Feb, 2019

Mid-February Update

Hey guys,

Crimson arrived safely at their new home yesterday and is currently awaiting their furniture and stuff to be delivered on Wednesday. I’m overjoyed they were finally able to get out there, it should be an immense improvement to my friend’s wellbeing. We’ve spoken briefly since they arrived and we’re both greatly looking forward to being able to work on CS more again.

For my part, the rest of my month is laden with appointments. I’m to have another MRI scan on my spine, as my newest consultant believes the problem with my hip is originating there. Something about a vertebrae malformed or slightly open when it should be closed. Trying not to think about that too much until I know what I’m dealing with. I’ve also got physiotherapy again and an appointment with someone else to discuss where this very likely permanent condition puts me in terms of income.

So, with everything, it’s my hope that by the end of the month I’ll have most of that out of the way and Crimson will be more settled in their new home, and we can resume working on CS proper. It’s difficult to say how much, but as always I’ll keep you all posted on anything and everything we do. Plus, once we get this next hurdle done Goldie can come off the bench and get back into it as well, as we’ve needed Crimson to tackle the next step before she can.

Thanks everyone for your continued patience. We still face difficulties but we’re in an increasingly better position to tackle them. Hope you all had a lovely valentines because we love you all.

Until next time!

February Update

Hey guys,

Good news, everyone! Crimson is currently in the process of moving, which is one of the big goals, to somewhere far nicer with their partner. This will mean a far better working environment for them, as well as all the other benefits of wellbeing that come from living with the person you love.

Obviously, this is a very labour-intensive process. The move itself is on the 11th this month, so its my hope that after then and some time spend settling in, I’ll be able to see some improvements in my friends life and happiness.

We can all hope that this also means Crimson will be able to work on CS more frequently, but as most of you know their situation is poor. This is a big win but not the end of their troubles, and I plan to continue to work to help. We all thank you for your continued patience; it means the world to me that so many of you are so understanding. Let’s wish Crimson all the best for their move and hope for a smooth relocation.