April Update

Hey guys,

Update intentionally left late since I don’t like posting anything on April 1st. The last week or so has been a bit of a blur of work and (somewhat) home improvements. I’ve been knuckling down hard on the prologue and have completed the second draft of it. The key is making it great, engaging, and fun but keeping it streamlined enough that it serves the purpose of being a lightweight version we can get out of the door. Here’s a blurred-out view of most of what I’ve written for this draft:


On top of that, I’ve been steadily working on that story I mentioned late last year that I wanted to write set within CS’ universe, either to be implemented as a grand quest chain or as a standalone story. It’s coming along well, has a start, middle, and end, now I’m just tweaking events before I begin writing it in earnest. Tip to you writers: keep a notepad (or your phone with OneNote or something similar) where you sleep, and always write ideas down that you have in bed.

Since Crimson’s work situation is still rather burdening, Crimson and Goldie have agreed that the best course of action for the moment is for Crimson to coach Goldie through things for the time being, rather than waiting for a time when Crimson has time enough themselves. It’ll be new for Goldie to be placed somewhat in the programmer’s driving seat, at least where Unity is concerned, but I’m more than confident in her abilities. After we make some adjustments to the prologue draft above, it should mean we can start seeing some actual development again soon.

Until next time!

5 Responses to “April Update”

  1. MusicFruit says:

    What kind of sex scenes can we expect? Handwritten like in CoC and TiTS or an system like Lilith’s Throne has?

  2. sora21345 says:

    keep up the good work also hang in there and dont push urself to hard

  3. Perrin says:

    We’ll keep listening, keep up the hard work.

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