Mid-March Update

Hey guys,

First up, apologies for the interruption in service to the blog. We had a problem with an exploit found in an outdated plugin which was redirecting traffic. It had no effect on the forums. This has since been fixed by Crimson.

Currently we’re waiting for Crimson to get set up and work through their backlog caused by moving across the country, so in that time I’ve been trying to make sure everything’s in order so we can work as soon as they’re able. Last update I opened the discussion on inventory and loot, for which you guys raised some good points I’d like to talk about and present my ideas. Typically I’m against design-by-committee, so understand that I’ll be making the final call on how we do things, but your input and thoughts are always valuable to me.

A large part of what I’m seeing is the desire for inventory to be as non-intrusive and quick as possible. Nobody likes having to spend time in a cleared dungeon deciding what loot to leave behind and what to take, or playing inventory tetris. A few people asked we only look at weight, ignoring volume, too.


Details on Recent Outage

Hey guys,

The recent service outage was caused by a vulnerability in an outdated plugin. This applies only to the blog here, not the forums. This has since been fixed. Passwords were not accessed, and while we don’t see any indication of email addresses being accessed, the possibility exists. This was probably a script specifically designed to spot a certain vulnerability and just force a redirect for traffic inflation purposes.

It shouldn’t be necessary for anyone to reset their passwords, but we wouldn’t count it as a bad idea. We can only apologise for the inconvenience, we’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again.

September Update

Hey guys,

This update will be a bit thin; Goldie and Crimson have been both similar degrees of overburdened by their day jobs since Crimson’s last big push to complete the latest merge. Which happens – we can only ask so much of anyone in their free time, and hope things ease up on them both soon. My eagerness to continue along to that first content update is practically nuclear.

For my part, I mentioned a few updates ago (I think) that I was working on what will either be a long quest chain or perhaps a standalone story. I’ve been continuing to work on that, having now the acts outlined and building character profiles. As a few people mentioned, even such a thing as an excercise helps me to build the world, and I feel it’s doing just that. Aside from making sure everyone knows what we need when they have a chance to work, writing’s one of the few productive things I can do from my bed, hence the focus thereon.

Also, apologies to anyone who had issues with the forum’s reCaptcha system, that should now be working as intended.

October Update

Hey guys,

It took a few weeks altogether but I think I’m happy in calling the world map finished for now. It will no doubt undergo changes and additions in the future but for now I consider it finished.



Indiegogo over!


It’s illegal not to use this gif for this


Guys, we made it. We hit 95% of the funding goal. It’s not 100%, but fuck it, I’m counting it. Carnal Souls is happening!

I cannot begin to express my gratitude to all of you – everyone who pledged, everyone who spread the word, everyone who supported us both financially and verbally. We can’t wait to make an awesome game for all of you.

As I mentioned during the last stream, there’s some busywork to get done now. Accountants need hiring, contracts need writing, expenses need paying. The IGG money won’t clear for another two weeks or so, but in the mean time there’s lots of red tape to cut through. So, bear with us for a bit as updates might be a bit slow while I get all that sorted out. I expect us to be in full development mode by the end of January, at least, that’s the hope.

As a celebration, enjoy some lovely basted Marley boobs, courtesy of Booster! It’s still a WIP but I think we can all agree it’s suitably glorious enough for the occasion.


Until next time, thanks all of you beautiful little squishies and have a happy new year!


All done streaming! We’ll announce the next one soon. I’ll also try to have the videos up here as soon as I can, too. Thanks to everyone who stopped by, it was fun! Follow our channel below so you don’t miss any future streams:


Three Days Left!

See Marley finished up (and on) tomorrow

See Marley finished up (and on) tomorrow

Only three days of the Indiegogo and 20% funding remain! I’m hopeful we’ll get a spike of pledges before it ends, but if not, I want to outline what’s going to happen.

Firstly, as promised on the IGG page, we’re going to make Carnal Souls regardless. Indiegogo’s ‘Flexible Funding’ means we don’t have to reach the goal to receive that money. It will mean that it’s likely things will take a bit longer if we don’t reach that goal – this is unavoidable, as it means that with our current plans and projections, the money will run out before it’s done, meaning we’ll be working on our free time to get it to first release.

To mitigate this, I’ll be setting up a Patreon so that, as we show what we’re doing and our progress, we can continue to generate some funds to keep development going full-time. However, it is obviously better to have that money at the start so it can be planned around and allocated, so to help with this I’m asking all of you to hit those share buttons at the bottom, retweet, reblog, all that stuff, in the last few days of the campaign. Spread the word!

Booster will be streaming for us again tomorrow Tuesday at the usual time (midnight GMT) and the usual place (here), where you can see Marley here get all finished and shiny and probably extremely sticky.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday time, and here’s to an awesome new year!


Late night drunk christmas eve post

Merry christmas all you wonderful lovely people <3 We will have more updates soon, Booster’s gonna stream again and there should be another art stream from another awesome artist after that! And then Crimson should be back and we’ll set about actually making this thing happen. In the mean time, thanks so much everyone who has pledged, you are awesome, and we’re gonna do our utmost to make sure Carnal Souls is awesome too. Tell your friends, retweet, reblog, all that nasty stuff you usually hate doing. It really helps us out.

Hope everyone has a lovely wonderful christmas!

Tonight’s Stream

Tonight’s stream is with Booster drawing some lovely big Marley boobs for the game. Later on there’ll be an update post from Crimson about the plan forward, before he goes on vacation to see his family over the holidays. I’ll be sitting in on the stream chat to hang out and answer questions about the game as usual.

However, if you have any questions related to the recent staff change, please do not ask them in the stream chat. I would greatly appreciate if your questions were asked here on the site, specifically on this post, so that the answers can remain in one place for everyone to see.

Everyone here has been supportive and civil, for which I’m very thankful. I’m more than happy with the community we’re building here. That being said, I don’t want anyone badmouthing Fenoxo or Gedan. I won’t tolerate anyone stirring up trouble when Booster’s being nice enough to stream some art for us. Let’s keep it civil and enjoy ourselves watching him draw some stonkin’ tiddies.


Stream Done!


Stream over! You can view the whole video behind the ‘read more’ break: