February Update

Hey guys,

Sorry about missing a week there, I was pretty darn sick for a bit, on top of the usual January chores to take care of. Filing taxes and similar things to do with my disability stuff. I have found time to reume my programming practice, though. I’ve been keeping a kind of journal as I go, so I don’t forget where I was or what I was doing after a break. The kind of code I’m trying to understand is qualified university level stuff, but I’m slowly getting a grip on it. I think so, anyway.

The others have had a fairly difficult new year so far, but things will hopefully calm down soon. I’m eager to try and put some of the things I’ve learned into practice, but can’t yet do so on my own. Our newest addition has had a hell of a new year but is keen to resume after the holiday ups and downs. He’s managed to do some good things in a very short period of time.

I hope everyone’s new year is going well, despite the plagues of locusts, hellfire on earth, flooding, new pandemic viruses, and growing rifts in global politics.

Until next time!