Jun, 2020

Mid-June Update

Hey guys,

Apologies for the late update. I forewent the last one both out of respect and deference to what has been happening. Usually on matters of conflict and opinion I stay out of it, but I don’t think anyone can afford silence right now, or worse, pretending it’s not happening to avoid being ‘political’.

I’ve needed to take what my friends recommended as ‘mental health days’. It’s helped, somewhat. I’ve seen so many people murdered or viciously attacked recently that it’s been practically impossible to shut it out and focus on happy horny creative endeavors, so I’ve sequestered myself the last few days. I recommend anyone else finding themselves drained by it all should do the same.

That being said, I still have a lot of writing to post, which I still need to bring myself to do. I’ve also had some ideas on what I can do for Carnal Souls, which I’m not fully ready to talk about but I think (hope) it’ll be a well-recieved course of action. If I can get my head right I’m excited about its prospects, as are members of the team.

Keep eachother safe. Don’t give up. Black lives matter.