May, 2019

Mid-May Update

Hey guys,

After a little inspiration, the team and I have been doing our best to make progress in spite of hellish work schedules and Crimson being sick lately. We’re determined that whatever we make is high enough quality to support long-term development, putting everything we’ve made together in such a way that we spend as much of our little available time on progress and not fixing rushed work. I know that it’s slow, but there’s little I can do when our lead developer needs to work practically every hour of the day, every day, just to make ends meet. I’m doing my best to help with that through commissions after what I need to support myself.


May Update

Hey guys,

Apologies this one’s a bit late. Crimson’s currently in the midst of dealing with a heavy deadline in their job. Given that they’re essential to progress we’ve had to wait to hear from them, but thankfully they had a minute to refresh the site’s certificate again. I was hoping I’d have more to update with this week, but it seems the workload was more than expected.

As promised, here are some things I’ve been working on:
NSFW. Finished large tiger man:

NSFW. Testing new brushes on my maned wolf. More hyper:

I’ve also got the next Date Night commission and a collaborative YCH auction with a friend of mine to keep me busy. Hopefully if I can continue this amount of work I’ll be able to help out Crimson more soon. Watching Game of Thrones again has been very inspiring for CS; it’s given me a lot of new ideas I want to include in my story and in the game world, most notably powerful houses/families and their interactions with one another.

Sorry there’s not more to this update. With any measure of luck there should be more for the next one.

Until next time!