August Update

Hey guys,

Recently Goldie and I have been working pretty solidly on further filling out the Body system now that its underlying systems are in place, adding all the remaining parts and describing them via their various interfaces.

This includes lots of lengthy discussions about how we want certain things to behave. Given the nature of each part, most if not all require unique rules and attributes written for them. Testicles, for instance, are quite complex but not the most complicated bodypart. For now I’ve decided we only ever want one scrotum, but it can house any amount of testicles up to 20 pairs. Now, we know we want different types of cum, so the Fluid Type has to be attached to the penis rather than each testicle pair, to avoid indescribable situations with the character ejaculating something resembling Colgate toothpaste.

Also, I want it to be possible to be able to have internal testicles, for futa-ish types and reptiles. This means describing an upper limit on what your lowerbody (biped, taur, naga, drider) can reasonably house internally relative to your size, as well as what happens either when you remove the scrotum (ascending the largest testicles that will fit) and making sure the game knows to descend those testicles if a scrotum is added. Also, scrotums themselves have no size, and are instead calculated as the sum of all included testicles’ volume.

Penises are likely to be one of the contenders for most complex, due to what I want them to be able to do. The Penis bodypart is rather a container for each constituent part: Base, Shaft, Glans, Foreskin. Its volume is calculated as a total of these, and any Penis must have at least a shaft and glans (even the tapered pointy ones). Each of these parts can be changed independently, grown or shrunk. So you will be able to have a knotted cock with a medial ring with a barbed glans and a foreskin, if you so choose.

Sheathes can only exist if there is a penis, and there’s a maximum of one. So, if you have more than one dick, they all live in the same sheath. I think this makes more anatomical sense, as well as stopping it from becoming too insane to describe in words.

Goldie has been doing an excellent job getting this all working. Soon we’ll have every bodypart more or less in a complete state. The next step will be to put the body through a series of tests to hopefully uncover edge cases and check everything is behaving as it should. What’s cool, I think, is that every bodypart is responsible for itself in the code. It knows every property it should have, including all its adjectives and nouns, its colour, what its attached to, and whats attached to it. It’s a pretty clever system that I can’t wait to see complete, and I think we’re well on the way.

Until next time!

13 Responses to “August Update”

  1. Ireyon says:

    It’s nice to see progress is still going forward smoothly 🙂

    Any TLDR on something we can play around with like the demo?

    • Jhoping says:

      An earlier post had Benji saying that by the time there was a playable demo it would be close to the point of actual release.

  2. Acanthan says:

    Ok i was comple agreement about limiting the types of testicles to 1. The discriptions would have gotten out of hand in a hurry. Then you mentioned it would resemble colgate toothpaste. Now im just disapionted that i wont get to see that in game. Would have been hilarious as hell!

  3. Statesss says:

    Aw no more then 1 dick T..T have about breasts also will their be seens to be shown if your parts are too heavy like you are stuck and need to masterbate to remove the wight of the cum or milk in your balls or breasts if so their should be incounters fights that have you servely overwhelmed because you cant move at all

  4. Panre says:

    How about 1 unique cum for 1 cock ? This will be mush easier a think. Or add colgate toothpast after release as update X)

  5. ISeeThingsInGrey says:

    I like how elaborate this will be. Goodness I can’t wait to see the masterpiece this will be.

  6. Benedict says:

    So right now the link of read more in the newest update is taking me to the August update from last year, where I am now. Any idea what is up with that? I wanted to read the rest of the updated ;-;

  7. EsalRider says:

    As Benedict said above, trying to open the August Update post from the homepage leads here, to last year’s August Update.

    I wanted to create an account on the forums to report this, but reCAPTCHA never loaded. Using latest version of Google Chrome on Windows 10. I found this in Chrome’s dev console, likely related:

    Failed to execute ‘write’ on ‘Document’: It isn’t possible to write into a document from an asynchronously-loaded external script unless it is explicitly opened.

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