Character Creation Update 1


Character Creation:
Name Screen – Imposed a character limit and allowed for special characters.
Sex – Resulting sex is now shown on the page itself near the checkboxes.
Species – Overhauled page into card style display with new emblems, placeholder descriptions and stat bonuses. Rabbits are now included as a starting race.
Age – Now refined into brackets of Young Adult, Adult, Middle-Aged, and Elder.
Steward – Reorganised into a checkbox selection with validation for age. Adults and Young Adults can choose to have parents as stewards. This is so that parent characters aren’t super old if we decide to later write incest content for them.
Origin – Overhauled page  into card style display with new emblems, descriptions, and stat bonuses.
Build/Shape – Merged into a single ‘Bodytype’ page with 15 different bodytypes and 5 skin tones to choose from, with preview images in a more pleasing display.
New page, Fur/Scales – Shown  upon selecting a furred or scaled species. Allows you to choose from generic fur patterns/colours for fur and scales.
Hair – Now presented as styles rather than just length, displayed similarly to the new Bodytype page, with images for each hairstyle and colour selection. More styles to be added later.
Eyes – Overhauled page presentation with images for colour selection.
Attraction – Page removed in favour of more holistic attraction analysis throughout the game.
Traits – Overhauled to show more information and to be more easily navigated.
Stats – Overhauled with more information for each primary stat as well as how it affects your secondary stats.


Firstly, I want thank everyone who commented and left us feedback on the last couple posts. Both Crimson and I have read every single one, and it’s really encouraging to see you all taking the time to give us your thoughts. <3

We’ve significantly improved the GUI and features of character creation, using a lot of images I made myself, as well as a few from which will likely end up being placeholders for now. We’ll be moving on to the parser next, more on that below.

I was sick recently with a pretty nasty flu (all better now, thank you for the well-wishes!) so I pretty much instantly gained a huge backlog of comments to reply to. Instead of going through them all, I’ll try to answer as many as I can here so that the information is in one place for everyone.

A couple of notes beforehand, however: we’re working on getting the forums set up so we have a much better means of communicating with you all (and you with us). Troubleshooting, bug reports, patch notes, etc. I’m also going to see about getting the Patreon page set up about the same time as well. We won’t be able to offer any rewards for contributing to that yet, though – we need our site/game set up fully first, and I don’t want to devote time away from the game to produce extra rewards for the Patreon. We’re hoping that it’ll give us a little extra funding to help cover expenses and get to that initial release, because despite doing really well, we didn’t actually hit our Indiegogo goal.


Phase 2

Development-wise, the next step is the Parser and Dictator – recently-renamed Director (it’s a nicer word to say, and is probably a better descriptor for what it does). This’ll be a large module that requires a lot of work, as both Crimson and I want to make sure it has all the tools and range to handle the content we want to throw at it.

The aim is to create a system that will make writing scenes for Carnal Souls as easy as possible, allowing for a great range of possibilities to be written right into the scene itself for the Director to, well, direct. It’ll be a bit of a boring wait for you guys, but once that’s done I plan to test it with character descriptions, so once you finish the character creator you’ll be able to see a hopefully nicely-written description of your creation similar to how it’ll be in-game. Once that’s done I can actually start writing content!


A’s to your Q’s

There were a lot of questions in the last couple posts, so I’ll try to field them all as best I can here.

Starting Equipment
This will be tied to the origin (and perhaps race) you choose, and will be displayed during character creation later, once we actually have items and such to display. I want to allow some room for a bit of randomisation there so each new start is a bit different. Not massively so, just enough to feel organic and less like every new character is mass-produced with the same inventory.

Stats, bonuses, traits, etc.
These are all very, very loose numbers right now. They’ll be balanced and likely changed again and again as we get into the meat of the game.

A few people enquired about incest with your steward, if you picked a parent or sibling. I haven’t decided yet – though obviously it’s something I had in mind when I decided to provide family members as possible stewards.

It’s very much one of those things that people love or hate, so if it’s possible to do I want to make sure it can’t happen accidentally to those who would prefer it does not. (Presenting it as a ‘do you like incest y/n?’ question box isn’t a good option either, imo).

I’d also want it to be of high quality, and it’s a tricky one to write without it also being part of an RPG. Obviously I want all the content in Carnal Souls to be of high quality, but doing that one well without making it seem forced or plain creepy will be a big challenge – one that I want to be sure will be well-received before I commit to it.

The purpose of Attraction detection is so that we can do fun things with it later, such as tailoring certain key events/encounters to suit the player. For instance, a boss character who changes form to suit the player’s wants, rather than being a big ‘set-piece’ encounter that we spend a lot of time on that ends up only appealing sexually to a few.

We can also use it for Lust calculations and other special events; the more information we can track about a character, the more interesting stuff we can do with it. As it says in the changelog, we’ve removed the Attraction page and plan to more holistically detect the player’s attractions throughout the game.

This is a tricky one. More than anything else I hear ‘Can you include X race/hairstyle/colour/etc’.

Changing your character into your sexually ideal body is kind of Carnal Souls’ metagame. It’s an RPG foremost, but with a lot tied into allowing you to change your body – either to boost your stats as a gameplay mechanic, or so you can further fulfill your own fantasies (or both).

Providing any starting race will defeat this in large ways for some of our players. If you can only start as X species, there are those who wanted to be that anyway, so they automatically start closer to their goal than anyone else.

Conversely if we provide a ton of species options at the start, way more people are able to start closer to their ideal character, but then there’s little need for all the encounters, items, events, and spells which we created to help them do that as part of the game.

But that also carries the caveat that not everyone is even interested in the transformation stuff – they might just want to get into the game as their favourite species and start banging.
Carnal Souls faces a challenge non-adult games do not (one of many). If a game has you upgrading your spaceship to get better, stronger, faster, and prettier, you’ll find that your starting ship is an ugly rustbucket, so that there’s a sense of progression at the end. We can’t do that. If we started everyone as  Danny DeVito (no offense to him, I love that guy) then a huge portion of our players are likely to get turned off immediately and not want to play further.

So, what’s the solution? My aim is to provide a pool of the most common, generic species and choices so that there’s a decent, albeit bland starting point. Something you can build up to your ideal character, or something which you can simply create in order to have some quick fun. Basically, a relatively blank canvas.

As of right now there are 8 starting species in the game. I believe this is sufficient going forward and don’t think it needs any more unless there is a large enough demand for it and I think it’s broad enough to fit that ‘blank canvas’ role. For that reason I am considering adding bovines as an option, as it would make sense from a lore standpoint as well, however it does introduce extra levels of complexity to character creation just for that one species, e.g. horns and udders.

As with everything else, it’s a work in progress, and a lot of things will change down the line. It’s also worth noting that there are a ton more species options in the game than there are in character creation. Just because you don’t see it there doesn’t mean it’s not in the game!

As always, let us know your thoughts and feedback on this and the new update (and anything else CS-related). Until next time!


Benji’s update provides a lot of detail I would typically provide, so I’m going to keep this one a little shorter.  The gist is that the great feedback we received compelled me to take character creation through a second iteration before moving on to the Parser/Director development.  Benji and I are much happier with this second iteration, but it’s still an early alpha.  There is a lot more I want to improve upon if time and budget allow.  What you see in the latest demo isn’t guaranteed to be indicative of the final experience, but it’s what we’re going to run with for the time being.

Going back and revisiting character creation gave me an opportunity to make some improvements to memory utilization in the game as well.  Since several people encountered “out of memory” issues with the first demo, I wanted to see how much I could tighten up the game’s requirements.  I’ve been able to bring the memory footprint of the code way down in size.  However, as the game gains new visual assets, the graphics memory footprint increases.  What I gain in code improvements, I lose with graphical improvements.  We’re doing what we can to make sure the game’s visual assets are as small as possible without sacrificing too much quality.  Please bear with me if this new demo still complains about memory when you try to run it.  And please feel free to continue reporting those errors to me.

Additionally, I’m working with a beta version of Unity now.  It has provided some important fixes and workflow improvements, but it may result in less stable builds.  If the new demo seems buggier than the first one, don’t fret (but by all means report any bugs you come across).  These early alpha versions of Carnal Souls might be a little rocky until we’re back on a non-beta Unity release.  I’m always committed to helping make sure anyone who wants to run the demos can run the demos.  Once we have our forums up, it’ll be a lot easier for me to connect with all of you and troubleshoot any issues you’re having.

Thanks again for having a look at what we’ve got so far.  Your feedback is always welcome.


73 Responses to “Character Creation Update 1”

  1. LordFaet says:

    Well, not much to say this time. Didn’t notice any bugs, but didn’t really do any extensive testing for it either. It looks much better now of course, and it loaded pretty quickly, especially compared to how it did before. So basically I have no useful feedback other than ‘Yes it is in fact loading better now, good job Crimson’.

  2. GreenSleeves says:

    Ooo, looking good! Well done, guys.

    I only found one little error. When sliding through the body types, two of the choices read “Masculine and Pudgy”. Judging from the androgynous and feminine choices, one should be “Masculine and Bulky” instead.

    Thanks for the update, and keep up the good work!

  3. Godwin says:

    You know, after looking at the updated card layouts on the species and origins page, I wonder if you couldn’t apply it to a few of the other sections too, specifically: age, steward and sex (maybe even name too, although in looks only). Those four feel really empty compared to the rest. The check boxes can’t fill space the same way those blocked out rectangles can. Just a suggestion to think about for consistency’s sake.

    Overall the new pictures make for great additions, and the layout when scrolling choices are employed is super fluid and a pleasure to use. My only gripe is that some of the words get a little cramped in their containers, and the text size in the tabs is especially all over the place. Other than that I like where you’re going, and I’m down to play the waiting game while you work on all the back end stuff. Quality content is worth it after all.

  4. annoyingorange1 says:

    I am using an Android phone atm because I my computer crashed, and I tried the demo and found that everything worked pretty well except that in the first section of the character creation I could not put in a name. I’m not sure why that is happening but I’m pretty sure it has to do with that I am running the demo on a device that it isn’t supported on. But besides that, great job so far guys I can’t wait for the next demo update!!

  5. JfromfarPY says:

    First of All : Thanks ofr the update! I’m having a hard time finding any sort bug (nice job Crimson).
    I only have 1 question now. Will the player be able to see and/or change their attraction manually without requiring in-game events/encounters/items ?

    Now about:

    Name: Now it have a character limit, but if the name have a decent amount of letters it goes behind the *lighter gray colored* box.

    Species: Really like the style of the icons and the form of the menu, but may be just because I’m not playing on fullscreen but the description text seems a little blurry.

    Origin: Again love those icons, thay are really fitting their role. Just in my opinion, like in Dark Souls shouldn’t there be an origin like “Deprived” or netrual origin that give no bonuses?

    Body types: Great idea of using images for selecting a body form and also great variety but the menu here is awkward of navigate through, if the menu can be like the ones on Species and Origin would be perfect.

    Fur/Scales: All I have to say is PERFECT, love the fact that you can choose by looking at how it would look like. But still I have to insist that the menu should be like in the Species/Origin sections.

    Hair: Again another great work at the variety and style but again the menu…

    Eyes: Simple and pretty way of showing it, great work here!

    Traits: Another great work here with the selection. Just the description seems a bit blurry here but still readable.

    Overall there is a great improvement, great work Crimson and Benji!

    • Crimson says:

      The game will become familiar with your attraction preferences as you play. Early content will be designed to help the game feel out what you like, and there will be plenty of opportunities to experiment (or not!) later in the game. There may be items in the game that provide more explicit alterations to what the game thinks you like as well.

      • Perrin says:

        Intelligent smut. Yisssss.

        • Perrin says:

          Shame my tablet broke… Least my PC hasn’t been thrown by a crazy lady yet.

        • Perrin says:

          I love the way the gender assignment works, by the way. Breasts, prick, cunt…
          Very effective.

          Works along the lines of the three (or two for some) gender characteristics for identification.

          Male or female primary sexual characteristics (cock or cunt), secondary sexual characteristics (curvy / flat, tits or no?).

          Of course, the third is prefered pronouns… Self-identity.

          Nice work so far!

  6. Zulcoringa says:

    Here is the thing, I like the new style and all, but I remember reading about benji willing to make a android build down the line, and even now, testing it on a monitor without enabling fullscreen, the overall text looks blurry and the new menus has some really really tiny letters that is hard to read, I can’t see this working in a smartphone, I don’t know why the quality goes down when you’re not on fullscreen mode, either way I would like to see a increase/decrease font size feature, even this early, to manage the best way to make the game comfortable to read on smaller screens without messing everything around in the future.

    I know making stuff cross-platform, mobile friendly, functional in many browsers and brands as possible are the nightmare of every coder, but this is the age we’re living :/

    • Crimson says:

      The mobile version of the game will be a completely separate build. It will be a native app for Android (and jail-broken iOS). While this version does run on some mobile browsers, it is not optimized (and probably will never be optimized) for mobile devices. Mobile versions will come later.

      • Zulcoringa says:

        Thanks for the answer, It’s good to know there will be a native mobile app, this is even better than just a “optimization” as I thought.

        keep up the good work!

  7. Silvery Kittens says:

    I may have missed it in an earlier update or on the indiegogo page, but will there be some kind of character window or viewer where we can see a bust or model of our character and how it changes?
    It’s just the visuals in the creator kind of indicates it, and makes me a teeeny tiny bit hopeful? 😛
    Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather have a good and complete game than a visual representation of my character, rather than the latter and a mess of the former (Looking at you CoC, not that character viewer was the cause of the mess.. Rambling now, sorry).
    But y’know, both, both would be nice.

    Now to praise/criticism. Of which, quite a bit is just nitpicky stuff that’s really not overly important.
    I’ve ‘tested’ (aka, taken a quick look at) the creator in both Opera(same engine as chromium) and Internet Explorer (which couldn’t load the unity app and crashed! Go IE! Still a piece of crap.)

    Edit: This kind of became a wall of text, so there’s a short tl:dr at the bottom, why the bottom? Because including it here looked weird with the criticism coming right below it. Yes, I can be fussy when it comes to some details, and yes, I do enjoy spending too much time on it ‘;,,,;’ And I apologize if the formatting fucks up, I wrote it all up in onenote before posting.

    The text/font/size/colour:
    Especially on the Name page, the light grey First name:, and Last name:, text on gradient darker grey background looks a little blurry in the default window size.

    Compared to the white text and very dark grey background of the blog or the light grey text and very dark grey of the sidebar in the character creator, which both looks sharper and easier to read. The text of the main windows just looks a little washed out and blurry to me.
    It’s worse on my 1920×1080 monitor than on my 1680×1050. And not really a problem at all in fullscreen.

    The flavour text on the traits page, the name of the individual cards on the species and origin page, and the card text on the species and origin page is also pretty annoying and tricksy to read outside of fullscreen.

    I did mention most of my criticism was mostly nitpicking, right?

    The cards:
    Love it! It works on the species and origin page. Except the species and origin names, ex: cat, elf, fox etc. Suffers from the same text blurry readability problem just mentioned.

    The cards themselves look good, I like the icon/shield and the effect on stats in clearly written in blue. The only thing, aside from the text, is that they seem a little too small in the small window. Like they were designed to take up the entirety of the default window.
    Once again, it looks really good in full screen.

    I’m beginning to sense a pattern.

    The slider/album cover view on the Body Type, Fur/Scales and Hair page:
    I like the visual representation. But I’m not a fan of the slider, it can be kind of tediously frustrating to really compare the different lean body types, for example.

    Maybe have a grid on the right with all the options and a window on the left that shows the big image of the selected body type?

    I feel that would give a better overview of the options and easier comparison between them.
    Or it could be a list with the different options instead of a grid and more icons.

    While I’m on the Body Type page. I would really extremely very much like it, if there was an option to switch between metric and imperial measurements. As it is, 5 feet vs 6,6 feet doesn’t really mean anything to me, beyond 5 being really short and 7 being tall enough you won’t fit into a lot of doors and other places.

    Also, more hair styles pl0x?

    The eye and fur/scale page:
    More needless nitpicking! They look kind of empty? A lot of wasted space. Maybe a longer, or any, flavour text. Like on the age page. It doesn’t have a lot more on it, it arguable has much less. But to me it looks better.

    That said, it might be possible to merge the age and steward page, since they are a little related. What with age locking out some stewards. But merging them might just make it look too busy and crowded. I don’t know.

    The pure praise:
    – I like the showing the resulting sex on the page itself.
    – The new way you’re handling attraction seems not only more realistic but I also really like it being able to change gradually throughout the game as your character grows and changes.
    – Titles in sidebar stay white when there is stuff left to fill out/choose. Otherwise turn blue.
    Thought it was a bug at first, that some didn’t turn blue. Silly me.
    – The new traits page is very much good and significantly better than the old one! *Thumbs up*
    – I’m a big fan of the icons and think most of them looks like they are good to go. In particular the species, fur and scale icons/images I rather like and wouldn’t mind if they became permanent. Though I understand that they are just place-holders and you might have to change them due to legality mumbo jumbo.

    I’m one of the people that’d like to see it in the game, but I agree that a toggle in the settings or character creation would look kind of weird. Maybe have it so only the player can initiate it and make it obvious where that particular dialogue choice might lead? Maybe with a colour code or a short (Might lead to incest), when choosing dialogue?
    Just my 5 cents.

    – Text and card style looks blurry and kind of weird outside of full screen.
    – The slider/album cover of the Body Types and other pages is a bit annoying to scroll through and makes comparison of body types in particular tiresome.
    – The eye and fur/scales page feels strangely empty, any or longer flavour text! Like on the age page, that paradoxically doesn’t feel as empty to me.
    – More hairstyles pl0x?
    Praise it!
    – Cards look awesome.
    – New traits page is big improvement, in my opinion.
    – The icons and images looks nice and I like them :3 Especially the fur and scale ones. But I understand they are probably place-holders and will have to be changed. But I like that there will be icons.

    • Crimson says:

      Appreciate the feedback.

      The text quality is something I’ll be coming back to later. Unity targets a specific resolution and then scales from that, so text gets funky when the target resolution and the scaled resolution are really far apart, such as the web window vs fullscreen on a big monitor. I need to either find some tricks I don’t currently know about in Unity for text rendering, or I need to find a better target resolution between web size and full screen.

      I’ll be revisiting the character creation interface if and when I have time. I’ve already given it a bit more time than I originally projected, so any further feature changes will have to come after we get most of the game built.

      As for incest, if it winds up in the game, my plan is very much as you described. Much like attraction, it’s something the game will pick up on from the player’s actions.

  8. DMC 4EVER UCCI says:

    It still doesnt load on my laptop, but I was still able to try it on my android phone (except that it wouldn’t allow me to insert the name).

    Looks WAY better than the first one, although I’ll have to say that the body models were kinda difficult to compare and weren’t 100% effective on actually showing you the character’s build, but I guess it’s not a really big deal since they’re most probably placeholders.

    Can’t wait for the next one!

    • Crimson says:

      I want to revisit the body model art at a later time.

      Sorry you’re still having issues loading the game. I’ll continue to work with people to troubleshoot loading issues. I want everyone to be able to enjoy the game, even during these early previews.

  9. Deimacos says:

    You could put an unlock system in place, like if you become 90% a particular species or if you complete a particular quest you can now get that as a new starting species.

    • Deimacos says:

      Tried the demo, this happened again

      Win 7
      Firefox current ver.

      “The browser could not allocate enough memory for the WebGL content. If you are the developer of this content, try allocating less memory to your WebGL build in the WebGL player settings.”

      • Crimson says:

        This seems to happen more often with Firefox than any of the other browsers and I’m not sure why yet. I will keep looking into it.

    • DMC 4EVER UCCI says:

      That was actually a really great suggestion.

    • farlun says:

      Fully agreed, an unlock system would be great, especialy if you would want to restart but play the same character you did before.

  10. Vectorslip says:

    So looking at the other races and seeing as there doesn’t seem to be a no fur option for them I have to ask.

    I know in the game there is going to be an essence mechanic that takes the rng out of transformatives but lets say I wanted to use a rabbit tf for ears and a fluffy tail on an otherwise human girl. Would fur automatically come with any rabbit tfs I used or would they be localized only to those body parts I mentioned? Im not sure exactly how specific you guys are going to allow the tfs to be.

    • Crimson says:

      Fur is a unique part of the body, separate from the presence of tails or ears (or any other feature.) I don’t know entirely how transformations will work, but the system we have in place now for describing bodies treats fur separately from tails and other parts.

  11. lashcharge says:

    This is all pretty good and I like the art that shows examples.

    In my opinion there should be two more species on the list, one for a feathered race and another for a aquatic one, so it feels complete.

  12. Shadefalcon says:

    I love what you´ve done with the character creator.
    It has a bit of the elder scrolls feel in it (Especially the descriptions of the different pages), which I really love.

    I think it´s great that you´ve added images for the eyes, fur/scales, body and hair.
    I also love the shield icons for the races. (You might change this, and I´ll leave that decision up to you guys, but what I see now isn´t half bad)

    I´m with you on the species thing. Having a set amount of starter races seems like the better option.

    Seeing as this is an adult game (I know it´s not a direct focus on it, but I find this worth mentioning) I think that the character creator should have a genital descriptor either in the races section, but preferably in the sex characteristics page. Like if you´re a horse, the penis is described as equine and flared, if you´re a fox/wolf it´s described as knotted and tapered, etc.

    I´m for the possible incest with the steward, but I agree that having a toggle would be both weird and bland.
    Adding it as a possible path with your steward seems like a better option. One would have to make the path obvious though. Like courting them into it or reacting to scenes with them in certain manners.

    Starting equipment
    I LOVE the idea of randomizing it a bit.
    Random starting equipment is something I really loved in the board game Shadows of Brimstone.
    Being given a certain item really added to making your own cool backstory for your character.

    As many people already have said it´s kind of small and blurry when not in full screen.

    I wouldn´t mind a couple of more hairstyles. (But I´m expecting that we´ll have a greater variety outside of the character creator)

    Dynamic attraction
    Seems interesting. I´m all for it. Hopefully the game will understand that I prefer full females, but has nothing against herms.

    Once again I love the Elder Scrolls feel I get from this. You´ve done a great job and improvement and I´m looking forward to see more.

  13. ABJ-SH says:

    Doesn’t work with Firefox 45.0.1, Unity Player 5.3.4f1, Win 7 x64

    Demo tells me browser doesn’t support WebGL and to install Firefox.

    • ABJ-SH says:

      Just tried it on an Windows 8.1 machine that did not play the last demo and it worked. Tried clearing cache on Windows 7 machine to no effect.

    • Crimson says:

      You can try typing about:config in your address bar (Firefox will warn you that this can cause problems if you’re not careful). Do a search for webgl.disabled and make sure it’s set to false. If it is and you still get the error, trying setting weblg.force-enabled to true.

      • ABJ-SH says:

        Tried both and then restarted the browser, didn’t work. Free RAM before starting demo is 11.98 GB/15.9 GB

        One other thing that’s come up is that if the demo does not redirect me back to the tab that I opened it from, Firefox will freeze and then I either have to kill the script when prompted or kill the whole thing in Task Manager

  14. Feeruk says:

    There isn’t anything I have to say here save for praise. The two relatively small nitpicks I noted in my previous post (having to scroll through the traits and lack of values that stat upgrades give) have both been resolved with this change.

    I really enjoyed most of the visual assets you’ve included in character creation. Even if they’re rather generic images, being able to see something like an example body type, eye color or skin tone makes me feel a bit more attached to the character I create than I likely would otherwise. I think they’re a very nice touch on your part.

    Quite a good update, I look forward to seeing/hearing more.

  15. Strawkitty says:

    Definitely liking the graphical additions to the character creation. And the changes made on how you deliver the information in various segments is much nicer navigate through now as well.

  16. Azthra says:

    I am think the character creation is much better than it was previously, I especially like the images used for eyes/skin/body shape/etc.. they give you a very good understanding of how the character looks (even if it limits what is left up to the imagination), one quick question about the races though.
    Why isn’t Minotaur/Bovine a starting race 🙁 ?

    • Crimson says:

      Bovine is being considered. The current list is not guaranteed to be the final list. We will be revisiting character creation again when we get close to release.

  17. Vizjerei says:

    I’m having a lot of fun with the character creation panel. Every now and then, I find myself coming back to mess with it a bit more. I’m not too demanding with this kind of stuff, so it looks alright to me. The only question that pops in my head is, which would be a sex-oriented character’s most suitable stats? I can see which ones would go with other types of characters, but I don’t sense any immediate effect of the listed stats on a character’s sexual, err, “arsenal.”
    I believe most of the kinky combat stuff will be somehow related to Attraction, but it’d still be nice to know how to start with the right foot in terms of stats for a sex-oriented character.

    The project shows as much, if not more, promise than it did on those first few blog posts. Keep up the good work, I’m loving it! God bless.

    • Crimson says:

      I’m still working on ways to communicate that kind of information during character creation.

      Additionally, if I have time before the game’s release, I want to implement an option where the game can ask you a few questions before you enter character creation and then have it use those answers to fill in some starting stats, traits, etc. that make sense. For example, when you start, you’d be asked “I prefer to solve my problems with…” and be given options like “swords”, “magic”, “sex”. There’d be three or four guided questions like that, and then you’d be dropped into the character creator with defaults that make sense for your answers.

  18. Itchy says:

    Yay, amazing progress and more to come!
    There is nothing big to nitpick, just noticed little lag while using sliders.
    I also like the idea of somewhat randomized start and focus on found transformatives.
    Modded CoC showed me well enought, that too much choice at the beginning makes it much less impactful for late game.
    Thank you for listening to our nitpicks, and good job!

  19. Chiyosuke says:

    For the incest case, you could always do it Morrowind style; with a questionnaire. “There has always been a strange tension between you and your sister/brother/mother/father” *etc* “Have you resisted this feeling or embraced it?” then maybe give them a choice. Pretty sure people could catch the hint.

    That aside good shit so far man, keep up the good work.

  20. Zanzuki93 says:

    I must say that i like the changes done to the species part of the character creation being able to see what you are picking IMO is a lot clearer than just read the description no offense.

    The section where you pick your traits is a improvement as well being able to scroll through them makes it easier to go through and see which perks you are interested in and move on.

    So my consensus is that i like version 2 of the character creator 😀

    As for incest as a option i am in the middle i don’t have a problem with it as long as it is not forced on me or hell even if it is forced having the option doesn’t mean anything to me.

    Great Job benji and crimson keep up the good work 😀

  21. DSTORQUE says:

    I’m officially casting my vote as “hell yes” for the incest opportunities. I agree that it shouldn’t be super rushed and awkward, but it should definitely be an option.

  22. DSTORQUE says:

    The text in the images (for race descriptions) is too small to read easily and is blurry when zoomed in on. Perhaps make the images larger so that when zoomed in the letters stay crisp and more detailed?

  23. Uv says:

    Considering the array of combinations available afor your sex limiting your steward to brother sister mother father male female seems odd.

    How about picking relation and sex such as housecarl herm or sibling null?

    Ofcourse for the parent option null wouldn’t be valid.

    • DSTORQUE says:

      That’s actually a good point. If you can start a herm or other, then shouldn’t your parents or siblings?

      • why says:

        Theoretically, sure, there’s no reason they couldn’t be the same gender as their sibling / offspring / whatever you are to a housecarl, but they can always add that in later.

        I dunno, I’d rather have a few good scenes than dozens of mediocre ones covering every conceivable option. They don’t have an infinite budget, it makes more sense (to me) for them do a smaller selection of things very well than stretch themselves too far and do everything at a solid “meh”.

  24. Passer-by says:

    About eyes:

    Can you add options for sclera color and for pupil form and make them dependent on species (like cats and lizards having vertical slit pupils)?

    This aside, praises to you for your steady progress.

  25. Masakatsu says:

    I don’t think i need to ask but there will be an android version of this game right?
    And there will be choices to mix and match skill sets such as using both melee and magic right?

    • Crimson says:

      Yes, we do intend to release a native Android version. In the meantime, you might be able to play the WebGL version on some browsers on your mobile device. The web experience won’t be optimized for mobile, but might tide you over until we get the native version out.

      Yes, you should be able to develop both physical and magical combat skills if you desire.

  26. TrueASDFMan says:

    First off: Great Update. Coming back from holidays to find this was pretty cool. Excellent job Crimson.

    I can agree with pretty much everything the others have already said, so I’ll just focus on those things I want to highlight.

    Blur: Was mentioned a lot already, but it is kinda important, so I’ll say it again: If not in fullscreen the font is somewhat blurry. Fullscreen is perfectly fine though. I tried changing my resolution (Laptop-default is 1366×768) but that didn’t help.

    Navigation: While I don’t feel the scrolling/navigation is as clunky as others have said, I would like to request keyboard controll. For example useing A/D or Left/Right to scroll when viewing race, body type, hair etc. I think that would help a lot.

    Species: 1.) Depending on the amount of background given, the frame might be a bit small. With the current placeholder it’s a bit hard to read. 2.) I’m wondering if all those races are necessary. I know a lot have asked for even MORE races, but I agree with Benji. “A pool of the most common, generic species and choices” sounds good to me. With that in mind, I’d cut it down to maybe three or four races. Human, sure, and then Wolf/Fox, Horse and maybe Cat or (to please the scalies amongst us) Lizard.
    This all depends on the lore of course. But let’s not forget that this IS also a game. And if you just want to bang with your favorite character, well, for that we have Editors (hopefully). You won’t please everyone anyway, and with those you probably cover a large player portion. And it would also clean up the screen, allowing for a bigger font, since the races would take up less space. If you don’t want to lower it so much: I agree with Lashcharge that an avian species would be sweet. Doesn’t even need wings IMO, to balance gameplay / make creation not to complicated.

    Age/Hair: Not sure into which category this would fall, but I would love to see white hair. Especially or even only if you pick Elder as your age. I imagine this wouldn’t be to hard to implement, but it adds a lot to RP. Not that important though, still would be cool.

    Body Type doesn’t change to blue for whatever reason. Nothing gamebraking, just really weird and annoying.

    Hair/Fur: I also think this feels a bit empty. Maybe some text talking about how common certain colors are? Or how there are regions in which those colors are more common?

    Traits: Really like the way traits are presented. Possible ideas: It would be cool if we could click the three trait choices to deselect them again. You know, the “Trait 1/2/3” at the bottom. Once you pick something they show what you picked, which is really neat, but you can’t deselect should you decide you want another trait after all. Having to scroll down in search of the one you don’t want feels bad. Simply clicking it at the bottom would be a big QoL upgrade.
    Oh, and an idea I just got: It might be cool to have the trait you chose grow a bit. This way you would highlight the chosen traits, plus you could add more flavor text or pretty pictures. Everyone loves pretty pictures (Source: Comments on this page^^). And I agree.

    Stats: Not going to talk about balance and such, we need the game to really be able to judge that.
    The new Interface really helps a lot though, plus it’s presented quite well. However, if your mouse is over one of the arrows and you then change the stat, while still having you cursor over the new arrow, the stat window doesn’t update. That should probably be changed at some point.

    On another note: Benji, you mentioned Bovines being a fitting starting race, due to lore. Any chance we can get a lore overwiev any time soon. I’m a sucker for lore and world building, plus potential writers might get some / scrap some ideas. Would really appreaciate it.
    Also, did you think about publishing the source code? I mean, I can totally understand if you don’t want to, but personally I would really like to see it. Seeing other peoples code is often really interesting. Maybe that’s just me though.

    I think that’s it for now, wrote way more than I inteded to. Guess I got a bit excited. Which is good.

    Again, really like the new UI, already a lot better compared to the old one. Really makes me want to play and help. Keep it up!

    • GreenSleeves says:

      Definitely agree with you on the world building. I cannot wait until Benji drops a pile of lore and story on us.
      I just love getting to know new fantasy worlds!

      Other things I am eager for:
      The forums!
      More streams? :3 pweas
      Oh, and I guess the game itself, too 😛 But I’m willing to wait on that.

      Honestly, with enough lore and the forums, I could hold out for a good long time while Benji and Crimson work away on the game proper.

    • Crimson says:

      Thanks for all the feedback. To answer a few points:

      Text will be cleaned up before the final release.

      I plan to support keyboard and gamepad navigation in addition to mouse and touch.

      You may not have chosen a skin color when you were on the Body Type page. I plan to include prompting to remind you when a choice has been missed. That’ll be something I take care of closer to release time.

      I still want to revisit traits and stats before release, so both screens will probably get another update or two closer to our release date.

      I agree it’d make sense to have a white/graying hair option.

      I’ll leave Benji to answer the stuff you addressed toward him.

  27. The Stapler says:

    2 questions about stewards:

    1) Are there plans for a (much shorter) steward creator or at least a naming system? It makes sense for a parent to only be referred to by title, but the PC should probably be less formal with a sibling or servant.

    2) Is it possible to add a relative age stat (older/twin/younger) if the steward is a sibling?

    • Crimson says:

      As of right now, they’re not intended to be highly customizable characters. That might be something that gets more attention after we release the initial game.

  28. Mr.MMD says:

    i was actually also curious about the stewards, since they are not necessarily a relative, would it be possible besides prehabs naming, to chooses species or somthing, just asking out of curiosity.
    also i am really looking forward to see what, is going to happen with the game.
    i also like the style in which the character is going to be created.

    • Crimson says:

      For the time being, stewards aren’t intended to be very customizable. I think that’s mostly due to budget. It’s something we may update and expand on for later versions of the game.

  29. DrO says:

    Still hoping for Bulls as a starting species. Please add them if possible ^^ Really excited for this game !

  30. thedoubleyew says:

    The char-gen is looking slick and runs quick. A lot nicer than some of the other ones around. Did not find any bugs or obvious spelling to fix. Since you have the option for herm at the start, will that eventually split to enable dick and balls in separate boxes? Some folks myself included like chicks with an oomph but aren’t a big fan of the nads…

    • Crimson says:

      Haha, yeah. Probably. I thought about that after we got this version out, so it’s something I’ll look at updating closer to release time.

  31. bob says:

    This error came up for me help.

    An error occured running the Unity content on this page. See your browser’s JavaScript console for more info. The error was:
    TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating ‘req’)

    • Crimson says:

      Does that come up when loading the game? Or did it happen while you were in some part of the character creator?

  32. Azure says:

    Okay, so.. i like what i see so far.

    a few requests.

    add more species types/ like, maybe cows, or such/ dragons, perhaps even elves and fairies/

    on the option of ‘who will be taking care of your kids-household.’ i would love some more explanation and description

    i assume the carls are butlers or maids, hired help…right/

    i assume that eventually those will become important, or affect you and your character somehow.

    also, you could just make the incent a path in the dialogue tree that the player has to ‘actively follow’, as in, complimenting or flirting with your sibling/parent, in order to start that ‘quest chain’ if you will.

    oh, and on a final note, i really really like how you rounded out the skills and stats to all seem useful for different situations. i like it when stats are useful and pumping everything into one stat isn’t always the ‘most effective route’. ya know/

    keep up the good work, i like what i see so far.

  33. Matthew says:

    So a couple of comments on the Character generation. First of all I use google chrome, but my eyesight isn’t great so I have it set to zoom all websites to 125%. When the character creation was full-screened this caused the game to be zoomed in, meaning the outer edges of the game were off-screen. Changing to 100% zoom fixed this so not really a bug. Some of the text was somewhat small, particularly on race selection (Though that is temporary text anyway). The only problem I had was at body-type and Hair selection. The slider at the bottom felt un-intuitive, I kept trying to just click on what bodytype I wanted, and didnt even notice the slider for a few minutes. Also the slider itself felt off, I kept overshooting which bodytype I wanted and it felt like the game itself chugged a tiny bit when sliding between options. Overall though it felt good. Thankyou

  34. Xenoas says:

    Starting Equipment: It is just an idea but, how’s about a boomerang for Avians (If they become a race), Wolves could also have gauntlet like claws that they can reinforce their claws with to inflict more damage, Humans could have a sword or staff, Rabbits could have daggers bow and arrows, and for the lizards they could have Tridents or Axes.

    Stats, bonuses, traits, etc: It is just a thought or idea..But maybe there could be a trait or power that you can get that can allow your character to transform into another race..However the downside to this would be that any clothing that you might wear or any stats you have entered in would be removed and you would also have to level up the class that you have transformed into.

    Incest: It is not much of a bother in my opinion..So I say yes.

    Attraction: I don’t really have any ideas for this one..Well not any ideas that aren’t already being used anyway.

    Races/Choices: It would be cool if you could play as a Avian, Griffon, or demon…But that is just my idea..Not many others are going to agree of course.

    I hope any of these ideas helped and keep up the great work! Also I like the character creator much better but it can still be polished a little more.

  35. DarkTeletubby says:

    Gotcha a potential content glitch for your perusal.

    A lizard with a vagina and no breasts is not considered female. Reptiles have no mammary glands.

    The general impossibility of being female without breasts is odd. Defining a person with only a vagina as a male is beyond odd. It would make far more sense to tie this into body shape as well, because you can roll a totally feminine-looking character with a vagina and no breasts and the game still declares her a “C-Male”.

    Other than that, I like it.

    • Benji says:

      Very much not glitches. Whether or not female reptile-people have mammary glands is kinda open to interpretation, seeing as they’re fictional. Reptiles don’t have mammary glands, but they also don’t wear clothes, talk, and use weapons, haha. It makes sense from a lore perspective that they have breasts, too. I feel like it’d upset more people than it would please if we just said ‘reptiles can’t have breasts’; saying ‘X can’t do Y’ or ‘X can’t have Z’ is something we’re actively trying to avoid, as long as it doesn’t conflict too severely with the world. But I see where you’re coming from there.

      As for the sex, I don’t see it as being odd. I mean, purely biologically speaking, the absence of breasts is the one thing that differentiates a c-male from a female. And tying it into body shape would complicate matters further, as the game would then attempt to define your sex based on your body shape too – and there are a lot of people who play extremely curvy males or very beefy/masculine females. Therefore you’d be forced into choosing a typically female body in order to be considered female.

      That being said, there are some important things to note: It’ll be possible to have breasts that are completely flat, and what sex the GAME considers you won’t have a lot of impact on gameplay. It’s all based on visible appearance as a combination of your body shape, features, and clothing, and how NPC’s react to that as far as pronouns and interactions go. There should also be an option coming to override that in case you want to specify explicitly as to how you are defined by NPC’s (we may put this in character creation later, after it’s been implemented).

      What I take from this is that we need a bit more information and more options up-front on the Sex page of character creation in order to make things clearer. This’ll likely come later after we’ve got some decent headway made into the game itself.

      • DarkTeletubby says:

        It’s more that the presence or absence of mammary glands has nothing to do with gender. Male mammals have them, too, and reptiles and avians lack them completely. I’m not saying you can’t have a lizard with boobs, but I just don’t see how not having boobs automatically makes you not female.

        A hen is female, not c-male.

  36. Aulus Agerius says:

    Looks interesting so far…

    For the incest thing, one option that came to mind was that it would require a certain level of closeness with the character, to the point that after hanging out together, an NPC makes a comment to you about whether or not you’re interested, possibly themselves ignorant that you’re related, which could let you say, in character, whether you are interested, and perhaps whether or not you think they’re interested. If you say you’re not interested in them like that, and you don’t think they’re interested in you like that, no incest route, if you say you’ve never thought of them like that, and come to think of it you wonder if they do, you might have a subtler incest route, and if you say you do but you don’t think they’re interested, could lead down that route as well, and if you say that you’re interested and you think they might be interested too, could have a much faster build-up…just a thought, might be too many variables for a quality encounter.

    I was thrown a little off-kilter by referring to the penis with breasts option as a ‘shemale’, since that is kind of an insulting term in general, but I guess it’s different with porn? Just thought I’d mention it, I’m not hugely offended, so I’m not demanding it get changed, but thought I would say it was a bit odd to me and put that out there for consideration. Maybe just even let the player pick what they consider their sex to be, just like their name? I definitely love being able to pick my exact anatomy, though.

    Finally, the other thing I would like is for some sort of scale for the statistics to give a general idea of what those levels mean in the game…it seems hard to get particularly high without getting completely imbalanced, but how ‘strong’ is 3 Strength or 4 Strength? Is that considered average, since someone trying to spread around their stats a bit is going to probably have 3-4 as something they’re comparatively focusing on? Or is it pretty weak since you can certainly get up to 7+, even 11 if you want to focus on it…or are people that strong kind of freaks? I’d at least like a little scale that gives a general impression of what each level actually means in-character, though I totally understand if you don’t want to bother, especially if stats are going to potentially be increasing a lot in play.

  37. art926 says:

    Please, focus more on internal data representation and content, not character creator UI. The UI parts can be done/added/edited later by anyone.

  38. im Loving the idea of the game am excited about it becoming a full fledged game
    I drew this here
    based on your character creation demo, would love to hear what you think :3
    keep up the good work

    • Benji says:

      This is awesome and made my day. <3 Interesting character and I like the mix of plate and exposed skin :3

      • Thanks, I’m glad I made you happy for a day, best of luck with carnel souls
        Lol she’s on a budget and is abit of a tight ass to get full plate, it’ll only pull her down, also she likes to have some cash for an escort on lonely nights :3

        Btw I had some questions, like the fur/scale thing, does fur and scale cover the entire body or partially?

        Also interaction with steward, would you be able to hang out with them like helping them around the house or going to buy groceries and inbetween getting closer with them? I feel that you should spent time with them and develop romance if you intend to take the incest route

        • Benji says:

          We’re still working out details like that :3 Fur and scales do cover the whole body though.

          • Sweet,
            Will there ever be a sex scene demo in the near future? So we can get a feel of it, it be cool if our choices become apart of the text, maybe even a save option where you can keep the text for later in a form of note file or pdf

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