August Update 2

I could probably find a more creative way to name these.


So, been about two weeks since the last update. Crimson and I have been focusing hard on the inventory system. It’s working great now, we just want to put in a few more parts before pushing it in the next build.

So far we have a working interface which builds a nice-looking table/list of all your items. We have a tab for both weapons and armour, which can now be equipped properly, with one-handed weapons able to be placed in either hand, two-handed weapons taking up both, and armour having slots for each part.

Here’s a little screenshot I nabbed off of Skype while we were working on it:25qnv6Z

Doesn’t look like much yet, but as with everything else at the moment it’s the visible portion of an iceberg of programming beneath it. We can now import weapons and armour from a CSV, which is basically a spreadsheet without lines. This means I can create weapons in my spreadsheet (you all know how much I love those), and pass them to Crimson to be imported. Soon we’ll have the same functionality for moves as well. It doesn’t make a lot of an impact right now, but it keeps the door open for the possibility of custom and modded content later down the line.

The white square area on the side will be for viewing item artwork, stats, and attached moves. The L and R buttons, while pretty unattractive, remain blue and pinned so you can easily see what you have equipped and easily change what you have equipped.

We need to do a couple more things before we push the next update. We want to plug in the weapon numbers to the combat, so you’ll be able to see weapons in action, as well as give them some proper, actual moves. It should be coming within the next week or so.


I’ve also been sharpening my all-too-dull Unity skills and trying out some different interfaces for dialogue so we can do away with the action button grid.

I’ve been experimenting with a couple ideas. The first is a scrollview with dialogue options stacked in a list:


I quite like the look of it, especially the expanding headers on the left side. But as Crimson pointed out to me, scrollviews are not very keyboard-friendly and focus very much on mouse use. The next idea is more like a marquee (I think):


This can be used with both mouse and keyboard, with the up and down arrows selecting different options. I would like to be able to show the above and below options, but that’d mean a ton of extra stuff to keep everything positioned correctly, especially if the screen is resized, and is a bit beyond me. For now, anyway. We’ll likely end up going with something like the latter version, and polish it up all pretty at a later date.

Parser / Director / Twine

I was always taught that it never hurts to ask. With Twine in my pocket as a possible solution, I’ve been looking around for others that might be even better. What we need is something very specific, but you never know until you ask. That, and I’d like to keep my own parser/director model if at all possible.

We think we may have found an ideal solution. The most time-consuming part of our parser/director isn’t the clever stuff with text manipulation, it’s having to create a set of tools for actually using it and writing branching dialogue. Basically, what Twine is, except specifically for Carnal Souls.

I’ll leave it nameless for now until we’re sure, but I came across a Unity asset that does almost everything we need. The part it doesn’t do, however, is pretty important. So, I emailed the creator and asked, and it looks like our feature request will make it into their next product version. Everyone cross your fingers that it’s as good as I think it will be. If it is, it means we can use the parser/director system straight away, and have a way to write scenes with it.

The downside is that it requires Unity to write scenes, and this asset which isn’t free. Right now it’s alarmingly cheap, but that will likely change soon. But it’s a small price, literally, to pay until we can make our own Carnal Scenewriter. I’ll try to remember to let you guys know what happens there when we push the next build.

That about covers it for n- no wait. I also updated the Codex a little, rewrote the Lapens a bit, and added stuff on cats.

Until next time!


11 Responses to “August Update 2”

  1. Inriek says:

    Nice work guys. Looking good so far.

  2. Perrin says:

    Will it still be possible to create our own equipment, stat-wise and name-wise? I’ve got a hankerin’ for some anime-esque oversized weaponry.

  3. Voidlog says:

    I don’t know if this is for other people but every time I try to load the alpha, it says that there is an error and that it’s an uncaught incorrect header check. Does anyone know what that means?

  4. Youko says:

    I’m getting an error that’s not letting it load, I tried it in firefox and in google chrome and no luck. Firefox says a bunch of shit but google chrome just said it was an “uncaught incorrect header check”.

    • GreenSleeves says:

      Supposedly reloading the page should fix this, but it can take a couple times.
      I had the same problem when trying the alpha on my tablet and the refresh trick didn’t work there, but I got it going once I was back on a regular computer.

      • Perrin says:

        “An error occured running the Unity content on this page. See your browser’s JavaScript console for more info. The error was:Uncaught incorrect header check”

        Tried for the umpteenth time, total 48 hours active and checking… Still no luck.

  5. C says:

    So how much longer until theres sex and all that?

  6. Pascal says:

    I know that this is probably just a very niche thing and very unimpotant but I am very interested in this:

    As you may still know I LOVE wings! So my question is, will wings be “armor” you wear or something you have as a character trait (like hair)?

  7. James says:

    Is there any way to get my person to be in the game ? I really want him to be in it 😀 he would be a resource if the person can get to him(VERY hard to even on easy if there is an easy mode) he is a huge dragon(but in the sack department as well as the dick and monsters are using him to get stronger because that is what his(cum that tastes into anything anyone wants it also lets them grow their body however they want even mentally since the cum is magical as well as his tears witch are more powerful and could give a new ability or attack to the player :D(just don’t let the monsters put you on his dick you will be pregnant forever :D( and then maybe he can be transported back to the town and the town would use his abilities to create anything from nothing(he can do that with his mind if he tries to focuses hard enough.( also there would be another quest that the person needs to do in order to transport his endless ocean of cum that fly’s out of his cock every second 😀 please if this is possible PLEASE TALK TO ME on my furifany account with is I hope that this is possible

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