Nov, 2018

Mid-November Update

Hey guys,

Crimson had to go away for a week, but since they’re back we’ve resumed hashing out how best to make the beeline for the demo. I’ve gotten everything roughed out for what I want to write, which is serving as the baseline for required systems. As previously mentioned, most of what we need we’ve built already, and from what I can see the stuff we need is by no means complex, just in need of work-hours. Crimson’s had some great ideas for ways to speed things up, too. The idea for the moment is limited scope and strong content.

Also previously mentioned is my endeavor to help Crimson, which means pulling in some commissions and working on those. Arting, writing, planning, charting, and if none of the above, sparing a moment to get emotionally demolished by red dead 2.


November Update

Hey guys,

This week Crimson and I have been talking about ways we can move forward. They’ve had some excellent ideas about how we can format the demo in ways that make it easier for us to get it out to you, while hopefully maintaining the essence of what I’ve planned for it. Narratively it will mean some work, but the intent is get something out to you that shows as much of what we have as possible, but as efficiently as possible given our enormous lack of manpower.

I’ve been writing all morning, and I believe that they’re on to something good. The goal is a kind of strip-out-everything-and-take-off-the-front-of-the-ship-in-order-to-make-it-to-orbital-altitude plan. If a tarp will do the job, then a tarp’s all we need for now. Then, when we can say we’re off the ground even just a little, we work on ways to get higher. The important thing, I think, is to give you guys something. Previously I’ve talked about doing that, but given the team’s respective situations, re-plotting our route there is a good idea, and Crimson’s come up with some excellent ways to do it, I think.

So, there’ll be more information coming the future on that. We have this weekend to work, but they are away the following week, so we’ll try to get as much done as we can before the next update. I can’t say when we can get it done, but it should be sooner than previously thought if we can be smart about it. I’d like also a collective thanking goodness/God/Gods/whoever that Crimson was unharmed in a road accident recently. Their car wasn’t so lucky, but the important thing is that they’re fine, and were still able to fix our site certificate (again) and also keep thinking about Carnal Souls. Digital hugs and kiss-kisses for them are welcome and most deserved.

(You also score bonus points in Larry’s latest question thread for doing so, by sheer good fortune).

Until next time!