April Update

Hey guys,

So, first up, work continues on the checklist for the next update. Crimson is currently focused on the UI, constructing a scripting hierarchy for various things and fixing the bugs introduced with the new designs. He’s also been getting the inventory screen functioning again, since work in other areas broke it. Goldie has been chipping away at a more finalised version of the battle logic, something that we can build on and add to. Various things have been fixed and several major pull requests successfully merged. To paraphrase: Work goes on, progress is being made.

Goldie and I have also been looking closely at the body ‘simulation’ system design. Admittedly we’re both eager to work on that, not only since it will be another huge step towards content, but also because a clever system there will allow us to do all manner of cool and hopefully sexy things. It will be the thing we focus on after we push the next update.

I’ve drawn up a diagram both to show you guys what’s planned, but also to serve as a visual aid as we build it:


Ignore that it looks like an 80’s punk monkey.


Keep in mind when looking at this that it’s a prototype and will absolutely change going forward as we better understand the demands of the system. All the points listed are things that can be changed by the player. Some of my favourite ideas here are things like the penis, being able to customise each section of it, leading to things like knotted horsedicks with a foreskin, if you like. There are also the minor regions, the aim of which is to allow very nonstandard body shapes – a popular example being the small character with a giant ass and hips (As I write this I realise I forgot the ass region. Will fix.)

What isn’t shown here are the more complex rules and relationships between parts. For instance, if you have testicles and a sack, what happens to those if you remove the penis? What rules should be applied to internal testicles, since they have limited space? If you’re a taur, you technically now have two bellies. Do we add another, or ignore one? Which is affected if your character is bloated with some… mystery fluid? There are many questions and rules to set up, and more than likely they’ll change as we move forward based on design and community feedback.

Once this system is in place, we will have lots of data to point the Director at. This system is already partially built, I should note, but it needs modifying in order to utilise Crimson’s clever Facet system. This will allow us to generate only the parts we need for certain NPC’s when we need them. For instance, to give you the option of throwing some transformative potions at a Feral Canen’s crotch before you have your way with him (This NPC would, under normal circumstances, have no physical body data since it’s not necessary.)

Lastly, here’s a preview of a background/character picture I’m working on for Mistress Woodshank, the mysterious and often insatiable witch:


Until next time!

17 Responses to “April Update”

  1. Imperatrix says:

    Sounds pretty epic, always love hearing from you guys 😀

    Might it be possible to get more than than a pair of arms and legs? For some reason brainchildren always end up with multiple and some days I’d love to see them going rampage through a game in their whole multi armed and legged glory.
    Also the customization of the cock and such sounds pretty darn epic, keep up the good work!

    [Also I loathe your captcha]

  2. Jhoping says:

    Looking forwards to seeing the next update, just to see how the game demo changes. Good luck on developing onwards

  3. lashcharge says:

    Overall the body system it seems pretty well done, through I have a few comments/questions/opinions.
    * There doesn’t seem to be any tongue, antenna or gills? Is it folded into species in certain places like tongue in face?
    * Wings should probably have number and size to avoid things like Species or Type being Small_Bee or Six_Dove that is in TiTS/CoC.
    * I assume this, like TiTS, won’t have multiarms?
    * I feel like cock and vaginas(I assume womb is a vagina even trough they are not the same thing) should go for a more flag based system, otherwise you won’t be able to have things like a barbed horsecock or a unsheathed dogcock.
    * There is a complete absence of color on these? Unless i’m reading something wrong.

    Either way I and other wiki editors spent a while translating the entire TiTS appearance system into the wiki, through it’s sligthly outdated now. If you feel like it’s useful you can check it at, https://wiki.smutosaur.us/TiTS/Appearance


  4. Bobbington says:

    When you mentioned the whole taur having two stomachs I remembered this pic I found online (https://centaurican.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/anatomica_centauris_by_jackrover-d5i5jov.jpg) which gives a ‘realistic’ version of how taur anatomy works

  5. John says:

    Love the body system so far. Looks really flexible. Will there be support for docking / sounding or tentacle penis? Basically does the penis have a ‘type’ like the nipples or is that determined by the shaft species attribute?

  6. Demonicgamer666 says:

    > Some of my favourite ideas here are things like the penis, being able to customise each section of it, leading to things like knotted horsedicks with a foreskin, if you like.

    Excellent. I’ll definitely have to make the one chimeric cock to rule them all at some point.

    Also, as much of a nuisance it may very well be, a lot of body parts could use a color tag/flag/etc. and, perhaps, a pattern tag/flag/etc. For instance, a horsedick could be dappled whereas a dogdick could be venous. Beyond that, maybe cow-print, zebra-print, cheetah-print, leopard-print, etc. could be pattern tags/flags/etc. for the rest of the body. Hell, let someone have a zebra-printed dick/vag. The thought humors me.

  7. https://wittless-pilgrim-nsfw.tumblr.com/post/159566070711/anouther-character-i-drew-up-based-on-a-test-run hey i drew a second character i made in the character creation, lemme know what you think

    you guys are doing good making progress, i think the game will be pretty awesome, best of good fortune to you on your journey

  8. NizzJipple says:

    Scroll to the top of the page and find the “Forum” button. The forums be there witless-pilgrim. 🙂

  9. NizzJipple says:

    This gotta me a thinking… It might be useful to visually emphasize the “Forums” button with gold or something. I’ve seen numerous people unaware that there’s more to this site than just the front page, and while the front page conveys updates serviceably, having the community interact more easily through the forums is more interactive, and leaves a greater impact.

    So, yeah. Maybe look into drawing more attention to the forums tab?

  10. i done anouther character https://wittless-pilgrim-nsfw.tumblr.com/post/159712422166/took-me-most-of-the-day-but-here-is-another-carnal this is going to be the last for a while

    also i can’t a forum where people share their character draws, mind giving me a link to it?

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