Dec, 2018

Mid-December Update

Hey guys,

Short update. These past couple weeks have been pretty profoundly hard. The kind where you see your parents cry on more than one occasion, to be light on details, and my hip injection has so far been a hair short of excruciating.

I’ll do my best to get another update to you before/during Christmas time. Things are, for the time being, somewhat stable. Goldie’s back from her travels and recovering from jetlag, as is Crimson. With any measure of luck I can have some news for you on how we’re progressing soon.

Hug all your loved ones extra hard this wintery holiday type season.

December Update

Hey guys,

Bit late, my apologies. Work continues as mentioned last time, although everyone’s been at MFF having a much-needed and much-earned break for the past few days (except myself). Crimson and I have worked out a solid plan for the demo and precisely what features we need, trimming as much fat as possible (but saving said fat for later). I’ve been writing for it, I think I’ll be able to share something of that soon without spoiling too much.

I’ve also been working on art again, as much as I can do. Hip’s been bad as ever, it doesn’t like the cold, but I’ve been making steady progress. A few much-superior artist friends have been helping me with studies and learning colour better. People mentioned last time they’d like to see some of the commission and practice work, so here’s a few: