Mid-November Update

Hey guys,

It’s been a happily busy couple weeks. As well as delving into the depths of bureaucracy myself, development is in a good place right now. Crimson’s main job has hit a snag, which does absolutely suck, but the silver lining is that we’ll have her attention on CS for a couple weeks. Additionally, I’ve recruited two very good and very generous friends, capable programmers both, into helping out. One of whom I’ve mentioned before but another, Oriol, has joined the team to do what he can, and has thus far been making steady progress just on his own.

I’ve had to make a private Trello board for us, so that we can each track who’s working on what. Also, I’ve been creating visual code maps to help me memorize and understand Crimson’s code, and steadily I believe I’m starting to grasp the concepts of it, so hopefully I will be able to contribute myself before too long.