Sep, 2019

Mid-September Update

Hey folks,

Apologies that it’s another quiet week. Crimson’s been difficult to get hold of, which can only mean that their actually paying job is demanding all their time. For myself, I’ve had a rather large adjustment to my pain medication which, finally, actually seems to be making a difference. Until I adjust it leaves me permanently dozy and fatigued, however, once that passes I plan to use the new focus it allows me to try and relearn some programming. That way, maybe, even in slow times I can also help push things forward.

That aside, it’s given me the ability to do some drawing again:


September Update

Hey guys,

Sadly not a lot I can bring to you this week. Most of our improvements since last time aren’t things that can be shown with screenshots, and Crimson has had to focus on work a little more recently following their period of sickness in order to play catch-up. For myself I’ll be needing to make more appointments as the new drug I was trialing has offered no improvements at all, only a lot of wooziness and fatigue.

So, instead, I’ll talk a bit about what our next objectives are. After a battery of design refinements to the map view to make it more usable and intuitive, the next goal is to make it possible to visit interiors for locations. This’ll mean being able to visit shops, NPC’s homes, temples, guildhouses, brothels, etc.

As I think I mentioned before, I want to make it possible to be at a location as well as in a location. By that I mean standing on the doorstep to a locked building, perhaps to wait until it opens or in order to break in, or perform some action outside. This isn’t difficult to do at all, Crimson just needs to focus on work for the time being, but hopefully we can get you guys some more juicy updates for the next one.

If you guys have ideas for locations in Sunrest City like shops or establishments, I’d love to hear about them here.