Nov, 2021

November Update

Hey guys,

I can only apologise for the period of silence. It’s been a truly horrendous few weeks. What little ability I have had to do anything has been devoted to supporting my family, as best I can. Since I have nothing else to report on, I’ll provide the cliff notes below for anyone that wants to know. Pending medical test results I hope to make some more progress before the end of the year; I’ll continue to do what I can.

The Stuff that Happened:
Our dog had dementia. It suddenly got worse. We had to have him put down.
The next day, my two-year-old mouse, lost the use of her hind legs and tail and could only drag herself around. I had to euthanise her myself because vets don’t do that for mice.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, since then I’ve begun having more severe panic attacks, even while asleep.
The vet gave our dog’s body to the wrong people. It was a full week before he was cremated.
I’m having tests done to make sure my heart is okay. My hip pain continues to suck.
A family friend, double-vaccinated, contracted Covid and died two days later. (Please keep wearing masks)

I only disclose this personal stuff to be transparent, not to garner sympathy. For that reason (once I figure out how) I’ll be turning off comments for this update. Do know that I deeply appreciate all the support from you guys, and I’ll continue to do what I can.