Jul, 2018

Mid-July Update

Hey guys,

Thank you all for your patience recently. That, the support, and well-wishes really helped while I was dealing with the home front. My stepdad is fine now with his pacemaker, there may be worse surgery later but for the time being he’s alive and well. Considering my mother and I thought we were watching him die while we waited for an ambulance (we were), the result is more than enough for me to be happy.

So, Crimson and Goldie have been doing what they can to acclimatise our newest team member, tackling the smaller but longer-standing problems. Until I know what moniker they’d like, for now they’ll be Green, to fit the colour theme. Already Green has proven capable and diligent, I couldn’t be happier about their work. Some bugs in the battle and map scenes are our focus, as they need to be eliminated before we can add to those views further, including quite a nasty one that formed as a result of needing to update Unity and its assets. It seems to behave differently on everyone’s machine except one, which will require some synchronised time together to work out.