Mar, 2020

Mid-March Update

Hey guys,

I hope everyone’s taking care of themselves and one another with Covid-19 becoming an increasingly larger problem. Remember it’s a case of flattening the curve, if we all do that things will be better sooner. I mention this to begin with since two of my friends are now quarantined, one of whom is the friend helping me with CS and learning programming. He’s okay, but with the huge shift in his company now temporarily working from home (and he being in charge of that shift) it means very little extra time for me.

There’s not a great deal else I can do at the moment but continue to learn so that I can better help develop this game myself, which I’ll continue to do as best I can. There was actually a point as a teenager when I gave up on learning programming because I couldn’t wrap my head around the idea of an array. I’ve come quite a way since then, but I’m not the smartest, so please bear with me.

Take care of one another and wash your hands.