Mar, 2021

Mid-March Update

Hey guys,

I’ve been slowly chipping away at things but sadly the past couple weeks have been exceptionally severe, pain wise, which hasn’t given me much room to focus. A lot of red on the chart my pain management doctor advised me to keep. Mostly I’ve been trying to make notes and consider design thoughts in what moments of not-feeling-like-being-stabbed I have. Thankfully it seems to be easing off now, as always I’ll do what I can. Cold and wet weather seem to make it a lot worse (fortunate I live in the UK, such a famously tropical country) but as spring comes that will also help.

March Update

Hey guys,

So, character generation is working in its basic form. It’s now able to make characters with bodyparts, save them and reload them. After being without computer for a while I’ve had to spend some time re-acclimatising myself with the code, so I also went around and did some tidying up here and there as I re-learned my way around.

The next step will be the staff management script. I’ve been thinking about ways to go about keeping track of who is working where. It’s important how that information is stored; should work location be stored on each NPC, or the location store a list of NPC’s working there, that sort of thing. One of my more code-savvy friends recommended I look at something called a doubly-linked list, which will take me a bit of reading to understand. As long as only one script is responsible for adding/removing/moving staff around I think it should be okay. Either way, once that’s in place, I can expand things a little, add some logic and code for facilities to actually do stuff and it’ll start looking a bit more like a game. With sexy parts. I haven’t forgotten about the sexy parts, promise.