Mid-August Update

Hey guys,

Progress notes:

  • A facility’s amenity list is now functional. Did some code cleanup with this, too.
  • The basics of NPC generation are working, now using externally-read JSONs as recipes. This should mean that users can tweak these settings as they like, if they desire to change how NPC’s are generated. A JSON file is essentially just a text file with formatting, so you won’t need any additional software to do so.
  • Did some reading on game saving techniques. Had to refactor a bit of how characters were built in-game, but the game now outputs a working save file containing all character data and their attached parts (like horns, breasts, etc.).
  • Similarly also managed to get it to load that data properly, avoiding object duplication and other weirdness, and attaches parts where they should be with the correct data on them. This isn’t too complex right now, but now that I have the basic idea it’ll mean I can build new systems with it in mind.
  • Spent a lot of time doing conceptual work and experimenting with stats and skills before I implement them onto NPC’s. I have big ideas for things to implement later, and getting this part right means the groundwork is there ready to expand upon.

My prototyped NPC generation script was roughly 500 lines and worked fairly well, able to produce 100 generated NPC’s on a click with only a little delay. My next task is to rewrite that, which shouldn’t be a difficult job, just a big one. The main goal of it is to be able to create random NPC’s but ones that are sanely put together. More ‘give me a blonde woman in her late twenties who’s got experience handling horses’ and not like hitting the random button in any character creation.

Once characters are being generated more completely, I can work on making them hireable and continue to flesh out facilities and how they work. I had to pause them for the time being since a lot of what they do is so dependent on the people working there, especially their skills.

Until next time!