Development Updates

Mid-January Update

Hey guys,

Been a busy few weeks, all things kind of orbiting the same purpose of helping out Crimson. Something I’m having to do is look at some government help now, given that my pain problem is almost certainly here to stay. I’ve been talking with advice groups and charities to see what’s available to me, on the phone most days making appointments, requesting records, that sort of thing. Right now, any help or supplement to my income is more room with which to work towards Crimson’s goal.

Some good news is that I begin physiotherapy on the 30th, only six months on the waiting list. Fingers crossed this reaps some benefit.

I also began a commission auction yesterday which is doing well so far; had to work through a lot of pain to get the poster for it done (you can see it here, very NSFW). It’ll run until midnight of the 21st. Any and all help signal boosting and telling your friends, if they’d be interested, would very much help. All proceeds are to help Crimson.

It’s a tough ol’ road we’re on to make CS happen, but as always we’re pressing on. Thanks to all of you for sticking with us. I know these dry updates can’t be easy to read, but these are the problems we have to solve.

Until next time!

January Update

Hey guys,

Hope all of your nonspecific holiday seasons were wonderful and you all had a good new year. I’ve been less proddy at the devs to give them some space to enjoy themselves and it seems like everyone did. Obviously I was not expecting great leaps in development over Christmas and new years.

For my part, however, I kept busy and avoided my family and it was a lovely Christmas all in all. Things did improve to a degree since my last update post; apologies it was so brief. I took on a commission to really push myself and see how far I’ve come as an artist, but also to prove to myself that I can still function as one in spite of my hip. Spent about three days on it, including most of Christmas day. Link to the images are at the bottom, it is highly NSFW and features hyper, lots of mess, and generally excessive everything. But also some nice textures, I think.

Mid-December Update

Hey guys,

Short update. These past couple weeks have been pretty profoundly hard. The kind where you see your parents cry on more than one occasion, to be light on details, and my hip injection has so far been a hair short of excruciating.

I’ll do my best to get another update to you before/during Christmas time. Things are, for the time being, somewhat stable. Goldie’s back from her travels and recovering from jetlag, as is Crimson. With any measure of luck I can have some news for you on how we’re progressing soon.

Hug all your loved ones extra hard this wintery holiday type season.

December Update

Hey guys,

Bit late, my apologies. Work continues as mentioned last time, although everyone’s been at MFF having a much-needed and much-earned break for the past few days (except myself). Crimson and I have worked out a solid plan for the demo and precisely what features we need, trimming as much fat as possible (but saving said fat for later). I’ve been writing for it, I think I’ll be able to share something of that soon without spoiling too much.

I’ve also been working on art again, as much as I can do. Hip’s been bad as ever, it doesn’t like the cold, but I’ve been making steady progress. A few much-superior artist friends have been helping me with studies and learning colour better. People mentioned last time they’d like to see some of the commission and practice work, so here’s a few:

Mid-November Update

Hey guys,

Crimson had to go away for a week, but since they’re back we’ve resumed hashing out how best to make the beeline for the demo. I’ve gotten everything roughed out for what I want to write, which is serving as the baseline for required systems. As previously mentioned, most of what we need we’ve built already, and from what I can see the stuff we need is by no means complex, just in need of work-hours. Crimson’s had some great ideas for ways to speed things up, too. The idea for the moment is limited scope and strong content.

Also previously mentioned is my endeavor to help Crimson, which means pulling in some commissions and working on those. Arting, writing, planning, charting, and if none of the above, sparing a moment to get emotionally demolished by red dead 2.


November Update

Hey guys,

This week Crimson and I have been talking about ways we can move forward. They’ve had some excellent ideas about how we can format the demo in ways that make it easier for us to get it out to you, while hopefully maintaining the essence of what I’ve planned for it. Narratively it will mean some work, but the intent is get something out to you that shows as much of what we have as possible, but as efficiently as possible given our enormous lack of manpower.

I’ve been writing all morning, and I believe that they’re on to something good. The goal is a kind of strip-out-everything-and-take-off-the-front-of-the-ship-in-order-to-make-it-to-orbital-altitude plan. If a tarp will do the job, then a tarp’s all we need for now. Then, when we can say we’re off the ground even just a little, we work on ways to get higher. The important thing, I think, is to give you guys something. Previously I’ve talked about doing that, but given the team’s respective situations, re-plotting our route there is a good idea, and Crimson’s come up with some excellent ways to do it, I think.

So, there’ll be more information coming the future on that. We have this weekend to work, but they are away the following week, so we’ll try to get as much done as we can before the next update. I can’t say when we can get it done, but it should be sooner than previously thought if we can be smart about it. I’d like also a collective thanking goodness/God/Gods/whoever that Crimson was unharmed in a road accident recently. Their car wasn’t so lucky, but the important thing is that they’re fine, and were still able to fix our site certificate (again) and also keep thinking about Carnal Souls. Digital hugs and kiss-kisses for them are welcome and most deserved.

(You also score bonus points in Larry’s latest question thread for doing so, by sheer good fortune).

Until next time!

Mid-October Update

Hey guys,

As expected, there’s not much I can expand upon since the last update. My goal at the moment is to raise extra funds to help my devs, which I’m doing through commissions and the like, when my body allows it. For those interested the MRI scans came back clean. Which, honestly, was one of the worse outcomes. It means now my only course is managing it. To wit, my next appointment is the pain management clinic, where I’ll be having a big needle injecting steroids into my hip joint. Nobody’s sure if it’ll do anything, but I remain hopeful.

I’m continuing to write, with some success. I’ve been boning up on middle ages history and the Plantagenets recently. Henry II and Thomas Becket is a great bit of dramatic history. The history of Sunrest and its monarchy is one of the weaker points of the lore, so that’s something I wish to expand upon. Most notably being young king Sebastian Hangmoor, responsible for a lot of the racial tension and unease that exists in present-day Adorost.

In short, as always, I’m doing what I can. It’s not a small task to solve the problems we face right now, so things aren’t going to improve quickly. But I’m forever grateful for you all, sticking with us and offering your support.

Until next time!

October Update

Hey guys,

Can’t really thank you all enough for the support and kind words last update. It made a difference, and there were a lot of good thoughts I’ve been trying to keep in mind. I still have an intense dislike for dry updates like this, but I don’t feel like I have to run to the bathroom every ten minutes while writing it. So that’s an improvement! So, yeah. Thank you all. <3

With a better mental state in mind, I’ve been doing a lot of practicing. I’ve set up study rotas with a friend so we can do regular art studies and exercises. Here’s yesterday’s study. The rather chronic hip pain I have is something I have to actually learn to work with; there’s still a lot of art Carnal Souls will need in the future and I want to make sure I’m giving it the best I can make. There’s also, as previously mentioned, the goal of using art to help Crimson out, so keeping myself sharp is important for that.

Similarly I’ve been writing a lot, too. Discovering handwriting apps like Onenote has been pretty productive, and I’ve written a lot in the past few weeks toward a kind of novella I want to write that takes place before the game does. It’s led already to a couple of quest ideas and spinoffs we can do in the game. I figure it’s a good way to develop the world, build lore and my own understanding of the world, and if it turns out well perhaps it’s something I can sell to inject some more funds into the project. If I can accomplish that, naturally it’ll be free to most of the Indiegogo backers and certain patrons if I can work that out.

Also, for those keeping track, I have the consultation for my MRI results this Wednesday. Doing my best not to think about it too much, but I’ll update here to let you know what’s up afterwards.

So, in short, a lot of what I’ve taken away is that firstly, you are an amazing community. Secondly, I have a responsibility to keep myself as mentally healthy as possible; if not for myself, then for this project. Gotta make sure it’s worth the wait, right?

Love you all.
Until next time!

Mid-September Update

Hey guys,

Apologies this one’s a couple days late, been having internet issues on top of everything else. The team’s situations haven’t changed much. Much of my thoughts have been directed towards finding ways to help Crimson, in a kind of ‘save the cheerleader, save the world’ sort of way. With the help of some very generous friends, I’ve been able to collaborate on art projects and secure some new equipment to help me draw more in spite of my chronic pain – the goal being to help Crimson secure a better living standard. Crimson means a lot to me, but helping them comes with the added benefit of securing more time for Carnal Souls.

I loathe to write updates with so little progress in them. Writing updates like these feels like standing up in front of a firing squad sometimes; I feel no less obligated to deliver than I did after the Indiegogo. But, as someone here on the forums reminded me, you guys are here because you care about the project, maybe as much as I do; that’s why we’re all still here.

As a general status update, as mentioned in another thread, we’re actually very close to that playable client update. In terms of start to finish, we’re about 90% there. Producer/Director systems are up and running, we have a working overworld map, battles are functional but unfinished, inventory too, the huge Body system designed by Goldie is implemented, physical generation of NPC’s also, and tests so far show these all working correctly together. We only have a few more modules to implement to make things playable and expandable.

This year’s been truly one of the worst in my life, but we’re not giving up. Within the coming weeks I plan to do some auctions or other art projects to raise money for Crimson, and have got some art friends willing to help too. So, in short, we face problems, but as ever we’re working on solutions. Thanks all for continuing to be a wonderful community. <3 you all.

Until next time!

Mid-August Update

Hey guys,

So, Crimson has been able to take care of a huge merge. Our code has been updated in tons of ways, primarily to put us in a position for the new Unity update. Here’s a run-down of everything done:

  • GUI code overhaul. Something Crimson’s wanted to do for a while, making the systems a lot nicer under the hood. Inventory screen is fixed again, something important for the next client update. There’s also the beginnings of support for switching gear mid-fight, taking your ‘turn’ to do so. (It’ll likely rely on a specific skill later on to do this.)
  • Battle code update. Again this tidies up code and makes it easier to work with and expand upon, using phases. There’s also code now to prevent a battle triggering immediately after one has finished.
  • All the changes for Grids2, our hexmap system, have been implemented. This will become obsolete once we update to the new Unity, since it has built-in support for hexmaps, but it safeguards us having our own working solution for the time being.
  • Tons of superfluous code removed.