Feb, 2021

Mid-February Update

Hey guys,

So I think I’ve finally arrived at a good model overall for NPC and Player stats/attributes/skills. Part of what made it tough was designing it so that the player and NPC’s/Staff had some overlapping functionality while keeping the two as simple as possible. So Staff can do their jobs, but the player can also do Staff jobs too (with the same effect on productivity as well as skill training), as well as the other stuff the Player can do that Staff cannot.

With that hopefully out of the way, barring any (more) sudden realisations none of it will work, I can return to the character generation scripts and start having the game generate NPC’s for hire. That part’s probably the biggest chunk out of the key elements needed for something playable since it includes skills, stats, all the body stuff for transformatives, so on. After that I’ll be moving on to making facilities work and the code needed to see how well they’re working based on the skills of who the player employs there.

February Update

Hey guys,

I’m pretty much all set up again now. The only thing I’ve not gotten working on the replacement computer is Thunderbird’s Mail Merge plugin which I use to send out the update emails, but I’ll make sure it’s done for next time.

I have my GIT and Godot all set up and everything’s good to go there. I’ve been unable to code for a while now so currently my main task is getting back up to speed on it, both how to program and continuing the dozen threads of thought I was working on before. I do have a Trello board and lots of written notes, it just takes time.

I also have design documentation on character stats that needs more work. It’s nearly there but it needs refinement; I understand that some people will come to the game just for the sex stuff while others will want more depth, so it has to be simple enough to understand and use but not so simple it’s uninteresting. I want to get that right, since so much of the game’s mechanics and meaning rest on how the player sees and utilises characters.

I hope everyone’s new year is treating them well. Thank you to everyone still showing their support, it means more than I can express. We’ll get there.