August Update

Hey guys,

Firstly, apologies for missing the last update. I’ve been put on some new drugs that rather knocked me for a loop. Gradually growing used to them, but still waiting for them to do any good.

But, in a surprise turn of events, progress has happened. Crimson had some ideas about how to get things moving. It’s experimental, for now, but thus far seems to be working well for us. In a short time Crimson and I have put together a very rough but functional map for navigating Sunrest City, which is where the prologue of the game will take place.

Here are some screenshots of a few of Sunrest City’s 24 districts:





It’s safe to say that nothing here represents a finished product. Our goal is to have districts to travel to, and within those districts have set locations which can be revealed by stories or investigation, move around the city like a trading wagon, or appear at certain times of the day.

Mousewheel zooming, dragging/panning, and mouseover highlighting is currently working. Clicking a district zooms the view to it, revealing its locations and a description of the district.


This also includes a further iteration on the parser, which Crimson believes is better and faster than previous versions.

In a short period of time we’ve accomplished a lot, comparatively. Barring any disasters I hope to bring you more news in the next update. Our focus (as you can probably tell) is not looks or polish, but getting the mechanics and guts of it working. After some bolts have been tightened in this map system we’re moving to focus on the parser and director, then the body system until we have a working player description.

Until next time!

5 Responses to “August Update”

  1. Remedy says:

    Finally, a great and suitable update for a long time.

  2. Remedy says:

    And this is dev build screens ???

  3. Zen says:

    Nice! It’s great to see you guys are picking back up the momentum now. Though I’m curious if you guys have an estimate as to when we can possibly see a demo/build where we can see gameplay features that you have finished, since the gameplay concept demo is pretty bare bones atm.

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