. It’s for making stuff bigger, smaller, more curvy, more or less productive, rounder, flatter, longer, taller, shorter, anything like that.

This will come in many different forms throughout the game. Enemies might try to change you if you let them, certain scenes and events might have lasting effects, as well as potions made with alchemy (more on that in a later post).

Something I felt needed improvement in CoC and TiTS is the randomness of TF’s, I found myself reloading saves over and over until I got the effect I wanted. There’ll be a lot less of that in Carnal Souls; TF potions and items will give you distinct results every time, but there will still be those unstable or powerful items that can have less controlled results if you want that too.


Changing yourself into what you want to be is a huge part of Carnal Souls. Growing stronger is the baseline progression for any game, RPG’s especially, so this will work together with transformations to make playing it a fun and involved experience. Be an ultimate hybrid warrior, or maintain your pure blood. No one species will be better than another, but you can be better than all of them.

Until next time!

P.s. A little clarification: This doesn’t mean that you have to change to certain species to be the best warrior, for example. The intent is to make transformation feel like a transformation by having small effects on everything. To quote an example given to me, you don’t have to go down the Cat-TF route in order to be the best rogue-type. In fact, a lot of features are shared – claws, fur, teeth, etc. – so their stat bonuses across different species will vary only slightly, if at all. Humans will have their own bonuses as well.


34 Responses to “Character Transformation 2: Building a Better You”

  1. JfromfarPY says:

    Amazing. This is going to be pretty similar to Flexible Survival in that aspect. I really like the idea of “choosing” the part to be altered as well the Augment thing, is like the transmogrification of WoW.

    • Perrin says:

      Not sure FS is the same in concept, but precisely modded TFs would rock. I spent hours in CoC trying to create a specific form and specific skin/fur/scale/part coloring.

      Pick and choose? Great way to define yourself.

      • Perrin says:

        Cue the gigantic purple Oni with horse-cocks and balls that can legitimately be used as bludgeons!

      • JfromfarPY says:

        just how much time I have spend in CoC trying to obtain a horse cock AND maintain all the rest of canine tfs, for a strange reason it always gave me hoofs or ears first…..

        • Zanzuki says:

          yeah I like that you can pick and choose what you want and if you don’t want it anymore you pick another type. It is way more convenient. 🙂

  2. Sereverus says:

    i am really liking this alot so far, totally awesome!

  3. Mustang Flex says:

    I like the idea of taking all the best qualities of different races and becoming some form of uber hybrid. Or just making my character a mutated abomination.

  4. BadxHero says:

    This sounds awesome. But, is it going to be focused more on combat or the erotic portions of the game. I’m curious since it seems more combat oriented with lots of amazing art. All the stuff I’ve seen so far just looks…amazing. Really, wow.

    • esperwolf says:

      It is saying that, it will depend on your play style. If you want more porn you can do that. It you want to be the best warrior that too. But you do not have to pick and choose…. why not both. Be a super slutty warrior who likes sex and whips 😉 lol

  5. Riaden says:

    Sounds really cool, again of curiosity will there be any gender changes and will they get reactions out of people, since when playing CoC or TiTs i found it rather silly after my human guy became a busty bovine lass or whatnot yet they didn’t even notice a difference. For that matter if any companions or npcs you get close ties with will comment or take in your new changes like by changing to male to female an npc gains a weird crush on you but doesn’t know what to make of it.

    But regardless I’m looking foreword to seeing more cool stuff.

    • Perrin says:

      I think you have a point, but many try to avoid bringing up such changes, I think.
      It’s like commenting on someone who’s recently trans to a new gender identity.

      That aside, some less vocal attraction may be likely.

      • KittyPurry says:

        That response instantly gets my attention. This Dev will be awesome. 😀

        • Perrin says:

          I’m no Dev, just very experienced with gender and racial variety in roleplay. xD

  6. ChainedWolf says:

    What are the time-frames you foresee going on with this?
    Additionally, this is definitely one of the more interesting things I’ve found in a while. I can’t wait to see what you’ll be doing with it.

  7. Uninterested Party says:

    Hey, I’m on my phone atm, so I may have missed something, but this was the easiest way I saw to contact you (found this page through a link from fenoxo, so I haven’t looked through your FA page or anything, yet). Anyway, this game looks awesome; need any more programmers?

    • Benji says:

      We might be later down the line if we can pull enough funding from the Indiegogo, in which case we’ll be interviewing and such for the position.

  8. Phosis T"kar says:

    I hope in this game will be ways to to become stronger unchanged.

    • Perrin says:

      You mean advancement and such without altering your physical form or combat power themes, hmm?

  9. geni says:

    If we’re going to go with sexualised female armour, shouldn’t we also go with sexualised male armour?


  10. Liadri says:

    Say do we have a possible release date for this game :3 in december maybe?

  11. Pascal says:

    Hey, i just found your game!

    I have a few questions:

    Will there be fairy, bee and butterfly transformations?

    How will Heigth be implemented? Will you be able to shrink down to insect size (and gain various advantages and disadvantages) and grow to giantic sizes (again with advantages and disadvantages)?

    • Deadman says:

      while being ant size or a skyscraper would be interesting short-term, its unlikely that you can make a character that size due to practicality. not only would it be strange combat wise (too small and enemy’s would just crush you, too big and you would just step on them), how would you travel? going from place to place would be a hassle while tiny, and you cant enter any buildings if you’re too big.

      most likely the character will be limited between 3 and 9 feet (rough guess), although i do like the idea that your height affects stats : tall is stronger and tougher, while small is quicker and stealthy (assuming there is stealth).

      • Perrin says:

        I like size differences, myself. I think between 1′ and 20′ would be more reasonable, if any form of limitation were set. From goblinoid to giant, essentially.

        I’d love to remake some of my characters in-game, one of which is a great big grey-skinned Oni… So size would be important, as they’re about 12′ ish.

  12. Wolfe says:

    Will there be a reputation system in this game?

  13. Seven says:

    This is the hook for me!

  14. Grohiik says:

    Are you going to implement beard growth? That was the ONE thing that bugged me about CoC was the lack of beards for the male characters

  15. Samuel says:

    This has to be the best plan for a utilized transformation/race-customization mechanic I have ever read and honestly it is making me SO goddamn excited for this game right now! You could have hours of fun by customizing your character into an awesomely powerful/sexy mutant!

    Being able to choose specific changes would be SO good compared to TiTs and CoC! I lost count of the times I had to save-scum in order to avoid becoming shorter instead of getting a long tongue whenever I necked this particular transformation item. The novelty of the random transformation began to disappear really quick after you developed a change you really didn’t like.

    Although I do have one question about class systems (probably a bit early to ask, I know) but what classes or jobs will be available and will they have out-of-combat uses and references in dialogue as well? If I choose to be a thief will that reflect peoples opinions of me? Will I be trusted more or less by certain characters by my job? etc.

  16. bl00dragon113 says:

    How long have I been waiting for TF system like this one… Too long. I can say this is a really interesting prospect. I will be waiting for the day when i’ll be able to say : “The CoC is dead ! Long live the CarnalSouls !”.

    • Perrin says:

      A little harsh? I suppose CoC itself is near finished, though. A shame.

  17. Stealth says:

    One question that comes to mind… will there be multi-arms? Can I become the 6 armed amazon of sexy doom?

    • Mira says:

      Haha, I guess I should have spotted your post before I made my own. 😛 Anyways what Stealth said, multiple arms plz.

  18. Mira says:

    Will you be including things like multiple arms (e.g. four arms) and breasts?

  19. Tyrek says:

    What kind of size limits will be imposed for body parts? One of the (few) things that I disliked about other games with transformation features is the hard cap on breast size once it verges on impractical. But the ability to choose your own transformations in this game provides a possible way around the practical issues, such as a wing size + strength check vs weight to determine mobility if a character’s feet can’t touch the ground and goo traits could get around (…well through) doorway issues. Will stuff like this be included in the game?

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