General Game Talk

March Update

Hey guys,

Things seem to be working out well for Crimson in their new home, with the exception of their desk broken in transit. This has meant a bit delay in them being able to set up and work properly, but should be remedied soon. Most of my various appointments, scans, and meetings are out of the way now as well. My hope is that soon I’ll have some better course of treatment.

However, I have been putting some deeper thought recently into inventory systems. Thinking about what makes items and looting exciting and what makes them boring, what makes inventory management a chore and what makes it so easy you barely notice. It interests me especially since it involves gameplay (what items are available), GUI (How the inventory is presented), how it interacts with the player (weight slowing you down, making you heavier, maybe making you harder or easier to knock down, etc.), and how those items are delivered to the player. For instance, Zelda’s musical sequence compared to anything with a quick ‘loot all’ button. A lot of things tie together for this one system.

November Update

Hey guys,

First off, we hope everyone had a great Halloween. I spent the majority of mine writing something filthy and slightly Halloween-inspired, more about that further down.


The new GUI is coming along and looking good, already closely resembling the new mockups. The next step will be to focus on the back end in order to have the new pretty buttons perform the new moves, and have the battle change state correctly depending on if it’s waiting for input or ‘playing’ the enemy’s turn, displaying the new continue button respectively. It serves as kind of a stand in for animations, and the new position and automatic timer should be a big improvement over the current design.


In Lust We Trust

Hey folks!

I’ve written a very long and wordy new update and put it on the forums, it’s a bit long for the blog. You can read it here: dis link right here

Here’s the tl;dr for it:
Resolve has replaced Lust and it’s super cool; non-consensual scenes will be a lot harder (hopefully impossible) to accidentally fall into; battles will be much more interesting; Benji’s lying about being sick and gonna go play dark souls 3 now

Character Creation Update 1


Character Creation:
Name Screen – Imposed a character limit and allowed for special characters.
Sex – Resulting sex is now shown on the page itself near the checkboxes.
Species – Overhauled page into card style display with new emblems, placeholder descriptions and stat bonuses. Rabbits are now included as a starting race.
Age – Now refined into brackets of Young Adult, Adult, Middle-Aged, and Elder.
Steward – Reorganised into a checkbox selection with validation for age. Adults and Young Adults can choose to have parents as stewards. This is so that parent characters aren’t super old if we decide to later write incest content for them.
Origin – Overhauled page  into card style display with new emblems, descriptions, and stat bonuses.
Build/Shape – Merged into a single ‘Bodytype’ page with 15 different bodytypes and 5 skin tones to choose from, with preview images in a more pleasing display.
New page, Fur/Scales – Shown  upon selecting a furred or scaled species. Allows you to choose from generic fur patterns/colours for fur and scales.
Hair – Now presented as styles rather than just length, displayed similarly to the new Bodytype page, with images for each hairstyle and colour selection. More styles to be added later.
Eyes – Overhauled page presentation with images for colour selection.
Attraction – Page removed in favour of more holistic attraction analysis throughout the game.
Traits – Overhauled to show more information and to be more easily navigated.
Stats – Overhauled with more information for each primary stat as well as how it affects your secondary stats.


Firstly, I want thank everyone who commented and left us feedback on the last couple posts. Both Crimson and I have read every single one, and it’s really encouraging to see you all taking the time to give us your thoughts. <3

We’ve significantly improved the GUI and features of character creation, using a lot of images I made myself, as well as a few from which will likely end up being placeholders for now. We’ll be moving on to the parser next, more on that below.


Lesser Demon Concepts

Firstly, thanks so much everyone who has contributed so far! As a reward, here are some tasty Lesser Demon concepts, showing off some variation in body type, gender, and colouration (click here for full resolution). This Saturday afternoon (GMT) we plan to have a stream to show off some coding and answer some questions you might have about the game’s mechanics.

Side note, there have been a ton of questions already answered in the FAQ on the campaign page, so scroll to the bottom to have a lil’ look-see.

Carnal Souls Indiegogo page

Let’s Talk About Sex

Firstly, thanks everyone for all your comments, suggestions, and feedback. It’s pretty awesome to see everyone enthusiastic about the project. I’ve been reading every single comment and it’s really wonderful to see you all thinking and contributing ideas. Thanks, everyone <3

There are going to be posts here throughout this month as we finalize the plans, and hopefully launch the IndieGogo at the end of this month. If you like what we have planned, you can help by telling your friends and using the share buttons; every person aware of Carnal Souls helps.

Today I’ll talk about sex and how the sex scenes in Carnal Souls will aim to be rich and most of all interactive. LET’S DO IT. (more…)

The Story So Far

In July 2014, I posted an update on my FA page announcing I was going to make a game. Whenever I could spare the time between commissions, I’d be watching YouTube tutorials and reading up on how to write in C# and make a game in Unity. I’d never programmed anything before then, so there was a lot to learn. I managed to create the base Parser system and it’s brother, the Dictator system, as well as a mostly-functional UI. (The Parser is the thing that takes tags in text and replaces them with the right words and adjectives). There was also an in-game clock, some locations to move around and other bits and bobs. It all worked and was pretty slick, I thought.  (more…)

What is Carnal Souls?

Carnal Souls is an ambitious video game I, and a few like-minded souls, are developing. It’s a text-based, open-world RPG adventure that, while being a game foremost, will feature a ton of sexy stuff. Basically imagine if Corruption of Champions had sex (which it would – lots) with The Witcher 3. I don’t think we can realistically plan for the sheer scope of The Witcher series, but that’s the trajectory I want to work towards; places to explore, stories to uncover, treasure to loot, characters to help  – and then most likely have raunchy sex with afterwards.

After the initial crowdfunding kick-start, the plan is to follow the model of Corruption of Champions – continuing to update the game with new content as an ongoing project. There is no ‘finished’ state in mind as far as content goes. New stories, new characters, new stuff to do and things to get kinky with, funded by Patreon or something similar depending on what seems best when we release the first build. (more…)