Apr, 2021

Mid-April Update

Hey guys,

I decided that the character generation script needs some rethinking, which will be my current goal. I have a working prototype which is roughly 600 lines, and although it does what I need right now, it’ll require some hacky solutions to make it able to accept procedurally randomised ‘recipes’ for generating new characters. As proof of concept though, it’s been a success.

The challenge now is to refactor the code so that the initial function to create a character can be called in a simple way and have its arguments easily weighted, randomised, and chosen according to preset desired outcomes. This is so the player can tell their recruiter something like ‘Next week, find me more catgirls’, or something of the like, and the next set of generated applicants will be weighted toward that (also taking into account how good the recruiter is at their job).

There are some much more boring and headache-inducing problems that have to be solved for this as well, but that is the main goal at the moment. I think that having some agency over who/what the player has access to is a pretty major point of importance. That, and being able to generate up to a hundred (if needed) characters as quickly as possible on a single button press.

Lastly, obviously the NHS is utterly swamped at the moment, so I’m still waiting to hear back from my pain doctor. I’m in dire need of having my pain meds upped/changed so until that happens I’m even more of a cripple than usual, so please bear with me.

April Update

Hey guys,

I’ve been chipping away at building the interface for presenting new staff applicants. I’m trying to do it in such a way that most GUI elements I build are reusable, both to make creation of new GUI stuff easier and to help maintain a visual language. Currently my thought is that each week you’ll be able to specify what kind of new hires you’re looking for, either in their experience or physical features. So if you’re looking to fully staff your dairy farm, you can say that only big tiddy folk need apply, for example. That will then affect which applicants you get the following week. This also means having a character generator that can follow rules and perform targeted character generation in various ways. I think my design for it can handle that, but it will likely be a fun, if challenging, problem to solve.

Again though I’ve not gotten as much done as I wanted to. I’ve been in contact with my pain management doctor and hopefully soon she’ll be able to help me adjust my medication, as lately it’s been doing a whole lot of nothing. Doing my best in spite of it, I promise.