Site Updates

Mid-December Update

Hey guys,

We’re finally back online! Huge apologies for the wait. Murphy’s law in full effect. It took me making phone calls to Canada to partner companies asking managers to send a message along to get their shit in order, but we got there. Massive thanks to Crimson for helping out. The forum is still being weird server-side but it should be mostly operational now. Let us know in the support subforum if you have any problems.


Server Migration Update

Hosting issues resolved.  We’ve got a couple of things to clean up in DNS and then the main site should be loading correctly again.  The forums and demos may take me another day or so to get back online.  Sorry for all the down time.  We ran into a bit of a perfect storm of me being out of town, my hosting provider being a mess, and then me being sick.


Server Migration

Hey guys,

Our site will be down most likely on November 30th, including both the blog and the forums. It should be back on or after December 6th, I’ll let you know on the @CarnalSouls twitter if there are any delays during. Huge thanks to Crimson for helping us out with it despite how busy he is.

Hope everyone in the US had a lovely Thanksgiving!

Mid-November Update

Hey guys,

I apologise that it’s been slow since the last update. I’m sure you’re aware that a lot’s happened in that time, not least of all the US election. A lot of my US friends have been in need of support, and both Vahn and Crimson have been doing the same. This won’t be a political discussion thread, I’m just letting you know what’s up. Besides that, every year about this time I suffer from seasonal adjustment disorder. Got my sunlamp (although caffeine isn’t an option) which should help. Thankfully I don’t suffer from the depression that usually comes with it, I just get to spend the next few weeks feeling as though I haven’t slept. It’s a pain, but nothing new. Usually I don’t like to mention such things, but I’d like to keep these updates in the spirit of full disclosure. Anyway, update stuff:


November Update

Hey guys,

First off, we hope everyone had a great Halloween. I spent the majority of mine writing something filthy and slightly Halloween-inspired, more about that further down.


The new GUI is coming along and looking good, already closely resembling the new mockups. The next step will be to focus on the back end in order to have the new pretty buttons perform the new moves, and have the battle change state correctly depending on if it’s waiting for input or ‘playing’ the enemy’s turn, displaying the new continue button respectively. It serves as kind of a stand in for animations, and the new position and automatic timer should be a big improvement over the current design.


July Update 2

Firstly, thank you so much everyone who has pledged to our Patreon. It’s truly touching to see such a response and every dollar helps so much.

With that in mind, and after a very clear request from you guys, I’m going to start putting smaller and more frequent updates on the Patreon for our backers. I’m going to aim for one every couple days, but at the very least once a week. These will include any new art assets that get made, information on what we’re working on at the time, and anything else we can provide previews on. Something I’ve seen quite a lot of is requests for much more frequent updates, even if they’re boring or don’t amount to much, so we’re going to do that. Seeing as we’re so reliant on our Patreon backers, that seems the best place to do so for now.

We also want to aim for bi-weekly updates here on the site. Our previous concerns were that people would only want updates if they had content, but it seems from the feedback we’ve received that any updates are good, just keep in contact.

Something else which has been extremely touching has been the offers for free writers and artists. It’s something for which I’m very, very grateful, but also to which I’m not quite sure how to respond. The parser is currently incomplete, and the world’s lore is very much something that exists more in my head than anywhere else. So it feels irresponsible to task someone, for free, with the creation of something that could end up unusable. Not to mention that it requires a concise contract to be written up in each case which grants me total rights to anything produced, if we want to avoid conflicts about who owns what.

So, here’s my idea: If you want to write or draw anything for us, post it here on the forums. You can send it to me via a direct message there if you’d prefer that. I’ll happily include links to anything in our Patreon updates as well with your permission. And, once we’re at the stage where we can include that material in the game, I’ll contact creators directly to sort out permissions and property rights and that sort of thing.

I’m in no position to turn down free offers, but I also can’t promise it will all make it into the game, or offer anything in return. But, if people are willing, we can definitely use it to help promote the game and keep the creative juices flowing. Let me know what you guys think. If you guys like it I’ll get Stereo to add some Art and Stories subforums.

Now, I’m off to write a Patreon update before I pass out. Until next time!

Forum Update, Badges, Other Things

Hi folks!

Forum Update

We’ve updated the forum layout to be much more in keeping with the game’s design, and to better match the blog too. Stereo has worked very hard on it and done an excellent job (I helped by pointing out pixels), so show her some love. We’ve got built-in avatars now, so you can choose one of the starting race emblems too, if you like. If there are any problems or glitches with the new layout, let us know on the Site and Forum Support subforum.

You may also notice I’m sporting a new Staff badge and a couple of ribbons for Artist and Writer on the forums. The first step is to make sure we can present all the badges nicely, so I think that can be considered done. We’ll be working on a way to get you all hooked up with your appropriate Indiegogo backer badges sometime in the near future. (I have the ribbons just for display purposes).

Forum avatars have been bumped to 130px for the new layout, so some of you may need to reupload yours to get them to display correctly and use the new pixels.

More stuff after the break!



Hi folks,

We have a forum now! It’s very basic at the moment but we’ve got lots of plans for it. Stereo’s working hard on making it all pretty and adding cool stuff, and we’ll be adding more subforums later once we get around to bringing moderators on board. There may be some teething problems with it as we work to get everything working 100%. If you have problems with the forum, tell us here.

We’ll still post updates here as well as the forums, but bug reports and problems should all go in the bug reports forum. Ideally we’d like all your feedback there where we can easily read through them. Please have a look at the rules (link at the top left of the forums) before posting, too.

We’ve also launched our Patreon page. We’re not offering any rewards (yet), as I’d rather be committed to making the game than producing exclusive content. The Patreon is, after all, to fund the game. Hopefully it shouldn’t be too long before we can offer Backer tiers to patrons, though it’s impossible to say when at the moment. Have a look at the Patreon for more information.

Our next update will be on the parser system, which I’m pretty excited to work on. In the mean time, feel free to start some discussions here on the game and talk about what you like, what you dislike, and anything you’re excited for!

Until next time!

PSA: The site and forum may be down around the 9th-10th. Our host is undergoing migration at that time.

January Report

Hello guys and gals and all variations thereof!

So, January is at a close and it’s time to let you all know what’s been happening. Been a very busy month for me, so I’ll try to keep it brief. The short version is that Crimson and I are just hashing out the final details of his contract, and once that’s done, I can pay him and we can begin development in earnest! Pending no hitches with the payment, we’re right on schedule.

The long version is that I’ve set up and registered a limited company, I have an accountant and agent, an official office address, and written permission from my local council to operate said company from my home. There are a few more tasks I’ve completed which should be approved and set up within the week, but we can progress without them for now.

Thanks everyone for your patience, I know it’s been tough dealing with a month of silence after supporting us, but now that we have the proper groundwork done we can forge ahead worry-free and uninhibited by paperwork. We’ll have more updates coming soon as Crimson and I get started. :3

Until next time!

January Update

Just wanted to let you guys know we’re still here, in case anyone was worried we dropped off the planet. I’m currently shopping around and talking to some savvy friends and family members who’re helping me find a good accountant. This is important for tax purposes, as well as being able to pay Crimson each month without the exchange rate butchering our funds, and to make sure we can use as much money as possible that we get in the future, too.

The Indiegogo money itself has transferred fine and on time, and is stowed safely away. Crimson’s been looking around for any assets and tools he thinks we’ll need so I can plan for those expenses, while myself and Stereo are doing our best to get outstanding commissions done so we don’t have any other obligations once development begins. As I said before, there’s just legwork to get done right now so nothing juicy to update with, but worry not. We’re still on schedule to start in earnest at the end of the month. Everything’s set to get going, it just needs the boring business stuff done right so we don’t run into problems later on.

It’s pretty frustrating as we’re all itching to get started on Carnal Souls, but again, it’s important to get the groundwork done right. Don’t want to start this thing by cutting corners. So yeah, not really much of an update as it’s pretty much the same stuff I wrote on the last post, but just touching base so you guys know we haven’t run off.