Oct, 2020

Mid-October Update

Hey guys,

Apologies for missing the last update, I was laid up with an inner ear problem (BPPV for those curious) and there wasn’t much I could do aside from sleep. I’m all fine now though, thankfully, but I’ve had to focus on other things: namely the last commission on my list. Here’s what it looks like so far. It wasn’t as monumental a task when I took it on; I only have 4-6 hours a day I can really work with these days. After it’s done though, I’ll be entirely without artistic obligations for the first time in basically ever, which will be a decent load off my mind. As we all know, I’m obligated to deliver more than that.

Speaking of which, I think CS: Homestead is about halfway there to something playable. It’ll of course be an alpha, but there’s only a few more core pieces needed. It’s not going to blow anyone’s mind or socks off, but it will be something released; the first of many, I hope. I’ll be working on this picture a little while yet but once that’s done my time, such as it is, will be spent on this.

Until next time!