August Update

Hey guys,

Apologies for the tardiness. Got some interesting news this week.

So firstly, the hell-bug that was causing us all so many headaches has been squished. It caused no errors, but resulted in blank game screens in everyone’s Unity client except Crimson’s, making progress extremely difficult. They were able to identify the problem, and it’s now fixed. *Confetti.*

The interestinger news is in Unity’s latest updates. Firstly, they’re implementing in-engine hexmaps. We’ve gone to great lengths to hook together Tiled, create a custom importer to take maps made there into Unity, and fix the coordinate mismatch between it and a Unity asset called Grids2. While this update does render all of that obsolete, it means that we’re going to have a much easier time creating hexmaps inside Unity itself. It supports horizontal and vertical hexes, so it seemed we’ll not even have to change the sprites I’ve made already.

Secondly, and a little more obscure, they’re bringing in a system of ‘reactive’ code. I don’t understand it fully, but the gist is this: Crimson had had to go to great lengths to create our own reactive code to support the type of systems we need – namely the kind that are updated when *we* want, not every frame or every second. Crimson managed to do so because they’re awesome, but it has steepened the learning curve for Goldie and Green, since it is anything but simple. However, Unity’s implementation, while again making much of that obsolete, cuts down significantly on the hoops we have to jump through.

There are more good points to Unity’s updates, but these are the main two that are very fortunate for us. Long term, it’s an amazing boon, cutting out a lot of potential places for bugs to appear as we’ve been chaining together assets and secondary programs, and making progress easier to achieve. It will mean a migration process to update us all to the new version, but will absolutely benefit us in the future.

Personally, with the bad luck we’ve had recently, I’m taking it as the universe trying to make it up to us. As always I’ll keep you posted on progress.

Until next time!

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