Jun, 2022

June Update

Hey guys,

Been a little while. From now on I think update posts like this will be less frequent; I don’t think it helps anyone to report in every two weeks to confirm I am in fact still a cripple, least of all myself. In this case I’ve been awaiting a procedure which I had a few days ago, an injection deep into my pelvis, in the hopes that I could report something positive. I’ll know more after the follow-up, but it did have some results which maybe hold some answers. It didn’t make me unable to stand for a week like the last one did, so that’s something.

CS remains in my mind at all times while I try to juggle everything else. I have my mum to take care of, a three-year argument with the DWP over my (in)ability to work, and expenses skyrocketing while income decreases, same as everyone else. And just like everyone else, I’ll continue hunting for the way forward.

Thank you everyone for your continued support. In a very real sense it means the world to me. I’ll never stop trying to get to you all what was promised.